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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems > Border Patrol GPS Dog Fence and Remote Training System

Border Patrol TC1 GPS Dog Fence and Remote Trainer

Border Patrol TC1 GPS Dog Fence and Remote Trainer

The Border Patrol TC1 is three products in one:
  • A wireless GPS dog fence that you can take anywhere

  • A GPS dog tracker (1-2 mile range)

  • A remote dog training system

The revolutionary Dog Expedition Systems Border Patrol TC1 is the first of its kind in wireless dog containment technology! It combines wireless, GPS-guided electronic fence containment technology along with short-range tracking, and a robust electronic dog training collar - all combined into a single, compact and affordable handheld and dog-collar unit.

GPS Wireless Dog Fence System
The Border Control TC1 is a completely portable and wireless GPS dog fence system that is perfect for 1 dog or as many as 5 dogs. You can take it when you go hunting, vacationing, camping, visiting friends and family, or if you move to another home. Since there is no need to bury any wires your fence can be up and running in minutes!

You can create a circular boundary with up to an 800 yard radius (1600 yard total diameter) with the Border Patrol TC1, or create a boundary as small as 15 yards in radius.

So how does it work? The Border Patrol TC1 utilizes the accuracy of GPS to create the fence containment boundaries. This fence containment is completely customizable! You can set your own fence center, warning boundary, and stimulation zone. Want a large warning zone with only a small zone for actual stimulation? No problem. Prefer a larger stimulation zone? It’s your call.

As an added feature, the handheld unit does not need to stay powered on for the fence to remain active. Once the fence is activated, you can simply turn off your handheld unit and the collar will apply warnings and stimulations based on your last-saved fence settings.

Important: Do not set up a fence where satellite signals may be obstructed or interrupted. For best results avoid marking the center of the fence or boundary points close to power lines, transformers, buildings, trees, overhead obstructions or anything that can cause electromagnetic interference.

Once your fence containment has been set and activated, the handheld unit can also be used to track your dog’s exact location and status over a short range (typically 1-2 miles). You can not only view the direction and distance of your dog, but also if your dog has reached any of the warning, stimulation, or final fence boundaries. If he does leave the area, what a reassuring feeling to know that you can track him down.

Also available is a "mark-and-find" feature that makes finding a marked GPS waypoint (such as your home or vehicle) easy. Up to 4 waypoints can be set at any time and the Fence Center automatically saves as a waypoint when active.

If containment and tracking is not enough, the Border Patrol TC1 is also a robust remote training collar! It features the popular Nick and Continuous stimulation options, as well as Vibration, “JUMP” stimulation, and “RISE” stimulation.

With a line-of-sight range of up to 2 miles and 50 levels of stimulation at your fingertips, training your dog has never been easier. For multiple dogs, the Border Patrol TC1 can accommodate up to 5 dogs for training and all settings for each dog will be stored so you won't have to change levels every time you switch from one dog to another.

Combining long-range wireless, GPS-guided electronic fence containment, with training and short-range tracking, the Border Patrol TC1 is ideal for keeping your pet safely contained and trained.



  • Patented GPS-Guided Fence allows you to create containment areas as small as a 15-yard radius up to an 800 yard radius.

  • Remote Trainer with a range of up to 2 miles (line-of-sight)

  • Short-Range Tracking System (1-2 miles)

  • "Welcome Home" feature allows dog to return to safe area without being corrected

  • Options for Warning Zone notifications are Vibration or Beep followed by delayed stimulation

  • 50 levels of stimulation in Stimulation Zone for containment

  • 50 adjustable intensity levels for remote training

  • Nick and Continuous Stimulation as well as positive vibration, JUMP Stimulation and RISE Stimulation

  • Mark up to 4 way points (in addition to the automatically saved fence center)

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries in Handheld and Collar unit

  • Battery Life varies depending on settings: typically 6-12 hours for handheld and 12-24 hours for collar

  • Water-resistant handheld unit

  • Fully Waterproof collar unit

  • Handheld: 5.5" x 5" x 1.25" 7.6 oz

  • Collar Receiver: 3.25" x 1.75" x 1.75" 10 oz (27" strap)

  • Length of collar probes: 1/2 inch

  • Recommended for dogs 30 lbs or larger

  • High-resolution 2.4” TFT Color LCD Screen on Handheld

  • Expandable to 5 dogs - Border Patrol TC1 Extra Collars sold separately

  • 1-Year Warranty

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