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Cat Furniture

Cat Furniture High quality cat furniture including cat litter box furniture, cat trees, kitty condos & more!

Check out our great selection of well-made cat furniture by The Refined Feline, Merry Products, Mr. Herzher's, Hidy Tidy and other fine makers of furniture for cats.

We carry a variety of cat litter box furniture including covers and cabinets, many of which are constructed of solid wood. Also see cat platforms, cat condos, scratching posts, cat towers and cat perches.

Also see Outdoor Insulated Cedar Cat Houses to protect feral cats or your own cats from extreme heat, cold, wind and rain.

See our valuable Product Tips section for these products!

Browse Cat Furniture
Solid Wood Cat Furniture
Cat Furniture
Solid wood cat furniture to complement your home decor.
Cat Trees & Condos
Cat Furniture
Help your cat lounge in luxury in a comfortable cat tree or condo.
Litter Box Furniture & Litter Box Covers
Cat Furniture
Attractive cat litter box furniture will cover the litter box and hide the odor, too!
Cat Scratching Posts
Cat Furniture
Is your cat ruining your new sofa or draperies? Then a cat scratching post is just what you need.
KittyWalk Outdoor Cat Enclosures
Cat Furniture
Give your cat freedom to play outside while keeping them safe with an outdoor cat enclosure.
Cat Window Perch & Shelf Products
Cat Furniture
Cat perches, window sills and lounging shelves to help your cat rest in high places.
Automatic Cat Litter Box
Cat Furniture
Self-cleaning automatic cat litter boxes.
Cat Litter Box Accessories
Cat Furniture
Toilet training, litter pan liners, replacement filters, litter waste bags, automatic cat litter box accessories, and more.

Tired of looking at an unsightly cat litter box, or of your cat sharpening his claws on your favorite sofa? Tired of spending money on cat furniture that clashes with your decor and shreds up or unravels too easily? Our extensive selection of furniture for cats offers many solutions.

America's Pet Store is dedicated to providing you with fashionable, affordable, well-made modern cat furniture that your cat will love to use! We carry a variety of cat platforms, cat condos, scratching posts, cat trees, and cat perches.

If you are shopping for cat litter box furniture to hide ugly kitty litter boxes, you are in the right place! We have quite a selection of cat litter box covers and attractive wood cabinets made by Hidy Tidy. The most popular cat litter box cover with our customers is the Cat Washroom Litter Box Cover by Merry Products. Just take one look at it and you'll know why. It really is a terrific way to hide litter box mess -- right out in plain sight! It is not really a cat box cover as much as it is a cat litter box cabinet and quite an elegant one at that (not a word usually used to describe a cat litter box cover). Best of all, this lovely piece of furniture for cats is very reasonably priced.

We also carry decorative litter boxes by The Refined Feline that are also furniture-grade and very handsome. And, for those looking for wicker furniture for cats, check out Mr. Herzher's Decorative Wicker Cat Litter Box Cover. It's made out of resin Rhino-Wicker, so it's very durable and easy to wash which most will agree is important when it comes to furniture for cats.

Not only will our luxurious cat furniture keep your cat comfy and his attention captivated, but his new cat furniture will withstand wear and tear far better than your sofa's upholstery could.

Our solid wood cat furniture is high quality, made from durable wood and plush carpeting.  It's made to meet the needs of cats of all ages, from kittens to elderly cats, and features multiple scratching surfaces for your cat's enjoyment, no matter his size.

With tons of exciting styles, colors, and forms of cat furniture to choose from, both you and your cat should be sure to find a great fit for your needs and your home.  Your own furniture will be saved from claw marks, and your new cat furniture will be a beautiful addition to your home.

From beautiful, functional cat covers for litter boxes, to organic, beautiful wooden cat perches made to mesh with a zen-like, minimalistic decor, America's Pet Store has just the right cat furniture for your home. 

The wood cat furniture we carry is not made with glue or nails.  We offer furniture for cats that is carefully constructed from high-quality woods and cut-pile carpeting, made with attention to details such as levelers for uneven floors, sisal rope covering for your cat's scratching enjoyment, and crawly-holes between levels of cat furniture.

Most of our cat furniture features unique features such as removable carpeting on wooden platforms for easy cleaning, as well as removable lids to hidey-holes.  Our cat furniture is made for both kittens and elderly cats, allowing both the agile and elderly to scratch, perch, and climb to their heart's content. 

You will be pleased to find our cat furniture comes in a variety of colors of carpeting or in different wood finishes, made to blend in with your decor.  In addition, our cat litter box covers are made to look like side tables, buffets, and other pieces of household furniture, conveniently and beautifully disguising kitty's litter box.  These cat box covers come in many different makes and finishes to match your existing furniture, fashion and decorating style.

Whether your cat furniture needs mean a simple scratching post for your kitty or a complex arrangement of tunnels and towers and hidey-holes, America's Pet Store is sure to have the perfect set of cat furniture for you and your feline!

Shop with confidence at America’s Pet Store and save with our everyday low prices!

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