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Home > Bird Products > Bird Cages - Parrot Cages > Corner Bird Cages

Corner Bird Cages

Corner bird cages are ideal if you are short on space in your home. Plus, birds feel safe and secure from "having their back covered" with a wall behind them.

Corner bird cages are very popular with city folks who live in apartments because they have less space to work with. Corner bird cages can take up less space in your home, while still allowing you to provide your bird a suitably sized cage.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to styles, sizes, colors, and well-known brands of corner bird cages. America’s Pet Store also carries aviary corner bird cages (including octagon bird aviary), as well as play top corner bird cages.

See our valuable Tips section for these products!

Black Corner Parrot Cage
(Item #: PH-3158)
Corner Aviary Bird Cage Small
(Item #: A13G-001)
Corner Bird Cage - White
(Item #: PH-3156)
Extra Large Corner Cage
(Item #: A124-240)
Black Corner Parrot Cage
Your Price: $465.99
Corner Aviary Bird Cage Small
Your Price: $339.95
Corner Bird Cage - White
Your Price: $339.99
Extra Large Corner Cage
Your Price: $949.95
Extra Large Corner Cage Stainless Steel
(Item #: A324-240)
Macaw Corner Cage
(Item #: Q122-041)
Play Top Corner Bird Cage
(Item #: A223-230)
Play Top Corner Bird Cage (25 inch)
(Item #: A152-520)
Extra Large Corner Cage Stainless Steel
Your Price: $3,199.95
Macaw Corner Cage
Your Price: $785.99
Play Top Corner Bird Cage
Your Price: $699.99
Play Top Corner Bird Cage (25 inch)
Your Price: $439.95
Corner Aviary Bird Cage - Medium
(Item #: A12G-001)
Octagon Bird Cage 52 inch
(Item #: A125-250)
Corner Aviary Bird Cage
(Item #: A11G-001)
Corner Aviary Bird Cage - Medium
Your Price: $399.95
Octagon Bird Cage 52 inch
Your Price: $1,189.95
Corner Aviary Bird Cage
Your Price: $479.95

See our helpful chart with general information on selecting bird cages by size and breed.

Corner bird cages are space savers, but you don't have to have space limitations to want one, especially one of ours. We carry corner bird cages that are not just high in quality, but they are quite attractive as well. You'll find brand-name corner bird cages at America's Pet Store such as A&E Bird Cages, HQ Bird Cages and Prevue Hendryx Bird Cages.

We have large octagon bird cages that fit well in a corner, too. These are big enough to allow flight for multiple lovebirds, parakeets, finches and other similar size birds. Some people like them for pet reptiles and sugar gliders as well.

Most of our corner bird cages have heavy-duty, easy-rolling caster wheels so you can easily move them from one corner to another or to just about anywhere else in your home. We carry corner bird cages in a variety of colors including basic black or white, and other hues such as Diamond Blue, Hunter Green, Sandstone, Brass and many others.

All brands of corner bird cages for sale at America's Pet Store have been tested by an independent laboratory and certified to be non-toxic and bird-safe. They are made of wrought iron and have a hardened, baked-on powdercoat color finish. The powder coating is either 100% free of lead and zinc, or contain levels far below what is considered to be safe.

If you have any questions about our corner bird cages please contact us via email at customerservice@americas-pet-store or call toll-free 1-800-870-1941 and a customer service representative will be delighted to help you.

In addition to those mentioned we also offer Avian Adventures brand of quality bird cages.

With such an extensive selection we are confident you'll find exactly what you want in a bird cage; everything from parakeet cages to really big parrot cages to even bigger walk in bird cages. Prices vary from high-end to mid-range to discount bird cages for sale.

America's Pet Store also takes great pride in our knowledgeable and skilled Customer Service Department. If you have any questions, or would like some assistance in comparing different bird cage options, please contact us and a Customer Service Representative will be happy to help you. You can send an email to or if you prefer call us toll-free at 1-800-870-1941. If you call outside of our normal business hours (Mon.-Fri., 8:30-4:30 EST) you can leave a message and we'll call you back. (Yes, really!)

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