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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Shock Collars > Shock Collar - Shop By Brand > DT Shock Collars - DT Systems

DT Shock Collars - DT Systems

DT Shock Collars - DT Systems DT shock collars set new standards that raise the bar in the dog training equipment industry.

DT shock collars by DT Systems offer features you won't find anywhere else. They were the first in the industry to introduce Digital Microcomputer Technology to dog training collars.

See our handy shock collar comparison chart to help you research which DT Systems shock collar product is right for you.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Browse DT Shock Collars - DT Systems
DT Systems No-Bark Collars
DT Shock Collars - DT Systems
DT Systems incorporates advanced "vibration sensor" technology in their dog bark collars to eliminate unintentional and false corrections.
DT Systems Training Collars For One Dog
DT Shock Collars - DT Systems
Choose from popular DT Systems shock collars. These products are ideal for professionals and hunters, but perfect for any novice.
DT Systems Training Collars For Two Or More Dogs
DT Shock Collars - DT Systems
These DT training collars support either 2 or 3 dogs with a single remote.
DT Systems Beeper Training Collars
DT Shock Collars - DT Systems
Adding a beeper collar to your remote trainer will help you locate your dogs when out of sight.
DT Systems Replacement Collars
DT Shock Collars - DT Systems
DT Systems Replacement Collars and Add-A-Dog Collars

All DT shock collars in the 1800 PLUS Series offer exclusive features that are not available with other dog training shock collar products:

Maxx-Range Internal Antenna
Maxx-Range is a DT Systems shock collar industry breakthrough. This antenna system uses a FM signal that doesn't get blocked by obstacles and contours on the terrain like AM signals do. This means DT Systems shock collar systems have a longer range and far more reliable signal. It is also an advantage that the antenna is imbedded into the collar strap because external antennas can get hung up on obstacles out in the field.

100% Waterproof Transmitter - It Even Floats!
All the DT Systems shock collar 1800 series models feature a no-slip soft grip rubber coating on the handheld transmitter, and in case you drop it in water you'll be happy to discover it floats! All 1800 Series collars are also waterproof.

DT Systems shock collar products are particularly popular with trainers who have dogs with special training needs (such as deaf dogs for example) or behavioral problems. However, please note that DT Systems shock collar products are not recommend for aggressive dogs unless under the guidance of a professional trainer.

Professional trainers prefer the ability to determine the absolute lowest level of correction that is effective for an individual dog. Select models of DT Systems shock collar products (and all models in the 1800 Series) offer the exclusive Gentle Touch System. Studies show more and more that low correction levels are more effective in the long run on all dogs, and especially for dogs with aggression issues. Once again, DT Systems shock collar systems are ahead of the curve with their Gentle Touch System.

If you are looking for a bark shock collar they have four different models. All DT Systems shock collar models to stop excessive dog barking are relatively small and lightweight compared to other brands. But the DT Systems Ultra Min-E 2090 No-Bark Collar is super small. In fact, this small dog shock collar model is so compact and lightweight that it is suitable for dogs as small as toy breeds. If you are looking for a large dog shock collar to stop inappropriate barking, choose any of the other three models.

Some anti-bark DT Systems shock collar models come with a charger and rechargeable batteries; others come with batteries that are easy to find at any store that sells batteries.

While you are looking at DT Systems shock collar products you might also want to check out our DT Systems Bird Launchers with remote control that also use digital technology. These products are the ultimate in training bird dogs.

In addition to DT Systems shock collar products, is an Authorized Online Retailer for many other well-known and trusted brands of dog training equipment. We carry PetSafe, SportDOG, Dogtra, DogTek, PetPal, TriTronics shock collar and Innotek shock collar systems.

If you have any questions about DT Systems shock collar products, or any other brand, please contact our Customer Service department. If you are looking for a cat shock collar please see our other cat training devices that utilize static shock such as the PetSafe PawsAway Scat Mat. DT Systems shock collar products are not designed for cats. As far as we know there is no such thing as a cat shock collar, none of the brands we carry recommend their dog training products for cats.

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