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Home > Bird Products > Bird Cages - Parrot Cages > Dome Bird Cages

Dome Bird Cages

Dome Bird Cages offer extra head room and a great place for your bird to roost.

Dome bird cages offer additional space in a bird cage, without taking up more space in your home. While large parrots would definitely appreciate the extra head room, smaller birds would likely enjoy the extra space available in a dome bird cage as well.

See our valuable Tips section for these products!

Browse Dome Bird Cages
Small Bird Cages - Dome Top
Dome Bird Cages
Choose from a variety of dome top cages for small sized birds.
Medium Bird Cages - Dome Top
Dome Bird Cages
Choose from a variety of dome top bird cages for medium sized parrots.
Large Dome Top Bird Cages
Dome Bird Cages
Check out our large dome bird cages in either stainless steel or wrought iron with bird-safe powdercoating.
Extra Large Dome Top Bird Cages
Dome Bird Cages
Get an extra large dome top bird cage if you want to provide lots of headroom for large parrots such as Macaws.

Still not sure whether you should get a dome bird cage or a play top bird cage? Keep in mind that while a dome bird cage provides more room inside the cage, a play top provides a nice play area outside of the bird cage.

As you know, it is very important to give birds time to stretch their wings and see the world from outside of their cage. But if you already have a playstand, play gym or some other outside-the-cage play areas, then one of our dome bird cages would be an excellent choice.

America's Pet Store is an Authorized Dealer for the top brands of bird cages in the U.S. Out of the hundreds of bird cages we offer, you'll find more than 50 dome bird cage models from which to choose. They come in all sizes - from small all the way up to extra large bird cages.

We've done our best to provide a selection that offers enough options -- from prices to sizes to features -- to fit your budget, your bird and your home. Here is some information on available features.

Construction Materials
We carry dome top stainless steel bird cages as well as those constructed with powder-coated wrought iron steel. Stainless steel is considered the best material to use to make any style of bird cage because it lasts longer than other materials, is easier to clean and disinfect, and is naturally non-toxic and naturally handsome-looking without needing paint. Stainless steel also costs about 3 times more than other bird-safe materials so it could be a bit too pricy for some people.

Fortunately there are lower-cost, bird-safe options in construction materials. Today's technology has allowed bird cage manufacturers to make cages out of wrought iron steel with a hardened, baked-on powdercoat of non-toxic paint. These cages come in a wide variety of colors and last on average for 5-7 years (and some for 10 years or more) with regular cleaning using mild cleansers and soft sponges. For best results avoid using cleansers or scrubbers that can scratch the powdercoating.

Climbing the Walls
In the wild, parrots climb around in trees using not only their feet but their beaks to grasp onto branches. Parrots have zygodactylous feet with 4 "toes". The first and fourth toe point backward and the second and third point forward giving them the ability to get a good grasp when climbing or when sitting or roosting on a perch.

So it comes as no surprise that most parrots love to climb in their cages…if the cage design allows them to. If you'd like to provide your bird with all the climbing opportunities its little heart desires, you can opt for one of our dome bird cages with bars running horizontally as well as vertically.

Perch variety is the spice of life
Dome bird cages offer the perfect space for a roosting perch. Birds prefer to roost at the highest point possible. It is recommended that you provide a natural wood perch for roosting. Natural wood perches are irregular in shape and so your bird will be able to choose the most comfortable spot on the perch for sleeping.

Many dome bird cages come standard with natural wood perches, while others may come with PVC or wood dowel perches. Companion bird experts recommend that you provide various perches that differ in size and texture for your bird. This helps to keep a birds feet in good shape because they’ll need to use the muscles in their feet in different ways to stay on different perches, which is good exercise. It's a bit like "push ups" for the feet.

Wood dowel perches that have no texture and are uniform in size could eventually cause painful health problems in a bird's feet. And a lack of texture makes them more difficult for a bird to get a good grasp. Ditto for some PVC perches. However, some makers of PVC perches are answering the call and have begun to manufacture their products in irregular shapes and/or with texture by either sanding them or etching grooves into them.

Other Parrot Cage Styles
Another style of bird cage designed take up a smaller footprint in your home is a corner bird cage. If space is a premium in your home but you want to get as large a cage as possible one of our corner bird cages may be just right for you.

Indoor flight cages are popular with people who own a small bird, or a flock of small birds. Breeders also tend to use flight cages, especially styles that are easily stacked. Stackable bird cages, like corner cages and dome bird cages, take up less floor space.

Flight bird cages, as the name implies, allow small birds the freedom of flight. So, just because you have a small bird doesn't mean you have to limit your choices to small bird cages. A flight cage is basically a large bird cage for small birds with bar spacing no wider than 1/2" – 5/8". Bar spacing is important. You can't buy just any large bird cage for a small bird. You have to make sure the bar spacing is appropriate and safe for your bird's breed and size.

How can we help you?
If you have any questions, or would like assistance comparing our dome bird cages to determine what may suit you, your bird and your available space, please contact one of our Customer Service Agents. You can email your question to, or if you prefer you can call toll-free at 1-800-870-1941. Our Customer Service Agents are knowledgeable about all of our bird cages, including our line-up of dome bird cages.

America's Pet Store is an Authorized Online Retailer for the following top brands of quality dome bird cages: A&E Cages, Avian Adventures Bird Cages, HQ Bird Cages, and Prevue Hendryx Bird Cages (also known as Prevue Bird Cages).

We carry hundreds of cages in all sizes; from small size parakeet cages to large parrot cages to even bigger outdoor aviaries and walk in bird cages. Prices range from high-end to discount bird cages on sale. We also carry quite a nice selection of travel bird cages.

Shop with confidence at America’s Pet Store and save with our everyday low prices!

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