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Freedom Pet Pass Doors

Freedom Pet Pass doggie doors boast an airtight seal that can stand up to a powerful leaf blower - you have to see this demo video!

Freedom Pet Pass doors are no longer available. Check out these other leading weatherproof dog doors.

How airtight are Freedom Pet Pass dog doors? These dog doors have an airtight seal that will not blow open or allow drafts, moisture or insects to get in. And they are the only pet door brand recommended by Energy Federation, Inc., an Energy Star Partner.

Seeing is believing. The video below shows just how airtight the seal is on Freedom Pet Pass Doors.

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Freedom Pet Pass doors have air-tight flaps to eliminate cold drafts and heat loss in the winter, as well as air-conditioning loss in the summer. Conserving energy will lower your home energy bill.

Independent engineering tests have determined that the insulated flaps on Freedom Pet Pass Doors are a better thermal barrier (R-value .35) than those of their biggest competitors. In addition, they go beyond reducing drafts. When installed properly, Freedom Pet Pass doggie doors completely eliminate drafts. Not many pet door brands can make that claim.

According to the Department of Energy, air sealing is one of the most significant energy-efficiency improvements you can make to your home. "Air sealing will not just reduce energy costs; it will also improve your home's comfort and durability".

Marine-grade canvas covers the flaps on Freedom Pet Pass dog doors. In fact, the flexible flap system is actually sent to a marine fabrication shop that stitches the engineered magnet into place ensuring many years of dependable (air-tight) service.

A marine-grade canvas covering is used because it is abrasion-resistant, and much easier to clean and disinfect than any scratched-up plastic flap that collects dirt and bacteria. This feature is helpful if you need to keep multiple pets from sharing infections. The canvas is also much quieter and better looking than a bare, scratched-up plastic flap could ever be.

Veterinarians approve of the innovative flap design on Freedom Pet Pass dog doors because it sets new standards for pet safety. It is very easy to pass through and there aren't any sharp, protruding corners, springs, pins or hinges that can pinch or otherwise harm your pet. And its ability to eliminate drafts can reduce the likelihood of kennel cough and sore joints that leaky pet flaps can cause when pets are confined near the pet door. In addition, all materials used in construction of Freedom Pet Pass Doggie Doors are non-toxic and safe for your pet.

Wall-Mount Freedom Pet Pass dog doors
Home building experts agree wall mount pet doors installed into a wood frame that are sealed and insulated are far more energy efficient than that of a frame made with aluminum or plastic materials.

A Wall-mount Freedom Pet Pass dog door does not come with a "tunnel kit"…and for good reason. Wall mount dog doors that come with a pre-fabricated aluminum or plastic tunnel are not anywhere near as energy-efficient as a custom made, sealed and insulated wood frame.

You can either build the frame yourself or hire a professional to do so in order to realize maximum energy efficiency.

A Freedom Pet Pass dog door will help maintain the overall comfort of your home by not allowing your heat or air-conditioning to leak out of the air-tight flap. It will also reduce noise and pollutants from getting inside that can otherwise get through a flap that is not air-tight. It comes down to the best of all worlds: a door that pets can use on their own terms, without compromising energy-efficiency and comfort.

Freedom Pet Pass dog doors come in three sizes: small, medium and large. a great option available with all sizes of Freedom Pet Pass dog doors is that you can add for no extra charge a bridge to the dog door for toy breeds and dog with extra small legs. Freedom Pet Pass dog doors make perfect daschund dog doors. Additionally Freedom Pet Pass pet doors are only available in a wall or door mount. They do not make dog doors for sliding glass doors at this time but if that is what you are looking for, or if you'd like to at least research these types of doggie doors, we carry a huge selection by many well known brands and a full range of price points.

If you are searching for energy efficient pet doors, and would like to review all the options currently available, please check out America's Pet Store’s other models of energy efficient pet doors.

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