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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Doors - Cat Doors > Sliding Glass Dog Doors > Double Pane Sliding Glass Dog Doors

Double Pane Sliding Glass Dog Doors

If you have double pane sliding glass doors you should purchase a double pane pet door to significantly improve insulation and energy efficiency.

Double pane dog doors for sliding glass doors provide extra protection with better insulation against very hot or very cold outdoor temperatures. Dual pane glass on a patio pet door makes a big difference when it comes to energy efficiency, similar to the benefits of double pane windows in your home.

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Thermo Panel IIIe - Patio Panel Pet Door Inserts
Double Pane Sliding Glass Dog Doors
Thermo Panel IIIe patio panel dog door inserts feature insulated dual-pane low-e glass and the award-winning Endura Flap.
Hale Omni Patio Pet Doors for Vinyl Sliders
Double Pane Sliding Glass Dog Doors
The OMNI Series by Hale Pet Door offers 11 sizes of patio pet doors that are designed to fit vinyl sliders such as many Pella & Andersen doors.
Hale Pet Doors - Standard Patio Pet Doors
Double Pane Sliding Glass Dog Doors
Standard Patio Pet Door models by Hale Pet Doors are energy-efficient and secure.
Ideal VIP Vinyl Patio Dog Doors
Double Pane Sliding Glass Dog Doors
Ideal VIP vinyl patio dog doors are designed to work with vinyl sliding glass doors with a track width between 1 1/2" and 1 3/4".

When it comes to energy efficient patio pet doors double pane dog doors are the most popular style, probably because they are generally very easy to install. Many require no tools or hardware, especially in standard sizes/heights. Some extra tall sliding glass dog doors over 90" do require securing with screws to ensure stability.

What is a dual pane sliding glass dog door? It is a full-size panel with double pane glass that matches the height of your sliding glass doors. The panel has a built in dog door already installed. You just have to insert the panel into the upper and lower track (usually the inside track) of your sliding doors.

Of course we carry brands that offer single-pane as well as double pane doggie doors. Just like the glass in house windows, single panes are not as energy-efficient as double panes. If you live in an area where the climate is mild year-round then a single pane patio pet door panel will likely be satisfactory. But if you don't live in a mild climate then a weatherproof dog door may be a good choice for you.

Keep in mind that dual pane glass costs more than single pane. However, if saving on heat or air conditioning bills is a concern for you then you should definitely consider one of our double pane dog doors. It won't take long for the money you save on home energy bills to make up for the extra cost.

In keeping with their energy-efficient design, the dual pane sliding glass dog doors we carry also come standard with either dual-flaps or one very efficient flap designed to provide similar insulation values as double flaps.

If you have a really big dog obviously you'll need an extra large dog door. Dual pane sliding glass dog doors come in all sizes, including extra large, but you will need to take note of the overall width of the panel insert before making a purchase. The reason is that your slider will not open all the way when you have a dog door for sliding glass doors inserted in the track. You will need to determine if your door will still open enough for people to pass through. This is important for your convenience, but also for your safety in the event you need to evacuate your home.

TIP: Some customers who purchase large dog doors for sliders will remove them during the summer and use one of our dog doors for screen doors or dog doors for windows instead. This allows them to open their sliders all the way at a time of year where people traffic is heaviest.

The following highlights the special features available from different models and brands of dual pane sliding glass dog doors offered at America's Pet Store.

Thermo Panel IIIe
Thermo Panel IIIe dual pane sliding glass dog doors, made by Patio Pacific Pet Doors, are hands-down our best selling models. It could be because they are reasonably priced - not cheap, but certainly reasonable considering the outstanding quality of the product.

It could also be the 15-year Warranty that backs up their amazing Endura Flap. You don't see many 15-year warranties on dog door flaps. (There are restrictions of course, such as damage from chewing.) Patio Pacific says most people will not need double Endura Flaps so these products come standard with just one. However you can opt for double flaps for an additional charge.

Fun Fact: The Endura Flap is so popular that some people think the actual name of these dual-pane sliding glass dog doors is Endura Flap Dog Doors. How's that for the tail wagging the dog?

Hale Pet Doors
Hale makes two types of dual-pane sliding glass dog doors that come standard with double flaps. Their OMNI patio dog doors are specifically designed as pet doors for vinyl sliding doors such as Pella or Andersen doors. These models are particularly easy to install as they are secured in your sliders tracks with a pressure-mount system. No tools are needed.

On the other hand Hale's Standard dual pane sliding glass dog doors will not work with vinyl sliders and do require securing them with screws into the frame of your sliders. These models also come standard with double flaps.

Ideal Pet Doors
Ideal also makes a line of dual pane sliding glass dog doors for vinyl sliders. Ideal VIP 150 Vinyl Patio Pet Doors are designed specifically for vinyl framed sliding glass doors. While Ideal's VIP patio pet doors do not have double flaps, they do have a double-walled Multi-Flex flap made out of Lexan that is more energy efficient than a single-walled flap. A very special feature is that these doors will work with the existing lock on most standard sliding glass doors (which is not the case with many other patio pet doors on the market).

We also carry cat doors for sliding glass doors but only the Thermo Panel IIe by Patio Pacific offers dual pane glass. This is the only pet door Patio Pacific makes that does not feature their famous Endura Flap, and that's because they don't make Endura Flaps quite so small. Instead Patio Pacific has teamed up with CatWalk. The built-in CatWalk Cat Door has a flap entrance that measures 6 inches wide and 6 3/4 inches tall. It will keep other animals out of your house because it is a collar activated magnetic cat door that stays locked until it senses the key on your cat's collar.

If you are concerned that other dogs or cats, or wild skunks or raccoons, will go through your dog door you might be interested in finding out more about electronic dog doors for sliding glass doors. These are also collar-activated pet doors and we carry models made by Hale and Ideal, but they are not dual pane sliding glass dog doors. So if you require the security that comes with an electronic automatic dog door but also require energy-efficiency perhaps one of our other models will work better for you.

Dog doors for walls are generally more secure and more weatherproof than other styles. We carry all the major brands including: Hale, Ideal, Patio Pacific, Plexidor Dog Doors, DogWalk Dog Doors, Freedom Pet Pass, High Tech Pet Power Pet Doors, PetSafe Dog Doors and Staywell Pet Doors.

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