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Bluefang X22 Smartphone controlled 3-in-1 Fence, Remote Trainer, & Bark Collar

Bluefang X22 Smartphone controlled 3-in-1 Fence, Remote Trainer, & Bark Collar


The Bluefang Model X-22 "3 in 1" Contain, Train and Bark Control system is the most useful and powerful pet care product you will ever own. The system includes everything you need to set up an electronic fence around your yard and it gives you the ability to train your dog remotely using your iPhone or Android smart phone as the remote. The included BF-22 collar is also the world's most effective and humane bark control collar. You get all three functions in one comfortable, lightweight collar. 


As a containment system the X-22 features High Tech Pet's unique Pulsed Proportional Stimulus TM (PPS) system. With PPS, shock and sound stimuli are delivered in short, high intensity bursts that increase as your dog moves closer to the boundary wire. The first burst is a full voltage pulse but it is too short to cause trauma to your dog. It just gives him the message to BACK UP. Conventional electric dog fences use warning tones before applying shock stimulus. This seems to make sense however, in practice many dogs stand for a long time in the "warning zone" until the tone itself runs the battery down allowing the dog to escape the invisible boundary. Our PPS system applies a short "warning stimulus" that is too short to be considered painful but your dog is not likely to stand around waiting for the collar battery to run down. And that is just a small benefit to our PPS system. As your dog moves closer to the boundary wire the rate of stimulus pulses increases so that your dog perceived the stimulus as more intense. This actually allows your dog to decide for himself how much stimulus is enough to cause him to retreat from the boundary. Thus, in effect, our PPS system automatically adjust its stimulus to your dog's unique temperament while functioning as the most effective anti-run-through system available. 

But, the X-22 doesn't stop there. You get our custom ULTRA-WIRE TM designed for both underground and above ground installation. ULTRA-WIRE TM is solid copper wire encased in an extra thick, extra strong and resilient insulation that is wrapped in a nylon shroud for even more strength and resistance to moisture and sunlight. With ULTRA-WIRE TM you can install your boundary wire above ground typically in less than one hour! 

Need more amazing electronic fence features? The X-22 comes with our most advanced TX-2 transmitter that is fully waterproof for outdoor mounting if desired. The TX-2 has a fully illuminated user status panel, unique Power Boost feature, audible and visual wire break alarms (not that you'll need them with ULTRA-WIRE TM). The TX-2 also accepts an optional rechargeable battery that will keep your dog safely contained during a power outage. 

The X-22 is packed with all the features you expect in an advanced High Tech Pet ® brand electronic dog fence. Best of All the X-22 comes with the BF-22 smart phone controlled BLUEFANG ®. This amazing collar not only emits sound and shock to contain, train and control your dog's barking right from your smart phone, it records your dog's activity so you can see what he's up to when you're not around. The BF-22 makes a note every time your dog barks or attempts to challenge the invisible boundary. You can review this data to see how often he has barked or tried to run off each day, week month or year. It also records the number of shocks and intensities it has delivered. You can very easily see your dog's behavior and how well your BLUEFANG ® collar has been working. 


As an remote dog trainer, the BF-22 collar gives you our advanced COMMAND-TONE-STIMULUS TM training process where you use positive tones as both command and reward to quickly teach your dog positive behaviors such as Sit, Come and Heel. It also has 3 instant stimulus command that you can customize to your dog's individual temperament. You can set the stimulus intensity and duration for each instant stimulus command giving you the exact stimulus level you need right at your fingertips. And BLUEFANG ®technology gives you a much longer range than typical Bluetooth devices. While other Bluetooth devices (headphones, speakers, etc.) typically have a working range of under 100 feet, our breakthrough technology extends the practical training range of the BLUEFANG ®collar to 400 feet! 


As a Bark Control Collar the BF-22 gives you the most advanced, effective and humane bark control there is. The BF-22 uses progressive stimulus that starts with a warning tone, then progresses through five increasing stimulus levels if your dog's barking persists. The collar is designed with safety "time-outs" built in so that it will not overstimulate your dog. Barking is detected with a non-invasive microphone and our unique sensing algorithm that detects your dog's bark without false triggering. As amazing as it sounds, the BF-22 can distinguish between nuisance barking and the more excited intruder/ alarm type of barking. If you choose, you may allow the emergency type of barking while still preventing nuisance barking. You can also set the collar to deter howling. You can set the BF-22 for tone only, shock only or tone plus shock operation. All this is controlled right from your smart phone with our simple, intuitive app. 

This is Ground Breaking Technology, Folks, And a "MUST HAVE" for Anyone Who Owns a Dog and a Smart Phone!

BLUEFANG X-22 Features:

  • New Patent Pending Bluefang Technology
  • Uses Your Smart Phone as Remote Transmitter
  • Includes: Electronic Fence, Smart Phone Remote Trainer & Bark Control all in ONE Small, Lightweight Collar!
  • Electronic Fence Mode Uses High Tech Pet's Proprietary Pulsed Proportional Stimulus System
  • Remote Trainer Range is up to 400'
  • Bark Collar Has Anti Intruder Mode Which Recognizes and Allows Intruder/ Emergency Barking
  • Waterproof Collar
  • Phone Controls an Unlimited Number of Collars
  • Customize the Stimulus for Each Individual Dog
  • Works with iPhone and Android
  • Collar Automatically Upgrades as Future Features are Added to App

BLUEFANG X-22 Specifications:

    Operates on 110 VAC on UL Approved Adapter (Included) and 12 VDC on Optional Back-up Battery 

    Range: Up to 10 Acres 

  • WIRE: 
    500 ft. Included, 20 GA in special 16 GA Ultra-WireTM High Strength Insulation with Protective Nylon Shroud. Approved and Certified for Above-ground and Buried Service. 

  • COLLAR: 
    Weight: 2 oz. 

    Recommended for All Pets over 5 lbs. 

    Range: 400 ft. 

    Strap Length: 24" 

    Meets all FCC requirements 

    Battery: Model BF-3V series

 iPhone and Android apps now available. Scan below to download to your mobile device. 

Kitkat OS

Or search "Bluefang Dog Collar" on the Apple App store or Google Play

Note: Requires iPhone 4S or higher or Android phone with Bluetooth 4.0 and Kitkat operating system. 


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