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Dog Houses - Cat Houses

Outdoor dog houses and cat houses come in all sizes and styles. Keep pets comfortable with insulated dog houses and cat houses.

If your cat or dog spends time outdoors it's important to provide refuge from the outside elements with a dog house or outdoor cat house to protect from excessive heat, rain, snow, wind and cold. For maximum protection against extreme cold or hot temperatures it is advisable to get a well insulated dog house or cat house. America's Pet Store carries many insulated dog houses and we carry insulated cat houses, too.

See our valuable Product Tips section for these products!

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Eco-Friendly Dog Houses
Dog Houses - Cat Houses
Eco-friendly dog houses crafted with post-consumer recycled materials will last for years.
Insulated Dog Houses
Dog Houses - Cat Houses
Insulated dog houses will keep outdoor pets dry, clean and much more comfortable than dog housing with no insulation.
Outdoor Cat Houses
Dog Houses - Cat Houses
An outdoor cat house with good insulation provides the best shelter for feral cats or your own cats. These cedar outdoor cat shelters weather nicely, too.
Dog House Heaters & Other Accessories
Dog Houses - Cat Houses
Keep dogs warm in the winter with a dog house heater, door flaps and other products to protect pets from the snow and wind.
Wooden Dog Houses
Dog Houses - Cat Houses
Wooden dog houses by Merry Products and Ware. If you are looking for dog houses that look like real houses, this is the place!
Duplex Dog Houses
Dog Houses - Cat Houses
Duplex dog houses for two dogs are not only practical, they're also good looking!
Small Dog Houses
Dog Houses - Cat Houses
Dog houses for small dogs such as Italian Greyhounds, Silky Terriers, Maltese and other similarly sized small dogs.
Medium Size Dog Houses
Dog Houses - Cat Houses
Medium size dog houses have the biggest range of sizes and are for dogs that weigh approximately 11 to 50 pounds.
Large Dog Houses
Dog Houses - Cat Houses
Large dog houses for German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and other similar sized dogs.
Extra Large Dog Houses
Dog Houses - Cat Houses
Our extra large dog house lineup is for giant breeds such as Mastiffs, Great Danes, Saint Bernards and other similarly sized breeds.
Feral Cat Feeding Stations
Dog Houses - Cat Houses
Perfect for feral cats and other animals, these outdoor feeding stations will keep food dry and clean.
KittyWalk Outdoor Cat Enclosures
Dog Houses - Cat Houses
Give your cat freedom to play outside while keeping them safe with an outdoor cat enclosure.

Size matters - big dog houses are not for Chihuahuas.
Some dogs will take an immediate liking to their new dog house, while others may need more time. Size matters. Dog homes should not be too big because dogs like to feel secure and cozy in a fairly small area. But, on the other hand, dog houses should be large enough to at least allow your pet to stand up fully, and be able to turn around while inside.

After you consider proper size and desired pet house features such as insulation, you can then turn your attention to style. Dog houses come in simple, standard designs of course, but there are also some luxury dog houses in our lineup. Dog houses that look like real houses are among the most popular.

Protect your pets from the elements.
There are many pet houses on the market and it is important to choose one that is best for your dog's size and the climate you live in. Don't make the mistake of thinking insulated dog houses are only for keeping dogs warm in cold weather. An insulated dog house is a good idea even if you live in a warm climate and your dog is only outside a few hours at a time. Dogs need to be able to escape the rain, heat, wind, sun, etc. (And in many states it is illegal to keep a dog confined outside without adequate shelter.)

We carry all sizes from small to extra large. We do not recommend purchasing an extra large insulated dog house for smaller pets. Dogs actually prefer smaller dog homes. Just be sure the dog house is large enough to allow your dog to stand up and turn around. Anything larger than that is more dog house than your dog really needs or wants.

Here you'll find dog houses for cold weather climates as well as dog homes suitable for warmer weather. Many of today's outdoor dog houses have very good insulation that is beneficial in both hot and cold weather. If you live in an area that is prone to extreme cold weather, you might want to upgrade to a heated dog house. This is done with dog house accessories such as a dog house air conditioner & heater, a dog house heater, or dog house floor heaters. The Climate Right HVAC unit is a dog house air conditioner, heater and humidifier that works just like a home's heating/cooling system. In addition, experts recommend avoiding cold north winds by facing the dog house door to the east.

We also carry outdoor cat houses made from solid cedar wood. Many of our cedar cat houses have heating options. We have many models that offer optional heating pads, or if you prefer, you could install a cat house heater for the ultimate cozy and warm cat house. A heated cat house is ideal for providing weather protection for feral cats as well as for family pets. Choose one of our insulated cat houses for added protection. We carry many sizes and styles. Choose a small outdoor cat house for one cat or one of our larger models for multiple cats. Either way, our cedar cat houses are not only practical but they are quite good looking, too.

Tips on how to train a dog to go into a dog house.
Some pets need to be taught or convinced to use new pet houses. Start by putting a dinner bowl near the entrance. Then progressively feed them further and further into the dog house until they happily go in without reward. Some people recommend putting an old sock or t-shirt inside dog homes to help pets feel secure.

Do not pressure or coerce your dog to try new things as this usually makes the dog avoid those things even more. The key is taking it slowly so the dog doesn't realize things are changing. This is particularly important with pet houses that have doors on them.

Practical Design Features
If you live in a snowy climate, you may want to consider a pet house with an A-frame so you don't have to continually clear off the roof. However, some dogs like to lounge or sleep on top of their dog house from time to time. If you choose a dog house with a flat roof, just be sure there is at least a slant to the roof so rain water will run off. Rain should not run off in front of the doorway.

For easier cleaning look for pet houses with removable or hinged roofs. Some dog homes, particularly plastic dog houses, have drainage holes so you can just hose them down and the water will run out.

It is usually best to select a dog house with a floor that is raised off the ground. This is particularly important if you anticipate your dog will spend a lot of time in his or her dog house. A raised floor will protect the dog house from sitting in saturated dirt or grass during and after a rain storm.

Proper ventilation in dog homes is important, too. This will help to keep acceptable air quality inside the dog house and deter pests from moving in. Most experts say just a few holes (the size of a nickel) under the eaves of a dog home will suffice. Note: Many of the dog house models sold on already have ventilation holes or vents.

Construction Materials
America's Pet Store carries pet houses made from a wide variety of materials and in many styles - from fancy to super rugged. Choose from solid wood dog house models including solid cedar dog houses; practically indestructible plastic outdoor pet houses; and eco-friendly dog houses made with materials such as recycled polymers and wood fibers. Our eco-friendly lineup includes New Age Pet dog houses called Eco-Concepts Bunk House dog houses. We also carry insulated pet houses made out of Styrofoam and fiber board.

Creature Comforts
You may also want to add a comfortable pet bed for dog houses. There are weather resistant beds that are specifically designed for outside usage. Or, as mentioned above, keep your dog comfortable with a dog house air conditioner, heater, or our popular HVAC Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater Climate Control Unit that will cool and heat your dog's house to whatever temperature you desire.

Or, you could provide plenty of straw (not hay) on the floor of the dog house. Straw should be changed every couple of weeks.

Provide a fresh and continual source of water.
You will need a constant source of fresh water for a pet that is outside with the elements. There are self waterers, bowls that clip onto fences, heavy bowls that don't get knocked over easy, heated water bowls that won't freeze, and plenty of other outdoor pet feeders to provide your dog with a steady supply of clean fresh water.

Keep your outdoor dog entertained.
Dogs are pack animals and by nature are not "wired" to be alone for an extended period of time. Often, a dog misbehaves because he is lonely or extremely bored.

Your dog should have many safe toys available to entertain himself when you are not with him. Specifically treat balls, buster cubes, Nylabones, Kong toys stuffed with treats, and other mentally stimulating toys are recommended for pet houses.

Customer Service
America's Pet Store Customer Service Representatives are happy to help you compare our dog houses and cat houses to determine what is best for your needs. If you would like assistance or have any questions about any of our dog homes, you can call us toll-free at 1-800-870-1941 Mon.-Fri. 8:00-4:30 ET, or email for a prompt reply.

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