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Dogtra Dogtra e-Collars have a reputation with hunters as a leader in dog training collars and other training equipment.

Hunters go wild over Dogtra training collars and other training products because they are rugged, reliable and effective.

Dogtra also makes the popular Yapper Stopper rechargeable bark collars as well as an inground dog fence system, bird launchers and remote releasers.

Although Dogtra dog collar systems are widely used by hunters, they are also commonly used for training companion dogs and service dogs such as K-9 dogs.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Browse Dogtra
Dogtra Bark Collar Systems
Dogtra Bark Collar systems are effective tools to stop dog barking and come with rechargeable batteries and a battery charger.
Dogtra Training Collars
Dogtra collars for training are rechargeable, waterproof and come in short-range and long-range models.
Dogtra e-Fence Dog Fence
A Dogtra eFence is an electronic dog fence that allows your dog freedom of the great outdoors in a safe, contained environment.
Dogtra Bird Launchers and Remote Releasers
Dogtra bird launchers are designed to be incredibly flexible and user friendly.
Dogtra Accessories
Dogtra accessories for e-collars and e-Fence systems, Dogtra battery chargers, probes and more.
Dogtra Collars / Dummy, Expansion, & Replacement Collars
Complete selection of Dogtra collars to expand your system, replace a collar, or get a dummy training collar.
Dogtra Batteries
Find all your batteries for Dogtra pet electronics here.

Dogtra specializes in making e-collars for bark control products, invisible fence products and remote dog training products for:

  • Waterfowl Dogs
  • Flushing Dogs
  • Hounds/Beagles
  • Pointers
  • Obedience/Companion Dogs
  • Service/K-9 Dogs

Dogtra is a company that stands firmly behind their products and we are proud to be an Authorized Online Retailer for their quality products. We offer Dogtra e-Collars at the best price you'll find online, especially when you consider our low prices include free ground shipping. To get a bigger discount you would probably have to purchase pre-owned Dogtra e-Collars from an online auction site. We do not recommend purchasing used Dogtra collars because Warranty and Product Support are not transferable.

When you purchase Dogtra e-Collars from you are entitled to outstanding product support and warranty coverage from Dogtra which is among the best in the industry. Just be sure to register your product at within 30 days of purchase. If you prefer you can call Dogtra toll-free to register at 888-811-9111.

Dogtra Collars for Bark Control
Dogtra Bark Collar systems are aptly named Yapper Stopper No-Bark Collars. The Dogtra YS300 model is a Dogtra collar that is specifically designed for smaller dogs (at least 15 pounds) or for dogs that are mild-mannered and will respond to a low-level static correction.

The YS600 No-Bark Collar is designed for larger dogs (at least 20 pounds) or stubborn dogs that may from time to time require higher-levels of correction.

Dogtra e-Fence
We also carry Dogtra's e-Fence inground fence system. One of the features people like about Dogtra dog collars that work with the e-Fence is that they deliver a warning vibration before delivering a static correction. It doesn't take long for most dogs to learn to respond to the vibration thereby avoiding a static correction.

The system comes standard with 500 feet of underground dog fence wire, about enough to secure a 1/4 acre pet containment area. However, the transmitter on this system is powerful enough to cover up to 40 acres. You can expand the systemís containment area in 500 foot increments with the purchase of Dogtra's e-Fence Expansion Kits.

Low/Medium Output Dogtra Collars for Remote Training
Dogtra remote training systems come in a variety of different series that offer various features. Here is some information on Low/Medium Output Dogtra e-Collars.

Low/Medium Output Dogtra collar receivers are designed for smaller dogs (at least 15 pounds) or dogs that are not stubborn or headstrong and therefore do not require high levels of static correction. If you have a very strong-willed dog you may want to consider a Dogtra training collar with Low/High output.

  • Dogtra iQ Plus
    This Dogtra shock collar is an entry-level, short-range, one-dog trainer designed for mild mannered dogs that need training at home, in the backyard or at the dog park.

    It comes with several attractive features including rechargeable batteries and a completely waterproof collar receiver. (The handheld transmitter is water-resistant but not waterproof.) It has a range of up to 400 yards with precise stimulation levels of 0-100.

  • Dogtra SureStim M (one or two-dog trainer)
    The exclusive Dogtra SureStim feature is a pager/vibration in the handheld transmitter that confirms that you have fully engaged the transmitter button. Hunters and trainers both tell us this feature is very handy when they are wearing heavy gloves during cold-weather training.

    The SureStim series Dogtra collar models have a 1/2 mile range and 0-127 stimulation levels. Both the transmitter and collar include rechargeable batteries and they are fully waterproof. These training systems are ideal for your waterfowl dog, flushing dogs, pointers, service/K-9 dogs and companion dogs.

  • 280NCP (one-dog trainer) and 282NCP (two-dog trainer)
    The models in the 280 Series have a 1/2 mile range and 0-127 stimulation levels. Both the transmitter and collar include rechargeable Ni-MH batteries and are completely waterproof.

    These Dogtra collars are recommended for waterfowl dogs, flushing dogs, pointers, hounds/beagles, service/K-9 dogs and companion dogs.

Low/High Output Dogtra Collars for Remote Training
The following is information on several Low/High Output Dogtra e-Collars. Dogtra Collar receivers with a Low/High power output are designed for larger dogs (at least 20 pounds) or dogs that are stubborn or headstrong and may require higher levels of static correction.

  • Dogtra 3500 NCP (one-dog trainer) and 3502 NCP (two-dog trainer)
    These models have a 1 mile range and 0-127 stimulation levels. Both the transmitter and collar include rechargeable "rapid charge" (2 hours) Lithium Polymer batteries and are completely waterproof.

    These models are recommended for waterfowl dogs, flushing dogs, hounds/beagles, service/K-9 dogs and companion dogs.

  • 2500 NCP (one-dog trainer) and Dogtra 2502 NCP (two-dog trainer)
    The 2500 series is designed for the serious upland hunter. The models in this series are trainers with built-in beepers. A built-in beeper eliminates the bulky horn that sits on top of a dog's head with other beeper units.

    These models have a 1 mile range and 0-127 stimulation levels. Both the Dogtra collar and the transmitter include rechargeable "rapid charge" (2 hours) Lithium Polymer batteries and are completely waterproof.

    Other Low/High Output models are found in the 1800 Series Professional Trainers and 2300 Series Professional Trainers. The 1800 Series has been discontinued and has been replaced by the Dogtra Edge.

  • Dogtra Bird Launchers and Remote Releasers
    Dogtra makes two models of bird launchers. The PL launcher is for pheasant and chukar size game birds. The QL launcher is for quail, barn pigeons and similarly sized birds.

    The beauty of their RR Deluxe Remote Releasers is that even though they are designed for their own bird launchers they are also compatible with most other bird/bumper launcher systems. The RR Deluxe features the most advanced technology to help sharpen a dog's skills for upland hunting, retriever work, or for competitions.

  • Dogtra Accessories
    We carry many popular accessories including one-inch replacement probes for all Dogtra collars (except their 150NCP collars which do not accommodate one-inch probes). These longer probes are for dogs with a very long or thick coat.

    You'll also find power adapters (including European adapters) and adapters for your vehicle so you can charge your Dogtra battery on the road.

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