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Dog Doors - Cat Doors

Best selection of dog doors and cat doors at low prices. Call with any question; we know doggie doors.

Mounting styles of cat and doggie doors include: door-mount, wall mount, window mount, electronic dog doors and patio pet doors.

We have a wide selection so you are sure to find the best dog door to suit your specific needs. If this is your first ever purchase of a cat or doggie door, please see our FAQ section below for helpful information, or contact our dog door experts in Customer Service.

Are you looking for a specific brand of pet door? Customer favorites include: Hale Pet Doors, Patio Pacific Pet Doors, makers of the award-winning Endura Flap; Plexidor Dog Doors and Ideal Pet Doors.

See our valuable FAQ section for these products!

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Shop by Brand
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Top quality doggie doors by Patio Pacific, PetSafe, Plexidor and many other popular brands.
Extra Large
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Extra large dog doors in this section are in categories according to mounting style: door mount, wall mount, etc.
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
A weatherproof pet door will help save home energy in hot, cold and windy conditions.
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Large doggie doors come in many styles and price ranges. See our large selection.
For Sliding Glass Doors
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Sliding glass doggie doors are full-size panels as tall as your sliders with a built in dog door. Most are super easy to install.
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Check out all brands and mounting styles of medium size pet doors.
Electronic Pet Doors
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Electronic doggie doors are collar activated using RFID, magnetic or electro-magnetic technologies.
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
A small pet door can offer huge benefits for both you and your dog.
For Walls
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Doggie doors for walls offer energy efficiency and more options for choosing a spot for installation in your home.
Cat Doors
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Need a narrow cat door for window installation? See magnetic cat doors, cat doors for sliding glass doors, basement doors and more!
For Screens (Doors, Windows, etc.)
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Install these pet doors in a srcreen window, screen door, screened storm door, or the screen slider on your patio door.
Kennel Doors - Commercial Grade
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Heavy duty dog kennel doors built to take a lot of abuse are suitable for commerical kennels and for owners of labradors that like to chew.
Window Pet Doors
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
A cat or doggie door for windows usually takes just seconds to install; there's no cutting involved and many models require no tools at all.
Pre-Built House Doors
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Get a glass insert, exterior door or storm door with a built-in pet door!
Pet Door Replacement Flaps
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Dog door replacment flaps for PetSafe, Patio Pacific, Hale, & Ideal pet doors.
Keys, Accessories, & Parts
Dog Doors - Cat Doors
Dog Door Keys, Replacement Parts, Tunnels, Wall Kits, Draft Stoppers, Chargers, and Accessories.

Q. What should I consider before purchasing a doggie door or cat door?

A. Criteria to consider include:

  • Your budget. Cat doors and doggie doors are available in a wide range of prices. For a high end dog door we recommend Plexidor Dog Doors. Or see budget brands that still offer a good value for the money such as PetSafe Dog Doors or Ideal Dog Doors.
  • Type of pet door (i.e. for sliding glass doors, for walls, for regular doors, for windows, etc.)
  • Electronic motorized pet door or a manual flap
  • Quality and energy efficiency
  • Size
  • Training pets to use cat and doggie doors

Q. What are my options on where to install a cat door or doggie door?

A. The four most popular types of mounting methods are: Door Mount, Wall Mount, Window Mount and Patio Pet Door inserts for sliding glass doors. Also for sliding glass doors is the new Automatic Patio Door Opener by AutoSlide. AutoSlide comes in two models; one is activated by a motion sensor and the other is dog collar activated.

  • Patio Pet Door insert with a built in dog door: A patio pet door, also known as a sliding door doggie door or patio door dog door, is a good solution for anyone who doesn't want to cut a hole into a door or wall.

    A patio pet door is a full-size panel that matches the height of your sliding glass doors. The panel has a built-in dog door so installation is usually as simple as inserting the panel into the upper and lower inside track of your sliding door. If your sliding doors are over 90" tall or under 77" tall, please see our extra tall sliding glass pet door section or our pet doors for short sliding doors section.

    FYI America's Pet Store also carries cat doors for sliding glass doors.

    It is important to know whether your sliding glass doors are aluminum or vinyl as most patio dog doors will fit only one type of sliding door - but not both. If you have vinyl sliding glass doors such as Pella patio doors or Andersen doors, please see pet doors for vinyl sliding doors.

    If you have aluminum please see doggie doors for aluminum sliders. One of our top selling models are the Endura Flap Thermo Panel IIIe which are high-quality, double pane pet doors made by Patio Pacific. They also make a line of single pane doggie doors called the Quick Panel III that cost a bit less.

  • Door-Mount Dog Doors: Installation requires you to cut a hole through your house door so it is essential that you measure carefully - and measure twice to be sure. Door mount dog doors are somewhat easier to install than wall mount doors, and can usually be installed by anyone handy with tools.

  • Wall-Mount Dog Doors: Dog doors for walls are installed through an exterior facing wall in your house using a tunnel that goes through the wall and attaches to the inside and outside frame of the dog door.

  • Pet Doors for Windows: Window pet doors are usually for cats but Hale Pet Doors makes models that are big enough for dogs, including large breeds. See Hale Pet Doors for Windows.

  • Pet Doors for Screen Doors: A dog door for a screen door is a great option during the summer months. Most pet doors for screens come in smaller sizes for cats. However, Hale Pet Doors makes some great dog doors for screens that come in 11 different sizes so they will work for almost all sizes of dogs.

Here are some other considerations in selecting the proper doggie door or cat door:

  • Energy Efficiency: One of the largest quality differences in dog doors is the level of energy efficiency. Energy-efficient models are more expensive, higher quality dog doors than their counterparts. However, in most instances the extra money spent on an energy efficient pet door is recouped with home energy savings.

    Q. What size pet door do I need?

    A. The only way to select the proper size dog door or cat door is to measure your pet.

    There are two important measurements you will need:

    Width of your dog - The width of a dog door flap should be at least 2" wider than the width of your dog as measured across the shoulders. If your dog is not yet full grown do your best to factor in future growth.

    Height of your dog's shoulders while on all fours - here are general guidelines.

    Shoulder Height
    Door Flap Height (min)
    up to 8 1/2"
    7 1/2 "
    9" - 13"
    9 1/2"
    13 1/2" - 15"
    12 1/2"
    15 1/2" - 20"
    20 1/2" - 24"
    19 1/2"
    24 1/2" - 27"
    23 1/2"
    27 1/2" - 31"
    27 1/2"

    For shopping convenience America's Pet Store does segment cat doors and dog doors by size such as small, large and extra large which are really big dog doors. But we can't stress it enough, we highly recommend measuring your pet prior to making a purchase to ensure a proper fit.

    Q. What about security concerns?

    A. Some people have concerns about skunks, raccoons or even people (if the dog door is large enough) gaining entry into their home.

    Most pet doors come standard with a slide in security panel that will block off the pet door entirely when it will not be in use such as when you are away on vacation with your dog.

    If skunks or raccoons are a concern see our lineup of collar activated pet doors. These are automatic doggie doors that will open only for pets wearing the electronic collar. Even among electric dog doors there is a wide range of security options. The most secure model is the Plexidor Electronic Dog Door that allows you to program the collar key among thousands of possible combinations.

    Q. How long will a pet door flap last before you need to replace it?

    A. It depends. Some vinyl pet flaps will crack, warp, tear and/or become very rigid over time. Especially if they are continually exposed to direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures can also affect the integrity of a vinyl flap. In addition, vinyl scratches easily and collects dirt and bacteria within those scratches which is hard to remove and is unslightly.

    Worn out flaps can be replaced but replacement flaps can cost almost as much as you paid for the dog door itself. On the plus side flexible vinyl flaps are safer and quieter than most rigid flaps.

    If your dog is a big chewer and you think a vinyl flap would never last we do carry heavy-duty dog kennel doors including the popular line of Gun Dog Doors.

    Q. What is the best dog door?

    It all depends on an individual's specific needs. For example, someone who lives in an extreme climate will likely have different requirements than someone who lives in a moderate climate. Or, for giant breeds such as an Irish Wolfhound or Spanish Mastiff, you'll need to purchase a dog door manufactured by a company that makes really big dog doors. Almost all major dog door manufacturers make large and extra large sizes. But they don't all make giant sizes.

    Here is a partial list of dog door brands we carry and the special features they offer:

    Patio Pacific Pet Doors – Patio Pacific is well-known for their award-winning Endura Flap. The Endura Flap comes with a 15-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. There are very few dog doors on the market that can even come close to such a warranty on a flexible pet flap.

    DogWalk Dog Doors - DogWalk dog doors have a heavy-duty aluminum frame but theirs is beveled, something like a picture frame, and to some people it is more stylish. They offer door-mount and wall-mount models and take pride in offering a dog door that is very easy to install. They also make CatWalk Cat Doors.

    High Tech Pet Power Pet Doors These are electronic dog doors that open and close by reading a signal from a special collar worn by your pet. When the dog door detects your pet's collar it slides up to open, very similar to a garage door. After a few seconds it automatically closes.

    Staywell Pet DoorsStaywell offers magnetic dog doors and cat flaps that are collar activated for security purposes. Staywell also offers pet doors with manual style flaps available in either an aluminum frame or plastic frame.

    Q. How do you train a dog to use a doggy door?

    A. Start with propping the doggie flap. Make sure the door flap is securely open because if it accidentally falls and hits a timid dog they may never try it again.

    Get some of your dog's favorite treats and put out a "Hansel and Gretel" trail of treats from one side of the door to the other. As with most training exercises in which you use food or a treat as an incentive, it helps to work with a hungry dog.

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