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Bark Collars

All it takes is a bark collar to stop dog barking. Bark collars for dogs are easy to use and are a fast, affordable solution to nuisance barking.

Bark collars are for dogs that get riled up very easily and bark up a storm every time a car passes by, or every time a squirrel is in sight, or whatever the case may be. If that describes your dog one of our bark collars might be just what you need to stop dog barking. You can get a bark collar that responds to a dog's bark with: a spray of citrus or citronella that dogs find unpleasant, a vibration, a mild static shock or an annoying ultrasonic tone that only dogs can hear.

Bark collars are easy to use and are a fast, effective solution in eliminating excessive barking. Many dog owners report that after using a no-bark collar for a period of time their dog actually becomes trained and no longer requires a bark collar. You will find all major brands of bark collars at America's Pet Store including: PetSafe, Innotek, SportDOG, Dogtra, DT Systems, High Tech Pet and others.

Not sure what type of bark collar you need? Review our summary of all bark collars and bark control products that we offer to help you narrow down your search.

See our valuable Bark Collars Info section for these products!

Browse Bark Collars
PetSafe Bark Collars
Bark Collars
PetSafe makes electronic bark collars, ultrasonic bark control products, and citrus spray collars that are effective for all sizes of dogs.
Dogtra Bark Collar Systems
Bark Collars
Dogtra Bark Collar systems are effective tools to stop dog barking and come with rechargeable batteries and a battery charger.
DT Systems No-Bark Collars
Bark Collars
DT Systems incorporates advanced "vibration sensor" technology in their dog bark collars to eliminate unintentional and false corrections.
Garmin Bark Collars
Bark Collars
Garmin BarkLimiter, Delta Sport, and Pro Series bark control collars.
IMPI Bark Collar
Bark Collars
Stop your dog from barking without overcorrecting with an IMPI Bark Collar.
SportDOG Bark Collars
Bark Collars
SportDOG bark collars are the easiest-to-use bark collars ever invented. Just turn the battery to the "on" position and put it on your dog. Quick and easy.
High Tech Pet Bark Collars
Bark Collars
High Tech Pet bark collars utilize static shock correction, or high-frequency tone correction, or both.
Citronella Bark Collar and other Spray Collars
Bark Collars
A Citronella bark collar and other spray bark collar products are good alternatives to electronic bark collars.
No-Shock Bark Collars
Bark Collars
A no-shock bark collar is an excellent alternative to no-bark collars that use shock to stop dog barking.
Small Dog Bark Collar
Bark Collars
A bark collar for small dogs is a good training tool to help stop dog barking at inappropriate times.
Spray Refills & Bark Accessories
Bark Collars
Citrus, citronella, and compressed air refills for spray bark control and animal deterrents.

All dogs are different. While some will respond very well to an annoying citrus spray or ultrasonic tone, others may require more persuasive measures. It really depends on a dog's personality and temperament.

If you are interested in a bark collar that delivers Ultrasonic tone correction only see the High Tech Hush Puppy, High Tech Super Hush Puppy, and PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar.

Many manufacturers offer a bark collar with progressive static corrections; a very low level static shock is delivered at the onset of barking and if the barking does not stop, progressively higher levels of correction are delivered until it does. Essentially, a dog's barking behavior dictates the level of correction.

Dogtra makes two bark collar models that deliver a warning vibration before a static correction. It doesn't take most dogs very long to learn that their barking is directly associated with getting a static correction. The great thing about a vibration-warning is in case he or she has forgotten what they've learned. Usually the vibration-warning is enough of a reminder and the barking will stop before a static correction is delivered.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a bark collar:

  • Most manufacturers do not recommend their bark collars for dogs under 6 months old. They also do not recommend them for dogs that are very aggressive. An aggressive dog could quickly become a flat-out dangerous dog with well-intentioned yet improper training methods. Aggressive dogs need to work with a professional trainer who may or may not utilize static shock correction collars.

  • Most manufacturers of bark collar products provide minimum weight recommendations for their products. It is important that you adhere to the recommendations otherwise you could be getting a product that is too powerful, or not powerful enough for your particular dog.

  • Static correction is delivered via 2 metal probes on a bark collar that have contact with a dog's skin. Be sure the probes make contact with the skin; if a dog has a very thick coat you can buy longer probes to ensure contact. Some people actually shave the fur where the probes make contact. Because of its antibacterial properties (non-porous) many people prefer stainless steel probes to other types of metal. This can help reduce or even eliminate the chances of a skin rash or a condition called pressure necrosis, which is similar to bed sores.

    Important: A bark collar is not meant to be worn all the time because irritation can occur. Be sure to read your owner's manual and adhere to the recommendations. Also be sure to keep the probes and your dog's neck clean.

    However, if you anticipate needing long-term wear you can purchase a 24-hour contact pad adapter to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog.

  • Technological advances often include reducing the overall size of a product without reducing effectiveness. This is also true of receivers on dog bark collars. Many receivers are small and can weigh under 2 ounces. However, if you have a small dog, be sure to check on the size and weight of the receiver on the bark collar. Will it be too large and awkward for your dog's neck size? Reminder: Be sure your dog meets the minimum weight requirement for any product you are considering for purchase.

  • The collar strap on most bark collars is quite long, even on a bark collar for small dogs. The long strap is intentional and is meant to give you the flexibility to trim it down to fit a small dog if necessary. If your dog is not yet full grown be sure to compensate for future growth and don't cut too much off.
  • America's Pet Store carries all the leading brands of bark collars including PetSafe, High Tech Pet, SportDOG, Garmin, Dogtra, and others. If you have questions or would like assistance is selecting a bark collar that is a good fit for your dog's size and temperament contact our Customer Service Department.

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