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For Screens (Doors, Windows, etc.)

Install these pet doors in a srcreen window, screen door, screened storm door, or the screen slider on your patio door.

A dog door for screens is a great convenience for both you and your dog. If you have a big dog and are considering a dog door for installation in a screen door we strongly recommend Hale dog doors for screens; they are the only brand that offers extra stability needed for large pet doors in screens.

Hale's pet doors for screen doors attach to your screen door frame, not just to the screen mesh. For added stability they recommend their optional stabilizer bar for a larger sized pet door for screens.

If the ground will be lower outside than your floor inside, you may consider adding a door step pet platform to help your pet use your door without jumping.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

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Screen Cat Doors
For Screens (Doors, Windows, etc.)
Cat doors for screen doors are easy to install and will turn your existing screen door into a cat door.
Small Pet Doors for Screens
For Screens (Doors, Windows, etc.)
Top quality cat doors for screens by Hale Pet Doors, Ideal Pet Products and PetSafe.
Medium Pet Door for Screens
For Screens (Doors, Windows, etc.)
Does your cat scratch your screen door? If yes, why not check out cat doors for screen doors?
Large Pet Door for Screens
For Screens (Doors, Windows, etc.)
Hale Pet Doors makes the sturdiest large dog doors for screens you'll find anywhere.
Extra Large Dog Doors for Screens
For Screens (Doors, Windows, etc.)
We carry the only top-quality extra large dog doors for screens available on the market.

A dog door for screen doors is nice to have during the warmer months when your dog wants to enjoy the shade of the patio as well as the outdoors throughout the day! Most dog doors for screen doors are made for pets smaller than 30 pounds because they are mounted in the center of the screen area of your house door, sliding screen doors or window and do not utilize the door or window frame for support. America's Pet Store would recommend limiting use of this type of screen dog door to cats and small dogs. If you have a medium to large size dog, Hale manufactures a nice line of large dog doors for screen doors.

A large or more active dog would easily destroy most small screen dog doors, since they have little support from the screen door. America's Pet Store sells two models of this less expensive type of pet screen door. They are the PetSafe Pet Screen Door and the Ideal Pet Passage.

Hale Security Pet Door, the manufacturer of a wide variety of pet doors, manufacturers an extensive line of dog doors for screen doors for all sizes of dogs including large dogs! The reason why Hale's line of dog doors for screen doors can be used with large dogs is because the Hale line uses two sides of the screen door or window frame to mount the dog door. This gives the dog screen door significantly more durability and support.

Additionally, for all large dog doors for screens, Hale also recommends using a stabilizer bar placed at the top of the dog screen door. This will give stability on three sides of the dog door. You can purchase this stabilizer bar separately or with the purchase of any dog door for screen doors at America's Pet Store. Be sure to note that since a Hale pet screen door sits right on top of the house door frame, you must purchase a taller dog screen door than you would otherwise because the door will probably be sitting closer to the floor in this configuration than it would if you could mount the dog door based on the height of the dog's legs.

Dog Doors for screen doors have many uses, and can also be installed in screened windows between the kitchen and patio as a food and drink pass-through! These pet doors can also be mounted as dog doors for sliding screen doors. Can you come up with innovative uses for dog doors for screens? If so, we want to hear about it. Please email customer service with your unique ideas about how you use a pet door for screen doors. If you are looking for a doggie door and you have patio doors, America's Pet Store recommends reviewing our selection of dog doors for sliding glass doors.  These pet doors are easy to install and there is no need to cut any holes in your doors or walls.  America's Pet Store also carries electronic dog doors for sliding glass doors which are helpful if you have multiple pets of varying sizes.

America's Pet Store carries the full line of pet doors for screen doors. If you have any questions about how these products will work for your application, please feel free to contact customer service at 1-800-870-1941 and ask for assistance.

We also carry many other styles of doggy doors including automatic dog doors, infrared dog doors, and extra big dog doors for giant breeds such as dobermans, rottweilers, or saint bernards. Most of our patio door dog doors, which are the same as sliding glass dog doors do not require professional installation. In general, patio dog doors are very simple to install for just about anyone.

Check out our other doggie door styles and brands such as PetSafe dog doors, Ideal dog doors, Ruff Weather dog doors), Hale dog doors, Staywell dog doors, Plexidor dog doors, and Endura flap dog doors made by Patio Pacific.

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