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A & E Bird Cages

A & E Bird Cages including walk-in aviaries, flight cages, collapsible travel cages, playtops, fancy Victorians, and more.

When it comes to variety, it's hard to beat A&E Bird Cages. What's your style? Split level or stackable? Double or single? Playtop, dometop or fancy Victorian? Powder coated or stainless steel?

A & E bird cages are available in many styles and most are available in a choice of six designer colors. Whether you are searching for high-end stainless steel bird cages or discount bird cages, you'll find A & E Bird Cages offer a full range.

America's Pet Store is an Authorized Online Retailer for AE Bird Cages.

See our valuable Tips section for these products!

Browse A & E Bird Cages
A & E Cages Dome Top
A & E Bird Cages
A&E dome top bird cages offer more space for the price. Choose from popular A&E Cages models, sizes, and colors.
A & E Cages - Play Top
A & E Bird Cages
Buy an A & E Play Top cage model with its own built in play area. Available in sizes for small, medium, and large birds.
A & E Cages - Victorian Top
A & E Bird Cages
If you are looking for some added flair, a Victorian Top bird cage from A & E may be what you desire. Many sizes to choose from.
A & E Cages- Flight Cages & Aviaries
A & E Bird Cages
A & E bird cages come in many styles and sizes including flight cages and aviaries.
A & E Cages - Other Styles
A & E Bird Cages
A & E offers some special models like corner cages, combo cages, double cages, octagon cages, and other styles.

See our helpful chart with general information on selecting A&E bird cages by breed.

All A & E Bird Cages are avian vet recommended and approved. All models feature a welded bar design to ensure sturdiness and industrial strength screw-in casters for easy moving. They make all styles and sizes, from parakeet cages to parrot cages, including ones that are large enough for Macaws.

A & E Bird Cages powder coat paint comes in six designer colors, all of which feature non-toxic powder coated finishes: Hunter Green, Sandstone, Off-White, Diamond Blue, Light Gray and Black/Charcoal. (Sorry, A & E Bird Cages does not carry brass bird cages at this time.) Not all A & E Bird Cages are available in all colors. Please see individual product descriptions for available colors.

The paint used on A & E Bird Cages has been tested by the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, an AAVLD-accredited laboratory. The results show that paint used in powdercoating A & E Bird Cages is non-toxic and bird-safe. You can see actual test results on their website.

AE Bird Cages also makes a great variety of stainless steel bird cages. It is a high grade stainless steel that is also sometimes referred to as surgical grade or medical grade stainless steel. Hint: If you want to double-check that something is made out of 100% stainless steel, rather than merely plated, give it the magnet test. A magnet will not stick to 100% stainless steel.

While stainless steel bird cages cost significantly more than bird cages made with wrought iron or cold rolled, or mild steel, it also is significantly longer-lasting. Stainless steel bird cages resist rusting, corroding and staining more than other material used in making bird cages, and is much easier to clean and disinfect.

If you are in the market for an A&E walk-in aviary they offer several models from which to choose. Some of their walk-in bird cages are suitable for indoors, some for outdoors, and others can be used both inside and outside. Their largest outdoor bird cages range from the 62 x 62 walk in aviary up to their largest 110 x 62 walk-in aviary. The 110 inch bird aviary is big enough for you to go inside and hang out with the flock, too!

No matter what size or style of A&E Bird Cage you ultimately purchase, it's important to keep the following things in mind when shopping around:

Materials What materials are used to make the bird cage? Are the materials "bird safe"? Zinc and lead can be toxic to birds. Is the product you are thinking about buying free of zinc and lead? Or, if not completely void of lead and zinc, have they been determined to be at safe levels? Reputable manufacturers such as A&E Bird Cages have their powder coat paint tested periodically by an independent testing facility to make sure their cages are completely safe for birds.

Size Is it large enough to meet at least the minimum recommendation for your breed/size of bird? One of the best things you can do to ensure you have a happy bird is to give him or her the largest "house" you can afford and can accommodate in your own home. The more room there is to play and to walk around the happier and better behaved your bird will be. A & E Bird Cages come in all sizes including extra large bird cages for Macaws.

At a minimum your bird must have ample space to spread its wings and its tail feathers should not hit the bottom of the cage when sitting on their perch.

Security Ever hear the expression "bird brain"? Well, don't you believe it. Birds are crafty and smart…and they can learn how to open doors. Be sure that any product you purchase has bird proof locks.

If you require additional information about A&E Bird Cages or about any of the other many respected brands of bird cages carried by America's Pet Store please don't hesitate to call toll-free 1-800-870-1941. Or, if you prefer, you can email your question to and type AE Bird Cages in the subject line.

America's Pet Store is proud to be an authorized dealer for the following brands of quality bird cages: A&E Bird Cages, Avian Adventures Bird Cages, HQ Bird Cages, and Prevue Bird Cages.

We offer many styles and sizes including walk in bird cages. Prices vary from higher-end to middle-of-the-road to dirt cheap bird cages - see our bird cages for sale section. That's where you'll find bird cages that are closeouts or that have been discontinued and are priced to move.

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