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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Pet Steps & Pet Ramps > Pet Steps & Pet Ramps - Shop by Brand > Carpeted Pet Stairs by Animal Stuff

5-Step Mini Pet Stairs

5-Step Mini Pet Stairs

Looking for quality carpeted pet stairs at an affordable price? These pet steps benefit both cats and dogs of all sizes and ages.


Mini Pet Stairs are intended for small dogs and cats. As a guide we suggest these stairs are suitable for dogs up to 21 lbs.

  • Overall: 12" Width x 26" Depth x 26" Height

  • Height of Each Step: 5"

  • Depth of Each Step: 5"

  • Width of Each Step: 10"

  • Weight: Approx. 25 lbs


Pet Stairs available commercial carpet color choices

  • Commercial Carpet available in your choice of 3 colors: Gray, Blue and Tan. Now also available in Black Luxe carpet which is even more plush and thick than the commercial grade. PLEASE NOTE: Commercial carpet color shades may vary and are not guaranteed to match what is shown on any computer monitor.

  • Eco-Friendly Mohawk everSTRAND ™ Carpet available in Beige or Brown

  • Pet stairs are proportionately designed for the shorter legs of smaller dogs. The length of the dog will also determine the step selected.

  • A standard sized pet step may be more suitable for a long dog such as a Dachshund.

  • Mini pet steps are either constructed from plywood and are covered with plush durable cut-pile commercial carpet or you can choose an Eco-Friendly pet step constructed from OSB and covered with Mohawk everSTRAND ™ carpet.

    • Environmentall friendly OSB wood is made from small, fast-growing trees with a recycled content of up to 75%. This reduces the demand for old growth timber.

    • Mohawk beige everSTRAND ™ carpet fiber is extruded from recycled plastic bottles and contains 100% post-consumer recycled content. (the screw indentations on the sides are virtually invisible with the everStrand carpet).

    Pet Stairs available in Eco-Friendly carpet and wood construction
    Close up shown above in Beige Eco-Friendly everSTRAND ™ Carpet

  • Optional Backing Available: The steps have an unfinished, open back and bottom. If you intend on using the steps in a sideways position leaving the back exposed (versus against a surface where the back will not show), we recommend purchasing the optional backing. Backing is crafted of plywood covered with matching carpet extending from top to bottom. NOTE: Luxe steps include the back panel.

Our Recommendations:

  • MEASURE YOUR PLACEMENT AREA ACCURATELY. Many returns are attributed to not taking the time to understand the amount of space needed for the product. It is recommended that you measure the placement area carefully.
  • Longer dogs may need a bigger step than shorter dogs of the same weight.
  • The width of the actual step is approximately 2 inches less than the overall width.
  • Color shades may vary and are not guaranteed to match what is shown on any computer monitor.


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Item #: MINI5

Availability: Discontinued. No Longer Available.

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Gray Plush Commercial Carpet
Blue Plush Commercial Carpet
Tan Plush Commercial Carpet
Brown Eco-Friendly everSTRAND Carpet
Beige Eco-Friendly everSTRAND Carpet

Option: Add Optional Back Panel (An additional $19.00)

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