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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Houses - Cat Houses > Big Dog Houses

Big Dog Houses

We have a great selection of big dog houses for sale in a variety of styles and construction materials.

Shop for big dog houses made from solid wood, including cedar. We also carry insulated dog houses for big dogs. It is amazing how a well-insulated dog house can make a big difference in helping to keep dogs warm in winter. Many offer optional heating pads or can be outfitted with a dog house heater. If you think a dog's home ought to be his castle, check out our big dog houses that look like real houses! Or big dog houses with optional porches and sun decks.

Looking for a big dog house for two dogs? Our Duplex Dog Houses for two dogs are constructed with long-lasting cedar. Cedar is naturally weather-resiliant and is also a natural flea and insect deterrent.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

The Mansion Dog House - Extra Large
(Item #: MPL002)
Ware Premium A-Frame Dog House - Extra Large
(Item #: 01708)
Ware Premium A-Frame Dog House - Large
(Item #: 01707)
Ware Premium Dog House - Large
(Item #: 01702)
The Mansion Dog House - Extra Large
Your Price: $535.99
Ware Premium A-Frame Dog House - Extra Large
Your Price: $234.95
Ware Premium A-Frame Dog House - Large
Your Price: $196.95
Ware Premium Dog House - Large
Your Price: $215.95
Eco Choice Bunk House Dog House - Large
(Item #: ECOH103L)
Eco Choice Rustic Lodge Dog House - XL
(Item #: ECOH203XL)
Eco Choice Bunk House Dog House - Extra Large
(Item #: ECOH103XL)
Eco Choice Rustic Lodge Dog House - JUMBO
(Item #: ECOH203JMB)
Eco Choice Bunk House Dog House - Large
Your Price: $249.99
Eco Choice Rustic Lodge Dog House - XL
Your Price: $269.99
Eco Choice Bunk House Dog House - Extra Large
Your Price: $299.99
Eco Choice Rustic Lodge Dog House - JUMBO
Your Price: $399.99
Barn Pet House - Large
(Item #: MPL001)
Barn Pet House - Large
Your Price: $485.99

If you are looking for information on what features to look for when shopping for outdoor dog houses for big dogs you are in the right place. If you have two big dogs please see our duplex dog houses that come in all sizes including large and extra large.

You may be surprised to learn that just because you have a big dog doesn't mean you should buy the biggest dog house you can find. Of course we realize that you would mean well, that you are trying to provide a spacious palace for your large dog.

In reality dogs don't want too much extra space in a dog house. So even though you need a big dog house for your large breed dog it's a good idea to take note of the internal dimensions and compare them with the actual size of your dog.

Keep in mind that not all big dog houses are the same size - there are no industry standards for size. This means that a "large" dog house made by one manufacturer could be very different in size than a "large" dog house made by a different manufacturer. So, once again, it is important to take note of actual dimensions. (The same advice applies to purchasing dog doors. Don't go by large, medium or small. Make a purchase decision based on actual dimensions.)

Okay, so back to big dog houses. If you have a large breed dog or a giant breed then of course you'll need to select from our large dog houses or our extra large dog house models. Choose one that is big enough to allow your dog to stand up and turn around while inside. Anything bigger than that is more dog house than your dog really needs or wants.

Most animals, whether domestic or in the wild, prefer small spaces that are easy to monitor. This provides a feeling of control and security which will allow your dog to truly relax and even take a snooze while inside his or her big dog house.

The big dog houses we carry are made by various manufacturers and differ greatly in the features they offer and in construction materials. A lot of people ask which brand of big dog house is best. The answer is always that the best big dog house is the one that meets all of your needs at a price you can afford.

For example, if you live in Hawaii where the outside temperatures are always pleasant then you would have no need for any of our insulated dog houses. But if you live almost anywhere else you should definitely consider one of our big dog houses with insulation. An insulated dog house will definitely keep the interior temperature warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Insulation is usually inside the 4 wall panels of the dog house and in the rooftop panel.

Most of the cedar dog houses we carry are insulated as are the outdoor cedar cat houses in our lineup. Cedar is the most preferred wood for outdoor use because it weathers so nicely, with or without sealing it or staining it. You should seal it if you want to retain the original color, however many people appreciate the natural patina of aging cedar. Cedar is also a natural flea and pest repellent and has a pleasant aroma.

However, some dogs are allergic to cedar. If that is the case with your dog we also carry big dog houses made from other materials. Check out eco-friendly dog houses by New Age Pet. These eco-friendly insulated dog homes are made with eco-Flex, a material that is made with a combination of post-consumer recycled polymers and wood fibers. This material will last for years because it is resistant to moisture.

Another alternative to cedar is plastic. The plastic dog houses we carry cost a little bit less than our cedar pet houses and they are very well insulated. It's no wonder they are so popular. If you are interested in finding out more check out the DP Hunter Dog House for smaller dogs or the Dog Palace Dog House for larger dogs.

If you want a heated dog house you can add a dog house heater to any of our insulated pet houses. Please note: We do not recommend installing a heater into a dog house unless it is insulated.

In addition to cedar we carry other wooden dog houses. Ware makes dog house models in a classic A-Frame house style as well as other styles.

If you're looking for luxury dog houses for big dogs check out The Mansion Dog House by Merry Products. Most of our luxury models are located in our small dog house section but Merry Products has come through for big dogs with The Mansion.

We also carry accessories for big dog houses such as Petmate dog house door flaps and dog house heated floor pads. If you need an outdoor cat house for your own cats or for feral cats in your neighborhood please see our insulated cedar cat house section.

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