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Foam Pet Ramps & Foam Pet Steps

Foam Pet Ramps & Foam Pet Steps Foam pet ramps and foam pet steps by PetStairz, Scamp Ramp, Bowser and Snoozer.

Are you looking for a soft foam pet ramp or set of pet steps that will help your pet reach a favorite high spot? Foam pet ramps or pet steps are an affordable way to safely assist your pet in reaching a high bed or couch. America's Pet Store offers a large selection of foam pet stairs and foam doggie ramps in a range of sizes and styles.

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Scamps Replacement Covers

Designer 4-Step Pet Stairs - 16 Inches High
(Item #: BW-4STEP)
Designer 6-Step Pet Stairs - 24 Inches High
(Item #: BW-6STEP)
Scalloped Foam Pet Ramp
PetStairz 3-Step Pet Stairs
(Item #: PS-3STW)
Designer 4-Step Pet Stairs - 16 Inches High
Your Price: $119.99
Designer 6-Step Pet Stairs - 24 Inches High
Your Price: $189.99
Scalloped Foam Pet Ramp
Your Price: $99.95
PetStairz 3-Step Pet Stairs
Your Price: $79.00
PetStairz 4-Step Dog & Cat Pet Stairs
(Item #: PS-4STW)
PetStairz 5-Step Dog & Cat Pet Stairs
(Item #: PS-5STW)
PetStairz 6-Step Dog & Cat Pet Stairs
(Item #: PS-6STW)
PetStairz 3-Step Big Dog Pet Stairs
(Item #: PS-3BDW)
PetStairz 4-Step Dog & Cat Pet Stairs
Your Price: $99.00
PetStairz 5-Step Dog & Cat Pet Stairs
Your Price: $145.00
PetStairz 6-Step Dog & Cat Pet Stairs
Your Price: $169.00
PetStairz 3-Step Big Dog Pet Stairs
Your Price: $173.00
PetStairz 2-Step Big Dog Pet Stairs
(Item #: PS-2BDW)
PetStairz 2-Step Big Dog Pet Stairs
Your Price: $142.00

While our carpeted pet steps for beds are quite popular, many people prefer foam pet ramps or foam pet stairs. Foam is lightweight and portable and, more than any other type of pet step, they help prevent injury to pets.

Foam is a low impact material which helps avoid putting stress on a dog's neck, back and joints. The construction of America's Pet Store's foam pet steps allows for an even distribution of weight, which will reduce stress on joints. While foam pet stairs are a great option for all healthy small and medium sized dogs, they also specifically help handicapped pets as well as pets with joint problems, aging issues, hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Some of our foam dog ramps and foam pet steps come with a removable Sherpa cover which provides traction for your pet. Foam pet step covers are washable, making it easier to keep your pet steps looking clean and new even after constant use. Along with the standard covers included with the foam pet steps, you can also select from additional designer covers which are sold separately. We offer replacement covers in faux black fur, leopard fur, pink fur and many more. No matter what the decor of your home, our foam pet steps are sure to match perfectly.

It is important to note that while America's Pet Store's foam dog ramps or pet steps are a great choice to help your small or medium sized dog to reach favorite places in your home, they are not recommended for dogs that are aggressive chewers. (Also avoid wooden dog ramps or steps if your dog chews.) America's Pet Store has a variety of other pet step construction materials to select from if you are looking to find the perfect pet steps for your chewing dog.

Our foam pet stairs are also not recommended for use by obese or extra large household pets. We have sturdier, non-chewable pet steps to choose from for your large or chewing dog such as aluminum and metal. We also carry aluminum dog ramps to thwart chewers and many of them fold for easy storage.

Our foam pet stairs come with adhesive, skid resistant strips if you are looking to secure your pet steps to the floor. However, these adhesive strips are only to be used on smooth, hard surfaces such as hardwood floors, and not on carpeted surfaces. It is important to note that once these strips are applied, they are permanent.

If you are looking to help your pet reach a couch or a high bed America's Pet Store has a wide variety of low-impact foam dog steps available in various heights from which to choose. We carry foam doggie steps for beds made by PetStairz in models that range from 13 inches high all the way up to 26 inches high.

The smallest model is PetStairz 3-step pet steps and the tallest is PetStairz 6-step Foam Steps. Be sure to measure the placement area and compare it with the dimensions of the foam dog steps you have selected to make sure you have ample space to accommodate its footprint.

We also carry foam dog ramps. If your pet is having difficulty using steps, you should check out our foam dog ramp selection by Scamp Ramp. A foam dog ramp is a great alternative to dog stairs for pets with hip problems or other ailments that make climbing stairs difficult.

We carry many other styles of pet steps and pet ramps, including outdoor pet steps and ramps. Two of our most popular items for outdoor use are hitch-mounted pet steps for SUVs and trucks. If you have a vehicle with a box hitch see the Otto Step or PortablePet Twistep. Or check out our entire lineup of dog ramps and pet steps for SUVs.

If you are looking for portable pet steps or portable dog ramps check out our folding pet steps and telescoping dog ramps that are easy to stow in your vehicle when not in use.

Call now and let America's Pet Store customer service representatives assist you in finding the perfect foam pet steps or any other style of dog stairs or pet ramp. Pet steps and ramps give dog owners peace of mind knowing their pet's body is not enduring stress while getting up and down from favorite high places in your home. carries many other styles including no-frills affordable pet steps. Also see our eco-friendly pet stairs, designer pet steps, pet steps for water, collapsible pet steps, foam pet stairs, and many others. If you would like assistance or have any questions about any of our pet stairs, please contact us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-870-1941 Mon.-Fri., 8:30-4:30 EST.

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