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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Indoor Pet Potties & Pet Waste Cleanup > Automatic Cat Litter Box

CatGenie Self Flushing Cat Litter Box

CatGenie Self Flushing Cat Litter Box

Instead of cat litter the CatGenie uses permanent Granules that never need to be changed. The CatGenie cleans the washable granules and that is why you never need to change the Granules/litter.

How the CatGenie Works:

  • To operate the CatGenie just plug it into an ordinary household electrical outlet and hook it up to a cold water supply such as a toilet or a sink. (When CatGenie flushes soiled water drains through a hose over the rim of the toilet or over the sink.)
  • When kitty goes, the liquid waste drains away from the Granules, which don't clump so only the waste gets flushed. Solid waste is scooped by the GenieHand and gets liquefied; it too gets flushed.
  • Then, fresh water and the Sani-Solution fill the basin and the GenieHand scours and sanitizes the cat box and Granules.
  • The cat-safe SaniSolution decontaminates the Granules and cat box of germs and odors.
  • Liquefied waste and sudsy water get flushed down toilet or drain and safely out of the home.
  • A hot-air blower dries the Granules and cat box

The CatGenie acts like a cat box, washes and dries like an appliance, and flushes waste out of the home like a toilet.

Note: The CatGenie is only for use in the U.S.A. due to different electrical standards in other countries.



  • 21" Height (including SaniSolution Cartridge)
  • Cat area (bowl) is 19" Wide
  • Back of CatGenie narrows to 16" Wide
  • 24" from front to back; including hoses and has the same footprint as most large litter boxes
  • 10' long Drain hose
  • 8' long Water hose


  • Cleaner, greener and more economical
  • Uses permanent, washable granules that are automatically washed and dried. Liquids drain through the granules and solid waste is scooped, liquefied, and both are flushed with fresh water down any toilet laundry/utility room drainpipe or sink drain.
  • The CatGenie dispenses a special SaniSolution to wash and disinfect the bowl and granules, while the GenieHand scoop aerates and the built-in hot air blower dries the sanitized granules.
  • Greener, More Economical 120 SaniSolution Cartridge:
    • Made with Biodegradable and Recyclable translucent material
    • Use 1/2 as many Cartridges with the reformulated, more concentrated SaniSolution, instead of 60 SaniSolution doses, the 120 Cartridge dispenses 120 washes.
    • When set on Cat Activation, it smartly adjusts to 240 washing doses. Note: The 120 SaniSolution Cartridge won't work in the original CatGenie and the 60 Cartridge can't work in the CatGenie 120.
    • SaniSolution Level Indicator located in the new control panel, LEDs show you how much SaniSolution remains in the Cartridge, and so you'll always know when to order more.
      • The LEDs also show the error number, so you don't have to just count the beeps. And the beeps are softer and have shorter warning times to keep cats calm and happy.
  • Economical, Eco Friendly Cat Activation:
    • New software adjusts the SaniSolution dosage from 120 to 240 washes because in Cat Activation your CatGenie could clean more often.
    • Cat Activation has two modes: 14 hours on ready-to-clean (cat and earth friendly, cost effective) and 10 in sleep, when it doesn't clean. However, if it's used while sleeping, it immediately cleans when it wakes up.
    • During its 14-hour work time, After your cat goes, CatGenie waits 10 minutes before cleaning. In a multi cat household, that gives the next cat time to come in. You still have Auto Start and Manual Start options.
  • Brand New, Smarter, and Better Software:
    • More robust software is designed to stop false errors and to self-correct an error before bothering you with beeps and blinks.
    • The smart software can learn your CatGenie habits, its usage, and then adjusts to your home environment. (i.e. water pressure and water flow variables)
  • Washable Granules:
    • CatGenie 120 has a Brim & Base. Both have been reengineered to greatly reduce Granule loss. No more Granules in the gears. Smoother operation.
    • Direct access to the Water Sensor so no need to remove Brim for cleaning. The GenieScrubber is now in all units. Keeps Base bottom clean and germ free
  • One-time, easy DIY connection to water; set to start automatically
  • So easy to set up - Add the supplied T-adapter to a cold water supply from a toilet sink or laundry - Attach the GenieHose for water and place the drain hose over a toilet rim or into a laundry drain. Plug it in to a 120-volt ac electrical outlet and you are done.
  • Genie Arm & Hand:
    • Now has an unbreakable connection. The weak link has been eliminated
    • The Hand has teeth to grab and hold the solids.
    • A stronger motor now powers the Turbo Hopper, which helps it perform even better; a sharper Hair Cutter eliminates hairballs fast and easy; and the Impeller Shaft was modified to split hairs finer
  • One CatGenie works best with 2 to 3 cats of average size. Best for kittens 6 months and older.
  • Easier Maintenance:
    • No more taking CatGenie apart for a deep cleaning. Instead slip in the Machine Maintenance Cartridge and run it 4 times a year.
  • Tested, used and recommended by veterinarians, nationwide
  • Limited warranty - 2-year warranty on parts and labor


  • One CatGenie 120 Tabby Cat Box Appliance
  • Hardware for simple, one-time hookup to a water supply
  • 2 boxes of Washable Granules
  • 1 SaniSolution Cartridge (good for about 4 months with one cat)
  • 1 Machine Maintenance Treatment Cartridge
  • Instructions

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