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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems > Electric SportDOG Fence Systems

Electric SportDOG Fence Systems

The display of this Authorized Retailer Logo indicates that this independent merchant has been recognized by Radio Systems Corporation (RSC) as an Authorized Retailer of RSC retail products.  Authorized Retailers are not agents of RSC or otherwise affiliated with RSC.  If you purchase RSC product(s) via the internet from anyone not displaying this Authorized Retailer Logo, RSC will have the right to declare all of its warranties applicable to those product(s) null and void. Got a big yard? The electric SportDOG Fence system has coverage from 1,000 feet to 100 acres!

If you've got a really big yard, then the Inground SportDOG Fence system is your best option. Basic coverage is for a 1,000 ft. perimeter (twice that of many other brands), but you can opt to expand coverage all the way up to 100 acres!

Plus, the SportDOG fence receiver collar has built in lightning protection which is important for dogs with territories that include wide open spaces.

The system works by delivering mild correction through the Sportdog collar's two contact probes that touch your dog's neck. If your dog gets too close to the established barrier, a correction will be sent to get your dog's attention, but will not harm him.

With the SportDog Inground Dog Fence you can customize the level of correction to match your dog's temperament, and the adjustable collar allows you to create a perfect fit for your dog.

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In-Ground SportDOG Fence System SDF-100
(Item #: SDF-100)
SportDOG Add-A-Dog Collar Receiver
(Item #: SDF-R)
SportDOG Wire and Flags Kit
(Item #: SDF-WF)
In-Ground SportDOG Fence System SDF-100
Your Price: $279.95
SportDOG Add-A-Dog Collar Receiver
Your Price: $119.95
SportDOG Wire and Flags Kit
Your Price: $79.99

I'm sure you're asking yourself, there are so many diy dog fence systems available at America's Pet Store, how do I know which one is right for me? Generally speaking most of the electronic dog fence systems on the market today have very similar features and similar prices too, so what you need to know is what makes one system different from another. The SportDOG In Ground Fence System, (Sportdog SDF-100) is similar to most other wire dog fence systems on the market with a few notable exceptions which are listed below.

First, the most intriguing difference with the SportDog inground fence is the "anti-linger" feature which comes standard on the SportDog Fence. This innovative feature prevents the very smart dogs from running down the SportDog dog fence collar battery by hanging out in the warning zone. Once the battery has been depleted your dog is no longer confined and can roam the neighborhood. Can you believe it! That some dogs are smart enough to figure out how to run down the battery? It's true!

Second, the SportDog In-Ground Fence comes standard with 1,000 feet of wire. Most DIY in-ground fence systems come standard with only 500 feet of wire. This additional wire is great if you plan on confining your dog in over a 1/4 acre yard, because you will need the additional wire. You can purchase additional dog fence wire and flags, and you don't have to stick to just SportDog wire and flags, any pet fence wire will work fine. If you need pre-twisted wire, we would recommend the High Tech Pet Pre-Twisted Ultra wire. If you don't know how much wire you need to purchase for your yard, please refer to our article on how to determine the amount of pet fence wire needed for your yard.

The SportDog fence can support an unlimited number of dogs with the purchase of additional SportDog Collars SDF-R. These waterproof SportDog collar receivers also take a standard 9 volt battery, which is nice since these batteries are inexpensive unlike some underground dog fence systems. The transmitter also has a wire break alarm, which will notify you if the underground wire has a break in it.

Other helpful features of the SportDog SDF-100 Fence system are: built in lightning protection (so no need to purchase an additional lightning protection module like with other underground wire fence systems), and four adjustable levels of correction plus a tone only and vibration only setting. The SportDog In Ground Fence is suitable for all dogs over 10 pounds.

America's Pet Store is an authorized retailer for all SportDog brand products including Sportdog shock collars (which include SportDog training collars and SportDog deluxe bark control products). America's Pet Store offers sportdog accessories including Sportdog SD-400 batteries and Sportdog replacement prongs.

America's Pet Store carries the most popular brands of outdoor and indoor dog fence systems including PetSafe dog fence, the wifi dog fence by Perimeter Technologies and Innotek dog fence systems (the maker of the smart dog fence). Is there such a thing as an electronic cat fence? Yes, those are available too!

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