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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems

Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems

A hidden dog fence, whether it's a wireless pet fence or an underground wire fence, provides reliable dog containment without ruining the look of your property.

Electric Dog Fence

A hidden dog fence provides safe containment for your pet without the expense or upkeep of a traditional fence. Once you finally own one you will wonder why you waited so long. They are economical compared to traditional fences and quite easy to install.

We carry most major brands of dog fence systems and we even have an electronic cat fence by PetSafe.

Not sure what type of electronic dog fence you need? Static correction, ultrasonic, wireless or underground? Small dog, large dog, stubborn dog or cat? Review our summary of all electric pet fences to help you narrow down your search. Or, if you prefer, contact our knowledgeable Customer Service Department for assistance in comparing our dog fence systems.

See our valuable Dog Fence Info section for these products!

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Buried Wire Dog Fence Systems
Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems
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Wireless Dog Fence - PetSafe, Bluefang, Perimeter & Others
Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems
Some wireless dog fence systems are for indoor use and others are for outdoors. They are easy to set up and are portable too.
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Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems
Shop for dog fence containment systems - major brands include PetSafe, Innotek, Perimeter & Many Others.
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Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems
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Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems
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Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems
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Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems
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Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems
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Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems
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Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems
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There are many reasons folks want a wireless dog fence or an underground dog fence instead of a traditional chain link or wooden fence. It could be the expense of a traditional dog fence is not within the budget. Some folks don't like the looks of a fence on their property, and still others might live in a community that doesn't even allow a dog fence.

So what do you do? An electric dog fence may be your next best friend.

America's Pet Store carries most major brands of hidden dog fence systems (both wireless and underground systems) including those manufactured by PetSafe, Havahart, Innotek, SportDOG and many others.

Do electric dog fence systems work?

If you train your dog with the pet fence properly, electric dog fences have a great success rate. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to read and follow the training instructions, regardless of which dog fence system you decide to purchase.

How does an electronic dog fence work?

For an in-ground wire electronic dog fence, there is wire that is connected to a transmitter that resides inside your house or garage. This wire is buried around the area in your yard you want to allow your pet access to. The wire emits a signal, 360 degrees around the wire, to the electronic dog collar that beeps if the dog gets too close to the wire. If the dog continues past through the zone, he will receive a correction. When a dog is properly trained, he will learn to go back towards the house when he hears the beep.

There are also wireless dog fence systems. These work in a similar fashion to the in-ground type, but the boundary area is established by an energy field emitted from the transmitter rather than a buried wire. This field has a range specified by the product model. When the dog moves to close to the limits of the field, a beep and eventually a correction are given in the same fashion as the in-ground pet fence models.

The great advantage of an outdoor wireless fence for dogs is that it is portable. So you can take it with you if you move or if you bring your dog on vacation. For years the best wireless electronic dog fence on the market has been the PetSafe Instant Fence PIF-300. A couple of drawbacks with the PetSafe wireless fence system is the collar batteries are not rechargeable and the size of the pet containment area is limited to 180 feet in diameter. The area can be expanded by almost double if you purchase an extra transmitter.

New to the market is the Havahart Wireless Fence. This wireless dog fence does have rechargeable collar batteries and allows you to create a radial containment area up to 11.5 acres right out of the box. However the system is limited to a maximum of two dogs. (The PetSafe wireless fence can accommodate an unlimited number of dogs with the purchase of extra PetSafe dog fence collars.)

There are also wireless indoor fence systems available. These pet fences work similarly to an outdoor wireless fence but are used to keep your pet out off areas in your home that are off limits. Another great use for an indoor wireless fence is that it can be used to keep your house cat way from your dog door since those fast cats can sneak out while your dog is using it.

Where can I install the wire?

The great part about an underground fence is that you can place the underground dog fence wire under flowerbeds, driveways, go around trees, down steep lots, and even run it underwater! Product models contain detailed instructions about how to install the wire in these environments.

What fence system should I buy?

There are both outdoor and indoor fences. Indoor are wireless or Citronella based systems. Outdoor fences are available as either in-ground or wireless fence systems with many quality brands and models to choose from including Perimeter's popular WiFi Fence for dogs. We will focus primarily on outdoor in-ground systems as these are the most traditional but the information provided is generally applicable across the other models.

There are a few really important things you should look for in the system you ultimately select. One of the most important features is having an adjustable signal field level and knowing how to properly adjust it. The signal field is what controls the distance from the boundary wire where the collar gives a warning beep. Many of the horror stories you hear about dogs running away is that people have the signal field set at only 3 feet from the wire. That only makes the signal field 6 feet long and 3 feet high (remember the signal is 360 degrees around the wire). Many dogs can jump that and at high speeds it's really nothing to discourage the dog. It is recommended that you set the signal as far back from the wire as your property allows, minimally set the signal back 6-8 feet from the wire. If you set the signal field at 8 feet then the correction zone is 8 feet high and 16 feet wide. Most dogs will not test that kind of correction.

The differences between "good, better, and best" electric dog fences are generally related to the:

  • size of the area the system can support
  • collar size, weight, & durability
  • correction strength
  • technology used by the collar to address the size, weight, and stubbornness of the dog

Additional features you should be aware of that are offered on a few select models of electric dog fence systems are: 

  • Rechargeable batteries.  Given that most manufacturers recommend changing the dog fence collar battery every 3 to 6 months, they can become quite expensive.  If you would prefer a dog fence collar with rechargeable batteries see the Havahart Wireless Fence Systems, the High Tech Humane Contain x-10 system, or the Perimeter Technologies WiFi Dog Fence.
  • Pet fence systems for multiple pets.  PetSafe offers multiple styles of collars that all work on most of their PetSafe Radio Fence systems.  So if you have a timid dog and a stubborn dog or even a cat, they can all use the same underground dog fence system and each will wear a different collar style.
  • Anti-linger feature that works well for smart dogs that have figured out if they stand in the warning zone long enough, they can wear out the fence collar battery.  After the battery is dead, your pet can leave the yard with no possibility of static correction.
  • A waterproof transmitter that can be mounted outside

These features will vary by brand and by model. Often electric dog fence systems are provided as bundled kits with everything you require. You may still need to purchase additional accessories like extra wire, flags, and sod staples if you plan to install in a larger area than what is provided for by the kit; and extra collars if you have multiple pets. Most standard kits include enough wire and flags for about 1/4 of an acre. 

There are even electric cat fence models on the market today designed specifically for cats that use smaller, lightweight collars.

What type of extra dog fence wire should I buy if I need more than what is included with my dog fence system?

The great thing about pet fence wire is that any type of pet fence wire can be used with any system.  So you don't need to use PetSafe wire with your PetSafe dog fence.  When selecting additional wire for your electronic pet fence system, thicker is always better. The thicker the dog fence wire, the less likely a wire break will occur.  20 gauge wire, which typically comes standard with most pet fence systems, is on the thinner side, and as the gauge decreases, the thickness increases.  So, for example, 18 gauge wire is thicker than 20 gauge wire.  The best wire on the market is the High Tech Ultra wire. It is nearly 3 times thicker than 18 gauge wire and is engineered specifically for pet fences.  High Tech also makes High Tech Ultra Twisted wire that is great because you will save time not having to twist the wire yourself.  So, if based on your pet fence configuration, you need twisted wire, we highly recommend purchasing twisted wire instead of having to twist it yourself.

How do I install a DIY dog fence?

The wire needs to make a complete circle around the area you want to allow the dog to freely roam. Where the wire ends meet, you twist the wires to cancel the signal and then run the twisted part to the transmitter in your house or garage. That allows your dog a free zone all the way around the house. You can also use this twisting wire method to fence out gardens, landscaping, etc. In some places you will need to bury the wire, put the wire through a water hose (such as with underwater installation), and sometimes just attach it to a surface such as an existing fence. Do not use garden hose with a metallic reinforcement or lining as that would block the signal. Most electric pet fence systems include detailed installation information and videos. Adjust the signal field by taking a charged collar and walking toward the wire. Set the pet fence boundary flags in the ground when you hear the collar beep. Adjust the button if the beep happens too close or too far from the line. Continue this around the entire containment area setting your flags.

How do I train my dog on the system and avoid the common mistakes?

You may have seen people install all those flags every 12-15 feet apart in their yards. This is one of the most common mistakes. Dogs do not sit around connecting the dots and will often attempt to run in between the flags. A good suggestion is to use string or marker tape to go from flag to flag, or grade stakes to show the dog a clear line.

Expect to spend three good weeks training your do to use the fence. It takes practice to make sure the dog understands the expectation. Spend one week training with the dog on leash; one week on a 20-30 foot line; and then one week off leash. This ensures you set the dog up for success and make him learn that staying within the yard is safe.

Initially walk the dog on leash toward the string with the collar next to his ear. When you hear the collar beep, smack the string or flag, and rush the dog back toward the center of the yard, and then PRAISE. This is a very important step. Picture this, I am walking through my yard and get stung by a bee. Do I automatically think... "Oh! Running towards the house makes me feel better."? No. I just run away from the pain. That is often why people say their dogs run through the fence boundary...because the dogs have learned RUNNING makes the correction stop, not running back towards the house!

After completing one week of training on leash, start adding distractions such as you walking across the line (toss treats at them when they are in the yard); have kids run by; throw a ball outside the line, etc. Let the dog get himself corrected. If he doesn't immediately run back toward the house than lead him out with the leash. You want to make sure the dog gets corrected while on leash so you can help him understand how to make the correction stop. It is also very important to spend just as much time in the center of the yard playing so the dog doesn't begin to dislike the yard.

Then spend a week on long line training, adding in distractions, etc. Again if the dog gets corrected and doesn't seem to know how to get out, than use the long line. If you are continually having problems then you are not doing something right.

Finally, spend a week training the dog off leash and with you out of his sight. You should not leave dogs in the fence area when you are not at home. It is important to keep an eye on him as these systems do not keep people or other animals out. Safety should always be your main goal and you should also check with local codes to confirm that underground fencing is considered legal confinement in your neighborhood.

What is the best DIY invisible dog fence on the market?

Well, as you can imagine, that answer is debatable.  However, based on customer feedback America's Pet Store believes that the Sportdog In-Ground Fence SD-100 is one of the best.  It is a very reliable system and easy to set up.  It has some great features like the anti-linger and uses a standard 9 volt battery.  It also will work with any of the Petsafe inground pet fence collars!

*Information about Invisible Fence Batteries, Invisible Fence Collars and Invisible Fence wire.

If you own an Invisible Fence then you already know how expensive it is to replace batteries for invisible fence collars. The replacement collar for Invisible Fence systems is very pricey as well. So you will probably be very happy to learn that we carry low-cost, high-quality alternative products that work perfectly with Invisible Fence Brand 700 series. Check out the low prices on our Invisible Fence Battery alternative replacement batteries as well as the low prices for our Invisible Fence collar replacement alternative.

You might be surprised to know that you can use any dog fence wire that is specifically made for underground dog fences. You do not have to use Invisible Fence Brand dog fence wire. We carry many types of various quality including High Tech Pet Ultra Wire that is 40% thicker than 18-gauge wire!

*INVISIBLE FENCE® is a federally registered trademark of Invisible Fence, Inc. America’s Pet Store is not affiliated with the Invisible Fence ® company in any manner. Invisible Fence ®, Computer Collar ® & Power Cap ® are registered trademarks of the Invisible Fence ® company. These replacement batteries are not Power Cap ® batteries, rather they are an aftermarket replacement for the Power Cap ® battery.

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