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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs

Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs

Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs A dog ramp or a set of dog stairs will help pets get in and out of SUVs or trucks, or up and down from a favorite chair.

We carry the top brands of dog ramps and stairs for dogs including Solvit, PetSTEP and Pet Gear.

Whether you want a lightweight or heavy-duty dog ramp; telescoping dog ramp; carpeted, foam, or furniture-grade wooden ramps and stairs; aluminum ramps; automotive box-hitch steps or water ramps, we carry them all!

If you are shopping for dog ramps for beds please also see our selection of pet steps for beds as they may be more stable and therefore safer for your dog.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Browse Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Solvit Dog Ramps & Stairs
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Solvit dog ramps are the lightest and strongest telescoping ramps. Solvit also has a half ramp, the Solvit Half Ramp II, and plastic & wooden dog stairs.
Mr. Herzher's Smart Ramp and Pet Steps
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Mr. Herzher's innovated the telescoping pet ramp with this next generation design. Pet steps and a half ramp complete this product line.
Pet Steps for Beds - Shop by Height
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Pet steps for beds are generally more stable than dog ramps for beds.
Foam Pet Ramps & Foam Pet Steps
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Foam pet ramps and foam pet steps by PetStairz, Scamp Ramp, Bowser and Snoozer.
Pet Gear Pet Steps and Ramps
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Pet Gear pet steps and ramps help pets get up and down from high areas and reduces stress on joints.
Wood Dog Ramps & Pet Steps
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Quality wood dog ramps and dog stairs including Doxie ramps that are attractive and come in many styles and sizes.
Dog Stairs & Dog Ramps for Pools & Boats
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Check out dog steps and dog ramps for pools, docks, boats and walled ponds. We also carry the Paws Aboard Dog Boat Ladder.
Hitch-Mounted Pet Steps for SUVs & Pickups
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Hitch mounted pet steps for SUVs and pickup trucks are commonly used by people, too! Great Gift Idea!
PetSTEP Dog Ramps
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
PetSTEP Dog Ramps are all about diversity and smart design features to make life easier.
Aluminum Dog Ramps by PVI
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Shop the finest aluminum dog ramps available. These heavy duty dog ramps are strong and durable.
Carpeted Pet Stairs by Animal Stuff
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Carpeted pet stairs available in many heights and colors including the wildly popular leopard print.
Telescoping Dog Ramps
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Telescoping Dog Ramps are by far the most popular style of dog ramps because they are heavy-duty, easy to use, easy to store and great for the outdoors.
Dog Ramps for Large Dogs
Dog Ramps and Doggie Stairs
Check out our lineup of heavy-duty dog ramps for large dogs.

What type of dog ramp is best for you and your pet?
When evaluating the various ramps for dogs on the market, there are a few characteristics to consider prior to purchasing your pet ramp, which include: portability requirements, the age and mobility of your pet, intended use and tread material.

What pets should use ramps and stairs? Is your pet getting older? Has your pet recently had surgery and needs assistance reaching his favorite chair? Do you have a toy breed that can't jump up to the bed without a little help? Do you want to protect your young, active dog's joints and hips from too much impact that could lead to problems later in life? Then a dog ramp or set of pet stairs might be the answer for you.

Now is the best time to buy, as pet ramps have undergone significant improvements over the past two years and are now stronger, lighter and less expensive than ever before!

Portability: If you plan on taking your dog ramp with you in the car and on the go, then portability will be an important requirement for you. Portability refers to the ease of carrying and storing your dog ramp when it is not in use. This is particularly important to most people seeking pet ramps for large dogs.

If portability is important to you, you should review and analyze: (1) the weight of the ramp to determine if it is light enough for you to carry; (2) the size of the ramp when not in use; and (3) the ease of converting the ramp from a storage state to an "in-use" state. Many portable pet ramps fold, telescope or roll into smaller sizes when not in use.

One of our most popular folding dog ramps is the PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp. It is a multi-purpose folding pet ramp that is easy to open and close and it has balanced ergonomic handles for easier carrying.

This pet ramp has always been perfect for helping dogs get in and out of SUVs or pickup trucks, but now there is an optional accessory available that makes it great for use as a dog ramp for cars! Dog ramps for cars are not easy to find because most sedan style rear car doors do not open all the way to a 90 degree angle. (Dog ramps work very well to help dogs get into an SUV or pickup truck.)

Because a rear-seat car door doesn't open all the way it ends up being in the way. It forces you to approach the car seat with the ramp at an angle, so only one top corner of the pet ramp rests on the seat. The other top corner is left unsupported and therefore unstable.

But the optional PetSTEP Side Entry Support Strap is a great solution! It is an adjustable strap with one hook designed to hook onto the unsupported corner of the ramp and another hook on the opposite end of the strap that hooks onto a car door window frame. This supports the previously unsupported top corner of the dog ramp and makes this product one of the only true ramps for cars available on the market.

Telescoping ramps for dogs, our most popular models of pet ramps, contract down to a portable size when not in use, and easily extend to a full length position when it's time to use. Folding ramps are typically hinged in the middle and fold in half when not in use. PetSTEP has recently introduced a new portable multi-folding dog ramp, called the Tote N Store pet ramp. It weighs only 7 pounds and folds down to 16" x 17" x 8". The Tote N Store is made for pets under 65 pounds, so it is not the pet ramp for all dogs.

Tread: When determining the type of dog ramp to purchase, it is important to evaluate the different types of tread used by the various manufacturers, especially those that are purchased for outside use. The Solvit and Mr. Herzher's brands use a sand paper-type tread material, which is similar to the material used on surf boards. We have found that this type of tread material can still be a bit slippery in the snow or rain, but most customers find this dog ramp tread to be very acceptable. The surface of this dog ramp may begin to peel off with age; however, it can be replaced if desired.

Some other telescoping ramps use a low-pile carpet for tread material. This tread is best suited for skittish dogs as they can get a better grip on carpet as they walk up and down. The downside to a carpeted pet ramp is that it tends to retain odors and is slightly more difficult to clean. Some manufacturers sell replacement carpet tread. On the other hand, PetSTEP ramps are made of a corrugated plastic material. This tread appears to be the most durable as it wears the best as it ages and is easily cleaned.

Your Dog's Age and Mobility: As your dog ages, it becomes more difficult for him to enter and exit vehicles, and reach beds, sofas and other elevated surfaces. For older dogs, we at America's Pet Store recommend decreasing the angle of the pet ramp when in use. This would require purchasing a longer pet ramp. Using a dog ramp placed on a gradual incline will make it easier and safer for your aging pets to walk up and down the ramp.

Many older dogs prefer to use a dog ramp with side rails. As your dog's eyes begin to fail, poor eyesight makes him more skittish on the ramp since it is difficult to see the ramp's edge. A dog ramp with side rails provides your pet with additional security since he can easily see the edge of the ramp making the dog more comfortable and confident walking on the ramp. Ramps and steps with side rails increase the possibility that your dog will use the pet ramp.

If you are looking for cheap dog ramps and steps, we would have to caution you in saying you get what you pay for, and it probably won't last. But if you only plan on using your dog ramp for a short period of time to help your dog or cat's mobility after a surgery, a cheap dog ramp might just do. More words of caution – if you have a large dog we would not recommend purchasing a cheap dog ramp because in most instances the dog's weight will not be properly supported on the ramp resulting in your dog becoming fearful to use it. America's Pet Store would prefer to use the word affordable, and all our pet ramps are that! You can purchase a very strong, durable dog ramp for under $100 with free shipping!

What is the best rated dog ramp? Well in order to answer that question, it would depend on the application. For example, the most heavy-duty pet ramp on the market would be too heavy for small people to use as a portable dog ramp. The best pet ramp for indoor applications is different than that for outdoor use. As you can imagine that answer is up for debate, but we polled our employees here at America's Pet Store and have agreed that the Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp wins! However, we need to qualify that for indoor use, it probably won't match your decor.

Pet Ramps for your cats? Are you looking for a cat ramp? Yes, believe it or not, cats need ramps too! Maybe your cat just went through surgery or you need a ramp for your aging cat. Either way, we don't want to discriminate! Any of the dog ramps available at America's Pet Store can also be used as cat ramps! carries many brand-name ramps for pets. If you are looking for a Solvit dog ramp, we are an Authorized Retailer and carry their full line.

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