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Dog House Heaters & Other Accessories

Keep dogs warm in the winter with a dog house heater, door flaps and other products to protect pets from the snow and wind.

Here's where you'll find items to keep dogs warm and protected from the elements during the winter months including the Hound Heater Dog House Heater, heated dog house floor pads, weather-resistant dog house door flaps by Petmate and much more.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Browse Dog House Heaters & Other Accessories
Dog House Heaters and Floor Heaters
Dog House Heaters & Other Accessories
Keep dogs warm in winter with a dog house heater or a padded dog house floor heating pad.
K&H Outdoor Heated Dog Beds
Dog House Heaters & Other Accessories
These outdoor heated dog beds will also work perfectly indoors as well.
Kennel Pads, Dog House Mats & Crate Beds
Dog House Heaters & Other Accessories
Mats and Pads for your dog house, kennel, crate, carrier, or just use as a simple bed.
Ware Dog Houses - Accessories
Dog House Heaters & Other Accessories
Ware Dog House accessories including Hot Dog insulation kits, dog house doors and more.
Outdoor Dog Water Bowls - Pet Drinking Fountains
Dog House Heaters & Other Accessories
Outdoor dog water bowls and pet drinking fountains automatically provide dogs with a clean, fresh source of cool drinking water.
Petmate Door Flaps and Pads for Dog Houses
Dog House Heaters & Other Accessories
Petmate dog house door replacement flaps and pads for Petmate Dogloo, Barnhome, Indigo and PetBarn dog houses.
Dog House Cooling Systems
Dog House Heaters & Other Accessories
Keep dogs cool in summer with a dog house air conditioner, fans, and other dog cooling products.
Dog Cooling Mats, Beds & Crate Pads
Dog House Heaters & Other Accessories
A dog cooling mat, bed or crate pad will help keep your pet comfortable and protect against heat stroke.

New Age Pet Dog House Door Flaps
(Item #: DOOR001)
New Age Pet Dog House Door Flaps
Your Price: $21.99

A dog house heater will make a world of difference when it comes to keeping your pet comfortable when it is cold outside. There are two things you must consider before purchasing a dog house heater. First you need to determine that your dog's house is big enough to accommodate the heater. Dimensions of our dog house heaters are posted. Compare those dimensions with the dimensions of the dog house you intend to install it in.

The second thing to know is you really need to have an insulated dog house or the heat generated will not be retained in the dog house. Essentially you will be "heating the outdoors" as a lot of our folks used to say when we were kids and didn't close the house door during the winter months.

See our extensive selection of insulated dog houses if you do not have one already. Many of them are wooden dog houses that are made out of cedar. A cedar dog house with insulation is not only a quality product but good looking too. Cedar ages very nicely outdoors, even without staining or painting it.

If you prefer dog house floor heaters we carry those as well. Just be sure that the size you choose will fit in your dog's house. A dog house floor heater is a better option for you if you own a dog house that is NOT insulated.

When the weather turns cold cat lovers come to America's Pet Store to purchase outdoor cat houses that are fully insulated and also made out of cedar. The vast majority of customers who purchase our cedar cat houses are buying them for feral cats that do not belong to anyone and they live outside. It is very touching to hear the stories about "their" cats and how worried they are for their safety and comfort over the winter months.

We carry a large line of outdoor cat houses so you should have no trouble finding one that's perfect for your needs. As always, if you have any questions, contact our Customer Service Department and a Representative will be happy to help you.

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