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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Doors - Cat Doors > Shop by Brand > Hale Pet Doors > Hale Pet Doors - Wall Mount

Hale Pet Doors - Wall Mount

Hale Pet Doors - Wall Mount A Hale Pet Door for walls comes complete with the tunnel. Self-framing design makes Hale Pet Doors easy to install.

A Hale Pet Door for walls boasts superior quality construction, ease-of-installation and an energy-saving design.

A Hale Pet Door for walls comes standard with a heavy frame of extruded aluminum -- not plastic. Plus the corners of the frame are reinforced with steel for added strength. The polycarbonate security panel is literally bullet-proof and the Alnico magnets inside the flap make a superior seal because they are far stronger than ordinary magnets.

Hale Pet Doors for walls are a high-end product and they do cost more than brands that use materials of lower quality. If you want one of the best products you can possibly get, a Hale Pet Door for walls is well worth a look.

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Hale Pet Door for Walls - Small Sizes
(Item #: Hale-211AW)
Hale Pet Door for Walls - Medium Sizes
(Item #: Hale-211CW)
Hale Pet Door for Walls - Large Sizes
(Item #: Hale-211EW)
Hale Pet Door for Walls - Extra Large Sizes
(Item #: hale-wall-unit-xl)
Hale Pet Door for Walls - Small Sizes
Your Price: $182.00
Hale Pet Door for Walls - Medium Sizes
Your Price: $275.00
Hale Pet Door for Walls - Large Sizes
Your Price: $363.00
Hale Pet Door for Walls - Extra Large Sizes
Your Price: $429.00

Each Hale pet door for walls can be mounted in either an interior or exterior house wall. If you plan on using your wall dog door in an interior door, America's Pet Store recommends that you select the single flap option. In this case, the single flap will be factory mounted on the exterior frame of the pet door. If you plan on installing your Hale wall pet door on an exterior facing wall, we recommend selecting the double flap option since this will improve your pet door's energy efficiency in both cold and warm climates.

A 10 inch tunnel comes standard with all Hale wall mount pet doors, which will work for any house wall that is between 2 and 10 inches thick. If you have extra thick walls, you can select a tunnel that will work with walls up to 16 inches thick. Under each tunnel Hale installs flashing to contain and divert any water that may find its way through the tunnel. Each tunnel is lined on the sides and bottom with mildew and mold resistant olefin carpet. You can select between a medium brown carpet that is similar to household carpet, or a very low pile indoor / outdoor carpet in either dark grey or dark brown. The carpet prevents the tunnel from getting too hot or too cold for your pet to walk on and also helps prevent additional heat or light from entering your home. The carpet helps keep your home clean too by wiping the dog's paws as he / she walks through the tunnel. The carpet can be cleaned with a vacuum hose attachment or spot cleaned with any household cleaner.

Also standard on the Hale wall pet doors is a rain cap, installed at the top of the pet door, it helps to prevent water from entering the pet door, thus keeping the water out of your house as well. The color of the rain cap will match the color of the door that you select.

Each Hale wall mount pet door comes standard with one security cover. You can select whether you want a top load or optional side loading security cover. In some installations, a top loading cover will not work which is why Hale offers both options.

Hale Pet Doors are energy efficient pet doors which will stand up to all weather elements. The quality design and construction of Hale wall mount pet doors provides your home with greater protection from wind and unwanted animals.

Hale manufactures a unique line of pet doors including Hale window pet doors, Hale doggie doors for sliding glass doors and Hale screen pet doors. Most styles are available in 11 sizes and four color options, so you are sure to find the perfect Hale pet door to fit both your dog and your home.

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