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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Doors - Cat Doors > Shop by Brand > Hale Pet Doors > Hale Omni Patio Pet Doors for Vinyl Sliders

Hale Omni Patio Pet Door - Small Sizes

Hale Omni Patio Pet Door - Small Sizes

Hale Pet Door for sliding glass doors:

  • Customized panel insert fits perfectly in the tracks of your sliding door
  • Super-simple, pressure-mount installation (no drilling, no screws)
  • Insulated for increased energy-efficiency
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Hale’s OMNI panel inserts fit inside the tracks of your sliding glass doors and come with the pet door already pre-installed. To guarantee a perfect fit, OMNI panel-inserts are custom-made to your specified measurements to match the height of your sliding doors.

OMNI Patio Panel Specifications:

Door Size

Flap Size
Width x Height

Overall Total
Panel Width

Recommended Pet Size

Small 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" 9 3/16" Very small cats only up to 8 lbs
Shoulder height up to 7"
Small Medium 6 1/2" x 9 1/2" 10 3/8" Most cats and small dogs 6 - 12 lbs
Shoulder height 9" to 13"

Important Information: This SMALL size panel pet door is not suitable for any size dog and is meant only for the smallest of cats. For the health and safety of any cat in excess of 8 lbs. we strongly recommend that you consider the next size up (Small Medium Size) which has an additional 2" in height and an extra 1" in width.


  • Glass: Double-pane, insulated tempered glass
  • Double Flaps: Double flaps (one on exterior frame; one on interior frame) for improved insulation and energy-efficiency.
  • Interior Security Cover with Pin Bolt Lock: 3/16" thick polycarbonate panel with 3/8" diameter locking hole; extremely shock and impact-resistant.
  • OMNI Lock Bar: Fits behind sliding glass door to prevent sliders from opening.
  • Weather stripping: Flap is surrounded by 1/2" black nylon pile for maximum insulation. In addition, black vinyl weather stripping is supplied (1 7/8" x 1/16") to attach to back edge of your patio door to prevent air leakage.

The OMNI Panel Insert (with pre-installed pet door)

  • Hale's OMNI Patio Pet Door panel inserts are unquestionably the simplest to install and remove because they are pressure-mounted. You simply insert them into the same tracks as your sliders; there is no need to drill holes or screws into the doorframe.
  • The OMNI panel insert is secured by means of a patented nut and bolt assembly that exerts pressure, making a very secure fit. The reason this works so well is because your OMNI panel insert will be custom made to your specific height measurements.
  • Please Note: Because OMNI panels are pressure-mounted, they are not recommended for sliding doors over 82" high. Hale will make them if you order them, but they are not recommended. Instead, see Hale's Standard line of patio pet doors.

  • The easy-in/easy-out features of OMNI models are perfect for those who lease a home, apartment or condo because no drilling of holes is required and they are easy to remove.
  • OMNI Patio Pet Door panel inserts are compatible with vinyl sliding glass doors such as Pella or Anderson.

The Pet Door (pre-installed at factory)

When you receive your OMNI panel insert, your pet door will already be installed in the frame of the panel. All you have to install is the panel itself.

The pet door in your OMNI panel insert comes standard with two flaps; one on the interior frame and one on the exterior frame. Both flaps are made from a flexible vinyl material that is especially durable and has shown (through extensive testing) to stand up over time to both extreme heat and cold.

The flaps close with a tight seal on three sides from imbedded magnets made out of an aluminum, nickel and cobalt alloy known for strength and durability.

The “rise” of the pre-installed pet door is at a height specified by you when you place your order. The “rise” is the amount of space equal to how high your pet must step up and over to go through the flap. Shorter pets should have a shorter rise, taller pets a taller rise.

IMPORTANT: Take note of where ground level is when your pet steps through the door. Is there a big drop waiting on the other side of the door for your pet? If so, you should get a shorter rise so the drop is not as far.

Hale Colors

FRAME: Extruded heavy aluminum frame


  • Fully weather-stripped flaps (pile weather-stripping)
  • Strong Alnico magnets
  • Double flap creates insulated pet door with dead air space between flaps.


  • Heavy-duty security cover is made of opaque, textured King Starboard
  • Dead Bolt Lock (Secures security panel into place).


  • Secures security cover in place
  • Positive action - spring loaded heavy duty pin lock

Hale Colors

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Item #: hale-omni-unit-small

Availability: Product is built to order. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for construction before shipping.

Your Price:

Price Protection Plan

Item Options
Note overall height of your sliding glass door here:

Choose Color of Door and Security Cover:
Satin Anodized (satin aluminum color) Door with Dolphin Gray Starboard Closing Cover
Bronze Anodized (very dark chocolate color) Door with Black Starboard Closing Cover
White (hard finish paint) Door with White Starboard Closing Cover
Arizona Beige (hard finish tan paint) with Sanshade Tan Starboard Closing Cover

Choose Size (you can order an oversized panel, but they are NOT recommended):
Standard up to 82"
Oversized 82" - 96 (An additional $55.00)

What is the width of your sliding glass door? (Do not include the stationary glass door. Include only the door that slides):

Choose Height of Rise:
1 inch
5 inches
10 inches

Choose mounting location:
Pet panel will be mounted on the stationary side of my patio door.
Pet panel will be mounted on the slider side of my patio door.

When your slider is closed what is the distance between the end of it and the opposite door jamb? (This measurement is used to make the Omni Lock Bar):

Choose a Panel Door Size:
Small 5 1/2 x 7 1/2
Small Medium 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 (An additional $49.00)

Your Price:

Shop with confidence at America’s Pet Store and save with our everyday low prices!

Return Policy: Because this product includes glass, it is considered custom and is therefore Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable. If you receive a defective item it will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you.
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