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Electronic Pet Doors

Electronic Pet Doors Electronic doggie doors are collar activated using RFID, magnetic or electro-magnetic technologies.

An electronic dog door, including motorized pet door models, are collar activated doors that provide an added level of security for your home. They will open only for your pet when wearing a collar key. Electronic doggie doors are very good for keeping unwanted animals such as skunks, racoons and feral cats out of your house.

We carry electronic doggie doors for sliding glass doors, for walls and for regular house doors.

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Magnetic Cat Doors
Electronic Pet Doors
A magnetic cat door is collar controlled and won’t allow unauthorized critters access to your home.
Electronic Pet Doors for walls or doors
Electronic Pet Doors
Motorized and electro-magnetic pet doors offer maximum security with two-way access control.
Electronic Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Doors
Electronic Pet Doors
Patio pet door panel inserts that include an electronic pet door offer beauty, security, and automation.
Automatic Patio Door Opener - AutoSlide
Electronic Pet Doors
Check out the new automatic sliding glass patio door opener - AutoSlide for pets!

Electronic dog doors, also known as automatic, magnetic and electric dog doors, are activated by a receiver on your pet's collar that will open the door when your pet wants to enter or exit your home.  Some magnetic collar activated pet doors only control access into your home to keep out unwanted pests. They do not control exit from your home. Most magnetic pet doors will allow any animal to exit, even without a collar sensor.

Motorized electronic doggie doors control both entry and exit. When it comes to picking the perfect electronic dog door you'll want to make sure the available features will suit your needs. Please call our Customer Service Department for assistance if you are unsure. It is important to know what you are looking for in an electronic pet door prior to purchasing one.

Radio frequency (RFID) doors are the most expensive option on the market today; the brand we carry is PlexiDor electronic pet doors. PlexiDor motorized pet doors allow you to control your pet's access both in and out of the house. And the collar sensor does not require batteries which is a big plus. An electronic dog door is excellent at restricting access for one family pet in the house, while providing controlled outside access to other family pets wearing a special collar sensor.

Plexidor electronic dog doors are the newest electronic dog door on the market - you have to see to believe!  This electronic pet door is secure (comes with a stainless steel locking bar), energy efficient and runs on household current. Your pet would wear a water proof programmable collar key that would activate the door when he approaches the door. The motorized pet door opens like a garage door and will not slam down if the power fails, so no pinching of tails or fingers. And, since their are no air gaps to let out heat or air conditioning, Plexidor and other electronic brands are energy efficient dog doors.

It is offered in both a wall mount and door mount option. The Plexidor automatic dog door is available in one common size large.  Since unlike a manual pet flap, your pet does not need to push it open to exit your house, this large size electronic doggie door can be used for the smallest pet up to dogs weighing 125 pounds.  So it would work great if you have multiple pets of various sizes.

High Tech Pet Power Pet Doors also offer electronic dog doors and electronic patio panels. Power Pet Doors are the most popular electronic doggie door line we carry. High Tech Pet offers motorized, collar activated pet doors that are easy to install and they are secure (a steel dead bolt lock is included). High Tech Pet Doors are offered in two sizes, Medium and Large as well as in wall mount, door mount, and electronic sliding glass pet door options. You can also purchase a High Tech sonic pet fence that works with the same collar as the High Tech pet door! Please review product details, because this is not true with all High Tech fence products.

RFID electronic dog doors are the highest performing products on the market today. Infrared dog doors may cost less than their RFID counterparts, but tend not to perform as well in strong sunlight. To our knowledge, there are no more models of infrared dog doors available on the market today.

Magnetic dog doors are the most economically priced automatic dog doors on the market, but provide "in only" controlled access that will allow all pets to leave the house, even those not wearing a collar. A magnetic dog doors requires your pet to wear a small magnet on its collar, slightly larger than the size of a pea. The magnet on the collar must touch the bottom of the pet door in order to activate the door. Be careful, as this magnet located on your pet's collar may also attract metallic items from around your home. An electronic dog door utilizing magnetic technology is also useful in keeping unwanted pests out of your home like raccoons and feral cats. Check out the PetSafe Electronic Smartdoor which actually has controlled access for both pets coming in and going out of your house. It can be used with up to five pets. It is available for both small and large dogs.

We carry electronic patio door dog doors, made by Ideal and High Tech Pet Products. Patio Pacific offers an electronic patio pet door for cats. Only High Tech's electronic patio dog doors are available for large dogs. In addition to offering one of the largest selections of dog doors for sliding glass doors we are now excited to offer another option for people with sliding patio doors. The new AutoSlide Automatic Patio Door Opener which is very similar to the former Doormate automatic sliding patio door opener.

AutoSlide is available in two different models. Choose from the AutoSlide Motion Sensor patio door opener model or the dog collar activated patio door opener.

You should feel confident in shopping for electronic doggie doors at America's Pet Store. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not have affiliations with any dog door manufacturers, so you can be assured that we will provide you with the most objective advice for electronic dog doors for your pet!

America's Pet Store carries the largest selection of electronic dog doors online as well as many other styles. Check out big dog doors and sliding glass dog doors. Choose from all the most popular brands, including PetSafe dog doors, Ideal dog doors, Ruff Weather dog doors, Hale dog doors, Staywell dog doors, Plexidor dog doors, and Patio Pacific Endura flap dog doors.

Shop with confidence at America’s Pet Store and save with our everyday low prices!

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America's Pet Store offers one of the largest selections online of hard to find pet products including pet doors, dog ramps, parrot cages, and automatic cat litter box products. At America's Pet Store, you will find all your pet electronic needs including electric dog fence and wireless dog fence systems, bark collar and shock collar products, dog training collars, and the latest Garmin Astro Dog Tracking System. America's Pet Store is an authorized dealer for all the top brands including PetSafe, Dogtra, DT Systems, SportDOG, Plexidor, and Hale pet doors. Shop with confidence at America's Pet Store with our Price Protection Plan, and FREE shipping on everything we sell!