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Bird Cage Covers

Bird cage covers should be designed to allow easy access to all parts of your cage without removing the entire canopy. Check out our lineup.

Bird cage covers serve a very practical purpose, but why deal with a birdcage cover that is a hassle to work with?

Our bird cage covers are unique in how they make your entire cage easily accessible while the cover is on. These bird cage covers are quality made in the USA and there is a size and model available for most cages.

See our valuable Birdcage Cover Info section for these products!

Universal Play Top Bird Cage Covers
(Item #: CB-PTCOVER)
Universal Dome Top Bird Cage Covers
(Item #: CB-DTCOVER)
Universal Flat Top Bird Cage Cover
(Item #: CB-FTCOVER)
Side by Side Bird Cage Cover
(Item #: CB-SxSCOVER)
Universal Play Top Bird Cage Covers
Your Price: $51.95
Universal Dome Top Bird Cage Covers
Your Price: $51.95
Universal Flat Top Bird Cage Cover
Your Price: $77.95
Side by Side Bird Cage Cover
Your Price: $169.95

Should you or shouldn't you cover your bird's cage at night? When it comes to bird cage covers you will find a wide range of advice from all kinds of people, including avian experts. But in the end it is the input you get from your bird or birds that will be of most value.

One thing that is universally true about all parrots and other companion birds is that they definitely need a solid 10-12 hours of restful sleep every single night. It is known that if there is too much light or noise a bird will not be able to sleep. Sleep also will not come easy to birds that are exposed to cold drafts.

So bird owners must create an environment that is dark (or close to it), very quiet and without cold drafts. But how that is achieved is not universal. Some birds will love their bird cage cover and it will help them get the sleep they need; other birds will not tolerate a bird cage cover and might chew it to shreds; others may prefer a partial covering; and some birds won't care either way.

You'll want to figure it out because if you don't you will likely have behavior problems that are common with sleep-deprived birds. Birds that do not get enough sleep (and remember they need more sleep than you do) will let you know in one way or another. They may be sluggish and a tad cranky, or they could be downright mean and nasty. Some will turn into biters, screamers or feather-pluckers. The end result is an unhappy/unhealthy bird and probably an unhappy bird owner.

So how will you know what to do? Luckily all it takes is careful observation. Your bird's behavior will let you know what type of environment is required for a good sleep.

Some birds are actually afraid of being in a darkened, covered bird cage and may experience what is commonly referred to as night frights. Such birds will often thrash around the cage in a panic and they can hurt themselves or worse. Needless to say it is not a good idea to completely cover your birdís cage if he or she gets night frights. However, you could try covering only the sides. A partial covering will filter out some light and provide partial protection from cold drafts. In many instances, this will work out well.

Before purchasing a bird cage cover it is probably a good idea to experiment. Use a blanket or sheet as a birdcage cover and see how your parrot or other breed reacts. If they quiet down and go to sleep shortly after you cover the cage then you know a bird cage cover will work well to ensure a good night's sleep.

Some birds will do perfectly well through the night if they have their own quiet room with the blinds closed or shades down. The good news is that it should be fairly easy to figure out where your parrot's comfort zone is because they are demonstrative creatures. In other words they have ways of communicating pleasure and displeasure quite clearly. All you need to do is listen to their needs and then fulfill them.

All covers for bird cages come with free ground shipping within the contiguous 48 United States.

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