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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs > Dog Stairs & Dog Ramps for Pools & Boats

Dog Stairs & Dog Ramps for Pools & Boats

Dog Stairs & Dog Ramps for Pools & Boats Check out dog steps and dog ramps for pools, docks, boats and walled ponds. We also carry the Paws Aboard Dog Boat Ladder.

Dog ramps for pools, docks and boats are an excellent way to help prevent injury to your dog and to yourself. Many people injure themselves trying to assist their dog when getting out of a pool, or back onto a dock or boat.

These products allow your dog to enjoy the pool, lake or boat along with the rest of your family and friends. They have also been known to save the lives of pets as well as wild animals who find themselves unable to get out of a pool without help.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

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Doggy Life Jackets
Dog Stairs & Dog Ramps for Pools & Boats
Keep your pet safe and comfortable all day while hanging out by the water.
Dog Water Toys & Accessories
Dog Stairs & Dog Ramps for Pools & Boats
For more fun by the water, check out these innovative toys, rafts, and other novel stuff.

Dog-On Water Ramp
(Item #: DOG-ON-WATER)
Skamper-Ramp - Dog Water Ramp
(Item #: SKR4)
Super Skamper Dog Water Ramp
(Item #: SKR3)
Paws Aboard Dog Boat Ladder
(Item #: PA-5200)
Dog-On Water Ramp
Your Price: $389.99
Skamper-Ramp - Dog Water Ramp
Your Price: $53.96
On Sale!
Super Skamper Dog Water Ramp
Your Price: $71.96
On Sale!
Paws Aboard Dog Boat Ladder
Your Price: $299.99
PupGear doggydocks Water Ramp
(Item #: doggydocks)
PupGear doggydocks Folding Water Ramp
(Item #: FDD)
PoolPup XL Pool Stairs
(Item #: 222112)
PetSTEP Swimming Pool Legs Kit
(Item #: PETSTEP-228)
PupGear doggydocks Water Ramp
Your Price: $380.00
PupGear doggydocks Folding Water Ramp
Your Price: $425.00
PoolPup XL Pool Stairs
Your Price: $255.99
PetSTEP Swimming Pool Legs Kit
Your Price: $59.99

It's all fun and games until…
If your dog is like my dog when it comes to swimming and playing in the water - gangway! He loves it, just as most dogs do. Our dog ramps for pools, docks and boats are widely purchased by people who want to let their dog join them while enjoying recreation in the water.

These products are all about fun! Well, they are almost all about fun. But there is a serious side, too. A water dog ramp or pet stairs also serve as water-escape devices, especially when they are used in swimming pools.

Many people do not realize how many thousands of pets accidentally drown in any given year in the USA alone. Unfortunately these tragic incidents are largely unreported. If more people were aware of the incidents as well as the cause, many of these accidents would surely be avoided.

It's important to understand why a dog might drown in a pool that he or she has successfully gotten out of many times before.

Even if your dog seems to "know" where the shallow end of your pool is with stairs, he really doesn’t know that. What he knows (and you don't) is a landmark on your patio near the shallow end that he identifies with getting out of the pool. It could be something very small, or not.

For example, let's say you have a table and chairs set up on the deck near the shallow end. If you were to move the table and chairs to the deeper end, your dog would try to get out of your pool on the deeper end, and likely would not succeed. If this were to happen when you are not at home it could very well result in a tragic incident.

That is why dog ramps for pools are such great products. These ramps are in a dog's line of sight and can easily be seen when they are in the water. (Even so, it is recommended that you never change the location once your dog is trained to use a water ramp or pet steps for the water.)

So a dog pool ramp is not just for fun, it is an important safety feature as well. In addition, wild animals have been known to accidently fall in a pool and drown. They have also been known to save their own lives if there is a dog pool ramp, dog pool steps or a dog pool ladder available for escape.

There are many different products available for swimming pools, boats, docks and walled ponds. So no matter what recreational activities you enjoy in the water, you can bring your dog along.

If you have a dock you may want to look at the Dog on Water Ramp, or PupGear's doggydocks water ramps. You’d have to see PupGear's products in action to truly appreciate how ingenious they are, yet so simple to use. Check out the video.

Boat Dog Ramps and Ladders:
If you are looking for dog boat ramps or boat stairs for dogs, we suggest the Paws Aboard Dog Boat Ladder because it is specifically designed to attach to most boat ladders (that have at least three steps). Some people try to use a dog boat ramp that is really made for pools or docks and those products will not work nearly as well. If you have a boat, the PawsAboard dog boat ladder is a great way to go.

It is specifically made for boats, so it is easy to attach to your boat's ladder and remove it over and over - attach it so the dog can use it, remove it so people can use the boat's ladder. It is tethered and floats next to the boat when you remove it. Check out the dog boat ladder video to see exactly how easy it is.

If you are searching for pontoon boat dog ramps, or other boat dog ramps, America's Pet Store also carries the doggydocks folding water ramp, which works with most boats including pontoon boats, fishing boats, ski boats and motor yachts.

Dog Ramps for Pools, Docks and Walled Ponds
On the flip side, if you are looking for dog pool ladders, or dog stairs for pools so your dog can safely exit your pool, we suggest that you instead check out one of our dog ramps for pools. We carry several brands and models of swimming pool stairs for dogs and dog water ramps.

If you're searching for a dog ramp for pool you've probably heard of Skamper Ramp products as they are quite well-known. If your dog does not exceed 45 pounds, see the Skamper Ramp Pet Water Ramp which is 25 inches long. If you need a dog water ramp for a larger dog up to 200 pounds see the Super Skamper Ramp which is 42 inches long. (For Dock use we recommend the longer length Super Skamper even if your dog is small.) To see these products in action check out the video now.

In addition, we offer dog pool steps which offer easy entry into the water as well as an easy exit. PoolPup Pool Stairs XL is for dogs up to 140 lbs.

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