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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Tracking Collars > Garmin Astro GPS Dog Tracking Systems

Garmin Astro DC-40

Garmin Astro DC-40

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Sold Out! Garmin has discontinued DC-40 collars. See the Garmin Astro T5 GPS dog tracking collar that will work with your 320 handheld receiver.

DC-40 Collar by Garmin Astro - Features:

  • The DC-40 Collar is compatible with the Astro 320 GPS handheld and the Astro 220 handheld receiver.

  • Range: up to nine miles when used with the Astro 320 GPS handheld; up to seven miles when used with the Astro 220 GPS handheld receiver.

  • Includes rechargeable and replaceable Lithium-Ion battery pack and battery charging cradle. Approximate battery life:

    With 5 second update rate = 17 hours
    With 10 second update rate = 27 hours
    With 30 second update rate = 36 hours
    With 2-minute update rate = 48 hours

  • Both the transmitter and the collar are rugged and waterproof

  • The 1" collar strap is covered in polyurethane for added durability and is bright orange for increased visibility. The strap is longer to fit neck sizes 9" 22" and is easy to replace since you can use any 1" dog collar strap.

  • 14" whip-style VHF antenna

  • The Astro 320 and the Astro 220 handheld receiver can track up to 10 dogs.

  • Total Weight: 8 ozs. (collar strap, antenna, transmitter, battery pack)

  • Collar transmitter dimensions: 3.5"W x 1.75"H x 1.25"D

DC-40 Collar Improvements (over DC-30 Collars):

  • The collar transmitter is now self-contained. The GPS antenna is inside the collar transmitter and that allows you to mount the DC-40 on any collar that is 1" wide. This is fantastic if you also use an eCollar while hunting as it eliminates the need for your dog to have to wear two collars.

  • More durable, polyurethane-coated collar strap (1" wide) to hold up over repeated exposure to tough conditions. It's longer too and will fit neck sizes from 9" to 22".

  • The Garmin Astro DC-40 collar now comes with a charging cradle which is really great news. In the past you plugged the charger directly into the collar transmitter. The problem with that was the charging port on the collar transmitter would often get filled with all kinds of dirt and other debris when your dog was out in the field.

    That problem has been completely eliminated. The charging contacts on the collar transmitter are now flat, simply wipe them off if they get dirty. In addition, the charging system now displays a light to indicate when the transmitter is completely charged. This avoids any guesswork on your part.

  • Improved security: Now you can select your own 4-digit security code that must be entered on the Astro 220 handheld unit to enable it to track your dog. This prevents unauthorized folks from tracking your dog which is particularly useful during competitive events.

  • They've added a two-minute update rate that will add battery life. You still have the options of update rates of 5, 10 and 30 seconds.

Garmin Astro DC-40 Dog Tracking Collar Package Includes:

  • DC-40 GPS collar transmitter

  • Heavy-duty, polyurethane-coated, bright orange collar strap

  • Rechargeable and replaceable Lithium-Ion battery pack

  • Charging cradle

  • Car charger adapter

  • Wall charger adapter (any household 110v outlet)

NEW! Astro Covers available in 5 colors!

Designed to protect your Astro 320 without getting in the way.

  • Easy to use, even with gloves on!

  • Makes it easy to identify your 320 handheld

  • Astro Cover designed specifically for the 320 handheld. (Is not compatible with the 220 handheld.)

  • Available in five colors

  • Easy to handle with raised side grip pattern

  • Power button on side is marked

  • Entire screen area remains visible

  • Features a covered keypad with print inlays

  • Battery compartment is accessible for convenience

  • Additional lanyard/sling connector

Garmin Astro Coveralls

Item #: ASTRO DC-40

Availability: Discontinued. No Longer Available.

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If you plan to use this product outside of the USA, please be advised that the radio communication frequencies utilized for United States models of the Garmin Alpha and Astro products may not be authorized for use in Europe.

To ensure compliance with local laws, the radio function that allows the U.S. dog collar products to communicate with the handheld device will be rendered inoperable when used in Europe (the radio communications between the collar and handheld will not work in Europe).

Product versions with the Europe-restricted modification began shipping in late 2013.

For all products sold before this modification has been implemented, the radio function will continue to operate normally; however, if you update the product's firmware or software to a new version that contains this modification, your product's radio function will be rendered inoperable.

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