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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Shock Collars > Dog Training Shock Collar Systems

Dog Training Shock Collar Systems

Dog Training Shock Collar Systems Dog training shock collar systems are designed for different tasks and for dogs of various sizes and temperaments.

Dog training shock collar systems are wonderful tools to help with various training challenges. Do you need to stop dog barking in the middle of the night? Does your dog jump up on people or furniture? Or maybe you are a sport hunter and need a couple of gun dog training collars.

Whether you just want to be able to walk your dog without a struggle (or even without a leash) or you are a serious hunter, has a dog training shock collar that will suit your needs.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Browse Dog Training Shock Collar Systems
Small Dog Training Shock Collar Systems
Dog Training Shock Collar Systems
The receiver on small dog training shock collar systems is usually a bit smaller and lighter than those for larger dogs.
Big Dog Training Shock Collar Systems
Dog Training Shock Collar Systems
Big dog training shock collars are for family pets as well as for hunting dogs.
Dog Training Shock Collar Brands
Dog Training Shock Collar Systems
Shop by brand name for your dog training shock collar system.

Many dog training shock collar systems are specialized for certain tasks and/or type of dog. For example, if you are a hunter you will likely want a dog training shock collar that is waterproof and built tough enough to stand up to the punishment it will surely get from a dog barreling around out in the field.

Hunters also typically require a dog training shock collar with a longer range than most pet owners would need. Depending on the type of game hunted, you might need anywhere from a 1/2 mile range all the way up to a couple of miles.

On the other hand, if you want to train a family pet, a dog training shock collar with a range between 100 yards and 400 yards will likely be more than adequate. Of course, whether short-range or long-range, these types of dog training shock collar systems work in conjunction with a handheld remote. A remote shock collar allows you to respond immediately with a correction even if your dog is far away from you.

Immediate corrections are necessary for successful dog training. Let's say you purchase a dog training shock collar system because you want your dog to stop jumping up on people. While you are out on a walk your dog is 50 feet away from you and encounters a friendly neighbor. If your dog jumps up to greet the neighbor you would have the ability to correct him or her on the spot.

Soon your dog will draw a connection between jumping up on people and the unpleasant static correction delivered with an electric shock collar. As soon as that connection is made, your dog will stop jumping on people, or furniture, or whatever it is you want him to stop.

Another example: you are sitting on the couch watching television and you hear the familiar sound of your dog getting into the trash. You don't have to get up off the couch; you don't even have to say a word. Just push the button on your dog training shock collar remote control. Again, it won't take long for a dog to pick up on the pattern that when he goes into the trash, he gets an annoying static shock. Before you know it, your dog's trash-picking career will come to a screeching halt.

The dog in the trash example above highlights yet another great benefit of all remote shock collar products: your dog will not associate getting an unpleasant static correction…with you!

Some people are concerned about inflicting pain with a dog training shock collar, as they should be. Dog training is not about hurting your dog and you won't hurt your dog if you read and follow training instructions in your manual. Many manufacturers also include training videos with the dog training shock collar systems they sell. What's more, many of them also have excellent, unlimited telephone support. When you purchase a shock collar for dogs it would be irresponsible to begin using it before learning how to use it properly.

Another feature you may prefer with your dog training shock collar is rechargeable batteries vs. batteries that need to be replaced. We carry many systems that are rechargeable, including bark shock collar products. Some of these systems have rechargeable batteries in the dog training collar, but not in the remote control. If rechargeable batteries are important to you be sure to choose a dog training shock collar system that features a rechargeable battery in the collar as well as the handheld remote trainer.

If you have a little dog between eight and forty pounds you can shop by size for a dog training shock collar system. We have a good selection of small dog shock collar products.

You can shop by size for a large dog shock collar as well. Large dog training shock collar systems generally have collar receivers that are a little larger and heavier than those on smaller systems. While some of these collars would be perfectly safe for use with a smaller dog, the collar receiver might be too bulky or too heavy for a dog with a small neck size.

Please take note of the manufacturer recommendations for minimum dog weight posted on our website for these products. Different brands and models have different recommendations. For example, DT Systems shock collar products are recommended for dogs that weigh at least 15 pounds.

Weight recommendations by other top brands of dog training shock collar products are:

If you would like help comparing these different shock collars for dogs please contact our customer service department.

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