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Freedom Pet Pass - Door-Mount

Freedom Pet Pass - Door-Mount

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Freedom Pet Pass Door Mount Pet Doors are America's best sealing pet door. So it's no wonder that they are the only pet door Energy Star Partners recommend!

Coming Soon!

Freedom Pet Pass is re-designing their door-mount pet door models. We're excited to see how they will improve what is already the world's best performing and most energy-efficient pet door. New models are expected to be available December 16, 2013.

Wall-Mount models by Freedom Pet Pass are available to ship now.

Freedom Pet Pass pet doors are airtight resulting in the elimination of cold drafts and reduction of heat loss in the winter, as well as air-conditioning loss in the summer. Conserving energy will lower your home energy bill.

Check out the demo video on the bottom of this page so you can see for yourself how Freedom Pet Pass Pet Doors are durable, energy efficient and the best sealing pet doors available.

Freedom Pet Pass door mount pet doors are made in Michigan and are constructed entirely of safe, durable, energy-efficient, non-toxic materials.

Freedom Pet Pass Door Mount Pet Door
Shown with locking security panel removed

The canvas-coated rubber, patent-pending Thermo Flap in Freedom Pet Pass pet doors is far superior to a plastic pet flap. Over time most plastic pet flaps will crack, warp, and become very rigid which significantly decreases sealing ability. Plastic flaps also scratch easily and collect dirt and bacteria within those scratches which is hard to remove and is unsightly.

The Freedom Pet Pass flexible rubber, canvas-coated thermal pet flap is a high performance pet flap that provides an airtight seal, even in extreme weather. The marine grade canvas covering is highly abrasive resistant and easily cleans with a non-detergent cleanser.

Freedom Pet Pass Door - Dimensions:

  • Small:

    • Pet Opening: 6" Width x 10" Height

    • Rough Cut Out: 12" Width x 16" Height

    • Exterior Frame: 13" Width x 17" Height

  • Medium:

    • Pet Opening: 9 " Width x 13" Height

    • Rough Cut Out: 15" Width x 19" Height

    • Exterior Frame: 16" Width x 20" Height

  • Large:

    • Pet Opening: 11" Width x 17" Height

    • Rough Cut Out: 17" Width x 23" Height

    • Exterior Frame: 18" Width x 24" Height

Freedom Pet Pass Door - Features:

  • Airtight, high-performance Thermo Flap:

    • Prevents air, water, light, and insect infiltration
    • Wind resistant
    • Quiet
    • Thermal
    • Scratch resistant
    • Easy to clean and disinfect
    • Very flexible

  • No mechanical moving or metal parts to pinch or cut pets
  • Includes sturdy acrylic locking security panel
  • Polycarbonate chew guard adds rugged durability
  • Rigid PVC frame is 1"thick
  • Adjustable Magnet Strength: The Thermo Flap on Freedom Pet Pass pet doors is designed to allow you to reduce the magnet strength. This is particularly useful if you need to purchase a large 11 x 17 model to accommodate a big dog but also have small dogs or cats that will need to use the door.
  • Kennel tested and Veterinarian approved
  • Freedom Pet Pass Door Mount Pet Door with Chew Guard

  • Easy to install:
    • Attractive self-framing vinyl frame
    • Fits all industry standard 1 3/4" thick exterior doors
    • Vinyl frame is paintable
  • Pet doors come completely assembled
  • Approved and endorsed by Veterinarians, Home Energy Engineers, and Construction Industry experts
  • 3-year limited warranty against product malfunction due to manufacturing or parts defects
  • Made in Michigan

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Availability: Discontinued. No Longer Available.

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Freedom Pet Pass - Freedom Pet Pass Door-Mount - FREE SHIPPING! Stars3.84 out of 5 based on 12 ratings. 3 user reviews.

Reviewed by Scott from Colorado on 10-Sep-2012Finally. Great Weather Proof Door!
Quality5 star5
Value For Money4 star4
Reliability5 star5
We originally purchased this door for our home in Maine and are now using it in Colorado. It is a sturdy, great, quality pet door that does a fantastic job of keeping the weather outside. We have used other doors that you purchase at big box pet stores, but those weren't much better than a loose flap hanging in your door. This product, however, is worth the money. Their customer service is great, too. I had a minor issue with my door after my 85 lb Malamute stepped on the flap while it was open. I emailed Brian. 15 minutes later he emailed me back with his phone number. I had him on the phone and in minutes had my problem solved. If I ever need a second pet door, it will be one of these.Would you recommend this to a friend? Yes
Average Rating: 4.67
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Reviewed by Roy from Missouri on 10-Jul-2012one of the best
Quality5 star5
Value For Money3 star3
Reliability5 star5
This is one of the best dog doors for sealing closed, really keeps the air out well. Its made very well.Would you recommend this to a friend? Yes
Average Rating: 4.33
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Reviewed by Danny W. from Texas on 18-Apr-2012greatest pet door ever made
Quality5 star5
Value For Money5 star5
Reliability5 star5
I installed this door in December of 2010. With the old door I had a constant cold draft across my living room and my heating system ran constantly. After installing this door, no more cold drafts and the heating system got a lot of rest. Keeps out the blowing dust and heat in the summer. Easy to clean and very durable. I have two dogs that run in and out constantly. Easy to train the dogs in a couple of hours using treats.Would you recommend this to a friend? Yes
Average Rating: 5.00
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