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Avian Adventures Bird Cages

Avian Adventures bird cages offer premium quality and are easy to assemble since they don't require nuts and bolts.

Avian Adventures bird cages adhere to strict requirements for safety, innovation, and style, all at an economical price.

All Avian Adventures bird cages are collapsible. There are no nuts and bolts therefore setting up/breaking down is a snap. This feature is also handy for cleaning. In addition, Avian Adventures bird cages are known for their lift-off play top bird cages.

America's Pet Store is an Authorized Online Retailer for Avian Adventures cages.

Avian Adventures

See our valuable Avian Adventures Cages Info section for these products!

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Avian Adventures Bird Cages - Dome Top
Avian Adventures Bird Cages
Avian Adventures Dome Top Cages
Avian Adventures Playtop Bird Cages
Avian Adventures Bird Cages
Avian Adventures cages are designed to allow you to lift off the playtop and set it on a table!

Avian Adventures Poquito Avian Hotel
(Item #: POQUITO)
Avian Adventures Multi Vista Bird Cages
Avian Adventures Poquito Travel Bag
Avian Adventure Recreation Center
(Item #: RecreationCenter)
Avian Adventures Poquito Avian Hotel
Your Price: $99.99
Avian Adventures Multi Vista Bird Cages
Your Price: $550.99
Avian Adventures Poquito Travel Bag
Your Price: $55.99
Avian Adventure Recreation Center
Your Price: $199.99
Avian Adventures Parrot Play Stand
Avian Adventures Loro Flight Cage - 30 x 24
(Item #: LORO)
Avian Adventures Parrot Play Stand
Your Price: $78.99
Avian Adventures Loro Flight Cage - 30 x 24
Your Price: $349.99

See our helpful chart with general information on selecting Avian Adventures Bird Cages by breed.

Avian Adventure Bird Cages are especially known for their lift-off play top bird cages. Unlike other play top bird cages, these playtops can be removed from the cage and placed on a stand or table, away from the cage. Your bird will love the change of scenery while still enjoying the security and familiarity of his or her playtop.

The following is general information on what to look for when comparing Avian Adventures bird cages as well as other brands.

• Avian Adventures bird cages come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors and they are made from either mild steel with a powder coat finish or 304 grade stainless steel. All powder coat finishes on Avian Adventures bird cages are bird-safe and have a 6-month warranty covering defects in manufacturing. Historically, Avian Adventures bird cages have been particularly popular with parrots and parrot owners. Some people don’t realize that in addition to parrot bird cages, they make premium quality bird cages for all breeds.

• If you have multiple birds or if you breed birds, then surely you have heard of Avian Adventures Multi Vista Stackers for multiple birds. These stackable & breeder bird cages are designed for maximum versatility and even creativity. You can buy a base unit and later on buy expansion units to make multiple cages. Or, you could make a really big cage because the panels separating the units can be removed! We won’t say the sky’s the limit, but you do get a lot of options with Avian Adventures Multi Vista Stackers for multiple birds.

• For fewer birds you might consider the Avian Adventures Nina which comes in a dometop or with a Liftoff Playtop. These cages are ideal for parakeets, small conures, finches, canaries, cockatiels and lovebirds.

The best selling models for small to medium sized parrots are the Avian Adventures Chiquita Cage with Liftoff Play top as well as their Chiquita Dometop Bird Cages. Both models are ideal for senegals, conures, quakers, lories, caiques and pionus.

• All Avian Adventures bird cages come with natural wood perches made of mangrove or yellow cow wood, which are lighter yet harder than manzanita. Real wood perches have various widths and textures that occur naturally, and that promotes foot health. If a bird has access to only one size perch he or she will be at risk of foot cramping or even pressure sores.

• Part of what makes a cage suitable is that it is roomy enough to provide your pet with more than just breathing space. It's cruel to confine an animal in an area that doesn't have ample space. Can you imagine living hour after hour, day after day, year after year, in a space that doesn't allow a little walking around?

So the bottom line is that if you want your feathered friend to be happy in his or her home, it is best to get the roomiest cage your budget allows. America's Pet Store carries the full line of Avian Adventures bird cages, so we will definitely have a nice selection for you from which to choose.

If you can't find an Avian Adventures bird cage that is large enough and fits your budget, you might want to browse our Bird Cages for Sale section to check out what's on sale at America's Pet Store.

• Interior space is not the only dimensions you'll need to consider. For example, for safety purposes it is of the utmost importance to follow recommendations on the amount of space needed between the bars for a specific breed. If there is too much space, your bird could get stuck in between, or even escape and get lost or injured. If there is not enough space between the bars, a wing, beak or foot could get stuck and could cause injury.

It is also important to choose the appropriate gauge or thickness of the bars themselves. If they are too thin or flimsy, birds could bend them or even break them. Follow recommendations for minimum bar gauge for your breed of bird.

If you'd like guidance in choosing from the many Avian Adventures bird cages available, please call toll free or email us at and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you.

• America's Pet Store is also an Authorized Dealer for the following brands of quality bird cages: A&E Bird Cages, Avian Adventures Bird Cages, HQ Bird Cages, and Prevue Bird Cages.

We work hard to provide a wide selection so customers can find what they need and want; from small parakeet cages to large parrot cages to even larger walk in bird cages.

• If you require additional information about Avian Adventures bird cages feel free to contact us. We have thorough knowledge about Avian Adventures bird cages and will be happy to help you. You can send an email to us at or if you prefer you can call us toll-free at 1-800-870-1941.

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