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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Doors - Cat Doors > Electronic Pet Doors > Automatic Patio Door Opener - AutoSlide

Automatic Patio Door Opener - Collar Activated AutoSlide

Automatic Patio Door Opener - Collar Activated AutoSlide

Now you can convert your sliding glass door into a fully automatic door. The AutoSlide i3 is an easy to install automatic patio door opener!

A special Collar ID tag worn by your pet will activate the AutoSlide so your dog or cat can come and go at will. In addition, the AutoSlide i3 Collar tag will keep unwanted animals and strays out! You can even program AutoSlide to open only to the width of your pet.

Also see Motion Sensor AutoSlide model.

Installation is quick and simple and does not require cutting into your door frame. All it requires is drilling one hole at the top of the door for pin locking.

The AutoSlide automatic patio door opener for pets eliminates the need for a pet door. Both Autoslide automatic patio door opener models include everything you need to easily get set up in 60 minutes or less!

AutoSlide Collar Activated Patio Door Opener - Specifications:

AutoSlide Automatic Patio Door Opener - Features:

  • 5 Star energy rating

  • System consists of a motor device, electronic controller and low voltage DC power supply encased in an aluminum slim line housing

  • Available in Black or White

  • The door is activated by people with the specially designed wall mounted wireless push button, installed on both sides of the opening

  • Patio door will automatically close after a time delay

  • Advanced safety feature will only close when you have cleared the door opening. Auto reverse feature will reopen the door if you walk thru the door before it fully closes

  • Special pet sensors that you can program to open only the required width depending on the size of your pet

  • Also perfect for sliding screen doors and can also be used with interior sliding doors

  • Four modes of operation:

    • Automatic Mode - the door will open when a sensor is triggered and close after the preset dwell time has elapsed

    • Hold Open Mode - the door will open and remain open until another mode is selected

    • Standby Mode - the door can be manually operated, the AutoSlide will not drive the door

    • Pet Mode - For use with the AutoSlide pet sensors and when a pet opening width has been set. The door will open to the pet opening width when any AutoSlide pet sensor is triggered and close after the preset dwell time has elapsed

  • Excellent solution not only for pets but for people who either require or prefer hands free and effortless exit and entry through their sliding patio doors.

  • 1-Year limited warranty

Two Mounting Options:

  • Top Mount over clear opening:
    • Preferred mounting option when the sliding door panel opens to the right when viewed from inside and an overhead installation is desired

    Top Mount over clear opening

  • Top Mount over fixed panel:
    • Preferred mounting option when the sliding door panel opens to the left when viewed from inside and an overhead installation is desired

    Top Mount over fixed panel

    AutoSlide Motion Sensor Pet Door Kit Includes:

    • (1) AutoSlide Drive System
    • (1) Aluminum Cover
    • (2) Wall Mounted Wireless Push Buttons
    • (1) i3 Pet Sensor
    • (2) Pet Collar ID Tags
    • (1) Low Voltage Plug-In Power Pack
    • (1) Complete Rack Assembly Kit
    • (1) Friction Tester
    • (1) Packet of Screws
    • (1) 3mm Allen key
    • (1) Instructional Booklet
    • (1) Warranty Card
    • (1) Installation DVD

    Please Note: Autoslide is designed for home use only. The manufacturer does not recommend Autoslide for commercial or industrial use.

    Free Shipping!

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Availability: Discontinued. No Longer Available.

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