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Dogtra Shock Collars

Dogtra Shock Collars Dogtra shock collars for both bark control and dog training satisfy the most demanding sport dog and companion dog trainers.

Dogtra shock collars are manufactured with a focus on durability and superior electronics. Of all Dogtra dog collars none in more popular with pet owners than their aptly named Yapper Stopper no-bark collars. On the other hand, sport hunters and pet trainers favor Dogtra remote training collars over other brands. Dogtra also manufactures remote bird launchers.

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Browse Dogtra Shock Collars
Dogtra Bark Collar Systems
Dogtra Shock Collars
Dogtra Bark Collar systems are effective tools to stop dog barking and come with rechargeable batteries and a battery charger.
Dogtra Training Collars For One Dog
Dogtra Shock Collars
A broad selection of small, lightweight, and long range remote trainers.
Dogtra Beeper and Training Collars
Dogtra Shock Collars
Dogtra beeper training collars help you determine where your dog is when he's out of sight.
Dogtra Training Collars - Mulitple Dogs
Dogtra Shock Collars
Dogtra shock collars for 2 dogs and some can expand to control up to 4 dogs.
Dogtra Accessories
Dogtra Shock Collars
Dogtra accessories for e-collars and e-Fence systems, Dogtra battery chargers, probes and more.
Dogtra Collars / Dummy, Expansion, & Replacement Collars
Dogtra Shock Collars
Complete selection of Dogtra collars to expand your system, replace a collar, or get a dummy training collar.
Dogtra Batteries
Dogtra Shock Collars
Find all your batteries for Dogtra pet electronics here.

Dogtra shock collars come in a variety of models, power output levels and ranges. (Please note that Dogtra collars are not recommended for aggressive dogs.)

There are two types of Dogtra shock collars. One type of Dogtra shock collar has a receiver attached that you can communicate with via a handheld transmitter for remote training. The other Dogtra shock collars are Yapper Stoppers, their line of no-bark collars to control unwanted barking.

There are only two models of Dogtra shock collars designed for bark control. They are the Dogtra YS300 Yapper Stopper for small to medium dogs, and the YS600 Yapper Stopper. YS500 Dogtra collars are for larger breeds that weigh at least 20 pounds. Even though only two models of Dogtra dog collars are available for bark control, they have made quite a splash in the market. Dogtra shock collars are very popular for bark control, especially the YS300 model because the batteries recharge in just two hours.

All other Dogtra shock collars are components of a remote training system (along with a handheld transmitter). These Dogtra dog collars, sometimes called Dogtra e-Collars, are used to train a variety of hunting dogs and also to train companion dogs to behave.

Whether you are using one of the Dogtra dog collars for training sport dogs or a family pet, Dogtra shock collars basically work the same way. When a dog engages in unwanted behavior you deliver a static correction via the handheld transmitter…every time. (When using a Dogtra shock collar for training, consistency is a must.) So for companion dogs this could be when they get into the trash. For hunting dogs this could be when other dogs or animals distract them from the task at hand.

After consistent correction from Dogtra dog collars for certain behaviors, it does not usually take very long for a dog to get the message. I’m guessing the thought process goes something like this "Hmmm, when I do such-and-such I get an annoying static shock. When I stop doing such-and-such, the annoying shock stops."

Here is some general information on some of the more popular Dogtra shock collars used in remote training systems. All Dogtra collar models have a rugged, durable design to stand up to the harsh conditions often found in the field, from inclement weather to knocking around and bumping into trees, etc.

A Dogtra training collar has either a Low-Med power output (for dogs that weigh 15 lbs. or more) or a Low-High power output for dogs that weigh 20 lbs. or more. Please choose the correct Dogtra shocking collar for the size of your dog.

Just as with most other Dogtra shock collars, these Dogtra dog collars come complete with a rechargeable Dogtra battery for the handheld transmitter and for the collar receiver. They also include a battery charger and a splitter. A splitter lets you charge the Dogtra shock collar and the transmitter simultaneously.

Dogtra iQ Plus (one or two-dog system)
The Dogtra iQ Plus has a range of 400 yards and is great for training companion dogs. It is one of the Dogtra shock collars with a Low/Med power output suitable for dogs that weigh 15 pounds or more. Stimulation levels range from 0 to 100, and there is also a pager button (vibration).

Dogtra 282NCP (for two dogs)
The Dogtra 282 NCP is a two-dog trainer designed for training hounds/beagles, pointers, flushing dogs, waterfowl dogs, K/9s and other service dogs, and companion dogs.

These Dogtra shock collars feature a half-mile range and both the transmitter and collar receiver are rechargeable and waterproof. The Dogtra NCP 282 has a Rheostat dial that allows you to precisely control 0-127 correction levels. There is also a pager/vibration button to call your dog or get his attention without delivering a correction.

Dogtra also offers remote trainers with built in beepers. Beepers on Dogtra collars indicate where a dog is and what he is doing when you can’t see him. Dogtra collars with beepers can be heard up to 400 yards away depending on conditions such as wind and terrain. There are three modes you can choose from: locate, run/point and point only.

Most experts and novices alike agree that Dogtra shock collars are excellent products that are effective and easy to use. The only caveat is that you cannot add more dogs to any Dogtra remote training system. If you purchase a one-dog system, it will forever be a one-dog system. If you purchase a four-dog system, it too is not expandable to a five-dog system. So you’ll need to know from the start how many dogs you'll be running.

If you never intend to add extra Dogtra collars to your system then expandability is not an issue. But if you think you might want to train more dogs in the future a Dogtra collar is probably not for you.

If you want to check out systems that do offer the option of adding more dogs see DT Systems shock collars and SportDOG shock collars. offers accessories for Dogtra shock collars so if you are looking for a Dogtra charger or Dogtra AC adapter we have them. For European customers we offer a Euro adapter in place of the US adapter at no additional charge.

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