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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Bark Control & Collars > Citronella Bark Collar and other Spray Collars

Citronella Bark Collar and other Spray Collars

A Citronella bark collar and other spray bark collar products are good alternatives to electronic bark collars.

If you would rather not use a shock collar on your dog we have good news. There's more than one way to stop dog barking.

Many people feel that citronella bark collars and other spray bark collar products are a good alternative to electronic bark collars in training your dog to stop unnecessary barking. Citronella bark collars are gentle and effective for most mild and timid dogs. These bark collars are all-natural, safe for the environment and do not stain. Please note that spray bark collars in general may not be as effective a solution as electric bark collars if you have a stubborn or headstrong dog.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

DogTek NoBark Spray Bark Control Collar
(Item #: NB-SPRAY)
PetSafe Anti-Bark Citronella Spray Bark Control Collar
(Item #: PBC00-13912)
PetSafe Big Dog Anti-Bark Spray Collar
(Item #: PBC00-12724)
PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar
(Item #: PBC00-11283)
DogTek NoBark Spray Bark Control Collar
Your Price: $79.00
PetSafe Anti-Bark Citronella Spray Bark Control Collar
Your Price: $79.99
PetSafe Big Dog Anti-Bark Spray Collar
Your Price: $109.99
PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar
Your Price: $77.99
PetSafe Scentless Spray Refill
(Item #: MV11206)
Innotek Citronella Anti-Bark Collar
(Item #: MV11122)
PetSafe Citronella Spray Refill
(Item #: MV11202)
PetSafe Pawz Away Spray Deterrent
(Item #: PDT00-11312)
PetSafe Scentless Spray Refill
Your Price: $13.99
Innotek Citronella Anti-Bark Collar
Your Price: $52.99
PetSafe Citronella Spray Refill
Your Price: $13.99
PetSafe Pawz Away Spray Deterrent
Your Price: $50.99

PetSafe is the manufacturer of the majority of the citronella bark collar products on the market today.  How does a citronella bark collar work?  The bark collar is activated by your dog's barking and emits a short burst of citrus spray towards your dog's nose.  Dogs do not like the citrus sent and will soon equate the barking with the bad sent.  After using a citronella bark collar for a short while, your dog's barking should be significantly reduced, and you can wean him off the collar at that time.  If the nuisance barking returns, just put the collar back on until the barking ceases.  You can select a PetSafe citronella bark collar for small dogs as well as a PetSafe citronella spray bark collar for big dogs. 

Innotek also makes a couple models of citrus spray bark control collars.  One of the spray bark collars was originally made by MultiVet, a company that was acquired by Innotek.  The Innotek MultiVet Anti Bark Spray Collar KIT 11122 (formerly MV11122) has 2 levels of spray strength and can be used on dogs of all sizes.   The Innotek Spray Bark Control PBC00-11282 is a basic citrus spray bark collar that is good for dogs of all sizes.  The collar is waterproof.

America's Pet Store also carries citronella spray refill cans in both citrus scent and an unsented option.

What characteristics should I consider when reviewing selecting a citronella bark collar?

  • Do I need a waterproof collar?
  • How many levels of spray strength does the collar have?
  • How is the spray activated?  Could it be activated by noises other than my dog's barking?
  • What type of batteries does the bark collar take?  How expensive are the batteries and how long do they last?
  • Does the spray bark collar work with my size dog?

If you like the idea of using citronella to train your pets, you should check out or other citronella spray training products. 

Another great new product on the market is the Pawz Away spray deterrent that does not deter barking but instead will deter your pets from countertops and other areas that are off limits.  The Pawz Away is motion activated and when your pet is up to 3 feet away from the unit, a short burst of citrus spray is emitted, causing your pet to leave the area.

PetSafe makes a one-of-a-kind spray remote trainer, where you hold the remote and determine when the citrus spray is emitted.

Does your dog bark non-stop?  Train him easily and effectively with a dog bark collar.  Select from the top brands including Dogtra Yapper Stopper no bark collars, and PetSafe bark collar products.  Our most popular bark collar is the Tritronics Bark Limiter.  We have bark control collars for big dogs and small dog bark collar options.  Don't want to worry about replacing batteries?  Check out the rechargeable bark collar products.  If you do not want to use an electronic bark collar on your dog, you should review our extensive line of ultrasonic bark control .

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