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Dog Training Collars

Dog Training Collars Dog training collars and remote trainers for hunting dogs, working dogs, and for family pets.

Some dog training collars are designed for family pets and others offer features for field-training hunting dogs. Dog training collars for family pets usually have shorter ranges and fewer correction levels than remote trainers made for field training.

Check out our low prices on dog training collars, remote trainers and electronic beeper collars. You'll find all the top brands here including Dogtra, SportDOG, PetSafe, Innotek, Tri-Tronics, DT Systems and PetPal brands.

See our comparison chart of all dog training collars to help you narrow down your search.

BARKING PROBLEM? See bark collars.

FOR CATS: See Cat Shock Collar Barriers & Other Cat Training Products.

See our valuable Product Tips section for these products!

Browse Dog Training Collars
Dogtra Training Collars
Dog Training Collars
Dogtra collars for training are rechargeable, waterproof and come in short-range and long-range models.
SportDOG Training Collars
Dog Training Collars
SportDOG training collars are backed by a lifetime limited warranty.
DT Dog Training Collars
Dog Training Collars
DT dog training collars are known for innovation, advanced technology and ease-of-use.
High Tech Pet Remote Trainers
Dog Training Collars
NEW! Bluefang Smartphone-controlled Remote Trainer + Bark Collar
PetSafe Training Collars
Dog Training Collars
PetSafe Remote Trainers utilize static, ultrasonic, or vibration corrections.
DogTek Dog Training Collars
Dog Training Collars
Experience the signal quality difference and take the guesswork out of remote training with DogTek (formerly Canicom) Electronic Remote Trainers.
PetPal Dog Training Collars
Dog Training Collars
Affordable remote trainer shock collars with the features you need for training.
Border Patrol GPS Dog Fence and Remote Training System
Dog Training Collars
GPS-based dog containment, remote training, and short-range tracking….all in one compact, affordable system!
Small Dog Training Collars
Dog Training Collars
Small dog training collars can be a big help in training little dogs with big attitudes.
Educator e-Collars
Dog Training Collars
Educator e-Collars by e-Collar Technologies offer remote education collars for dogs and the BarkLess no-bark collar.

Features to Look for in Electric Dog Training Collars.

  • Type of correction: The most common type of correction method offered with remote dog training collars is various levels of static shock corrections. These types of remote trainers usually give you a choice of "continuous", "momentary" or "nick" correction on the transmitter. A continuous correction lasts as long as you hold down the button, while a momentary or nick correction lasts only a second or two. Some dog training collars have tones and vibrations that are used as training cues. Vibration cues are excellent for training deaf dogs.
  • Correction levels: Some dog training collars have more than 100 correction levels, while others have far fewer. If you are going to work several different tasks, you will likely be happier with a collar that allows for a wide range of precise, incremental adjustments.
  • Batteries: Some dog training collars come with rechargeable batteries and others do not. Most people prefer the convenience of rechargeable batteries. Some people will purchase an extra rechargeable battery so they will always have a fully charged one available to them.
  • Range: We carry remote trainers with ranges that run from 100 yards up to two miles.
  • Waterproof: If you are a duck hunter or otherwise anticipate the need for hunting dog training collars that are waterproof you'll find many brands make them available. Some systems even feature a waterproof transmitter.

General Info on How to Use Electronic Dog Training Collars.

It's important to follow the directions that come with dog training collars. The following is not intended to replace those instructions.

  • Always teach your dog a command first, before reinforcing the command with a remote trainer.
  • Only teach one command at a time or your dog may get confused.
  • The goal is to use as few stimulations as possible to train your dog. It is best not to overcorrect your dog.
  • Your dog is unique and it’s important to take time to determine the correction level that works for him or her. So, in other words, if your neighbor recommends a correction level because it works on his or her dog, it’s best not to follow your neighbor’s advice. Instead, you should determine what will work best for your specific dog.
  • Most (if not all) brands of dog training collars recommend that you start at the lowest correction level. The aim is to get your dog’s attention, not to cause pain. Increase the level only if your dog does not show any sign of noticing or responding to the lower level.
  • Electric dog training collars have prongs/contacts that need to touch your dog’s skin in order to work. Depending on his or her coat, you may need to trim or shave the hair on your dog’s neck in order to make good contact with the skin, or use longer contact points. Some systems include longer contact points in case you’ll need them; others offer them as an option for an additional charge.

    No matter which type you use, keep in mind that skin irritations can occur if collars are left on for too long. These collars are not meant to be worn 24/7. Again, please follow your owner’s manual. Most will advise that you not keep a remote collar on for more than 8 hours.

America’s Pet Store carries many brands and models of dog training collars with such a wide range of applications and features that you may not be sure exactly which product is best for you. Please contact us for assistance and we’ll be glad to help. You can send an email query anytime to: and usually get a response by the next business day. To speak directly with one of our Customer Service Representatives, call toll-free 1 800-870-1941, Mon.-Fri. 8:30-4:30 EST.

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