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Dog Bark Shock Collars

Dog Bark Shock Collars Dog bark shock collars have been proven to quickly train dogs to stop excessive barking.

Dog bark shock collars are very effective and have provided peace and quiet by eliminating excessive barking in neighborhoods everywhere. Few sounds are more annoying than a constantly barking dog and it can really affect the quality of a neighborhood in a negative way.

Why put up with nuisance dog barking when you don't have to? A dog bark collar is safe, effective and affordable.

See our valuable Dog Bark Collar Info section for these products!

Browse Dog Bark Shock Collars
Bark Shock Collar Brands
Dog Bark Shock Collars
Top brands of bark shock collars: TriTronics Bark Limiter G3, Dogtra YS300 Yapper Stopper, PetSafe and many others.
Bark Control for Small Dogs
Dog Bark Shock Collars
Bark Control for small dogs will stop nuisance barking quickly and affordably.
Rechargeable Bark Collar
Dog Bark Shock Collars
A rechargeable bark collar is more convenient for most people than having to replace batteries over and over.

With so many affordable no bark shock collar products available on the market today, there is no reason to put up with excessive barking in dogs. (Unless it's your neighbor's dog, in which case see the PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control unit that is disguised as a birdhouse.)

Prices for a bark shock collar will vary from brand to brand and also according to special features. The bottom line is you don't have to pay a lot to stop dog barking. We carry all the most popular brands including TriTronics shock collar systems, DT Systems shock collar products, and those made by PetSafe, SportDOG and many others.

How did people stop excessive dog barking before no bark shock collar products were invented? A good guess would be they either put up with problem barking or hired a professional trainer…with no guarantee of results.

Just like professional trainers, bark shock collar manufacturers also do not guarantee their products will stop excessive barking, but we are not sure why. has never had a customer report that a no bark shock collar did not achieve the desired result, unless the customer purchased the wrong type of anti bark collar. (A small dog shock collar may not be effective on a Saint Bernard. If you have a big dog see our large dog shock collar models.)

The only bark control devices that we know of that may not be effective with a small percentage of dogs are citrus spray bark collars, citronella bark collars or high-frequency tone ultrasonic bark collars. A very stubborn or headstrong dog may need the stronger correction from a no bark shock collar. Citronella and other spray bark collars do perform quite well on dogs with mild dispositions.

But, again, we have never heard of a bark shock collar that did not get the job done. These products are truly amazing and have restored peace and quiet in neighborhoods all over the world. carries all of the most well-known brands of bark shock collars. Prices vary among brands and also according to special features. A good anti bark shock collar will run anywhere from around $50 to $100 with a handful of models a little bit more than $100. (Remember that the prices shown on our website include free ground shipping!)

PetSafe collars are a good value and their standard no bark shock collar is the least expensive. Innotek shock collar products are similarly priced and that is probably because Innotek and PetSafe are sister companies owned by Radio Systems Corporation.

When shopping for a shock collar for dogs you may want to consider whether some of the following features are important to you.

Rechargeable no bark shock collar vs. replaceable batteries
Some people prefer to own a rechargeable bark shock collar rather than one that requires you to replace batteries. On the other hand, some people prefer replaceable batteries because they don't want periods of time when their dog's bark shock collar is out of commission until the battery is recharged. They would rather keep fresh replacement batteries on hand to avoid any down time with the collar.

Waterproof anti bark shock collar vs. water-resistant
In most situations a water-resistant no bark shock collar is sufficient. However, if your dog is going to submerge his or her no bark electric shock collar in water then you should definitely get one that is completely waterproof.

A unique feature found with the Tri-Tronics Bark Limiter G3 is the Bark Odometer. This feature lets you know how many times your dog has triggered a correction on his or her bark shock collar. So, for example, you can see how many times your dog barked while you have been away all day at work.

If you would like assistance comparing anti bark shock collar brands and models, please contact our Customer Service Department and we'll be happy to help you.

In addition to bark shock collar products and other dog barking devices to help eliminate excessive barking, we also sell other dog training shock collar products to help eliminate other bad habits. These dog training collars work in conjunction with a handheld remote control. When you witness your dog behaving badly you can immediately deliver a mild buy annoying static shock correction with the push of a button.

A remote shock collar is very effective at stopping dog's from getting into the garbage, from digging, from jumping up on people…you can train your dog to stop doing just about anything you want him or her to stop. As far as cats, we do not carry or even know of any manufacturers of cat shock collar products but we do have other cat training products utilizing static shock correction that are very effective.

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