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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems > Wireless Dog Fence - PetSafe, Havahart, Perimeter & Others > Havahart Wireless Fence and Underground Dog Fence Systems & Accessories

Havahart Radial Wireless Fence

Havahart Radial Wireless Fence

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The Havahart Wireless Fence is the world's first digital wireless dog fence to provide a Roaming Area up to 11 1/2 acres right out of the box - nearly 20 times more than other wireless dog fence brands.

It is quick and easy to set up, portable and requires no digging. This DIY wireless dog fence system is designed for any breed of dog older than 6 months and weighing more than 8 lbs.

The patented Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence features improved communication between the Collar and Controller, resulting in a tighter, more consistent Trigger Zone, 3-6 ft. This System forms a circular boundary from 40 to 400 ft. in all directions, without burying wires. Fence Setup takes less than an hour - set the fence boundary distance, program the collar and place the training flags around your yard.

The system communicates continuously with your dog's wireless collar, displaying his approximate distance. The collar corrects your dog (tone or static, which can be customized based on your dog’s needs), when he reaches the trigger zone and will time-out after 30 seconds. The system alerts you in your home if your dog has breached the boundary, for your dog’s safety and your peace of mind.

Havahart Wireless Fence - Specifications:

  • Controller Unit Dimensions: 6 1/2" wide x 12 1/8" tall x 1 1/8" deep

  • Rechargeable Collar: strap itself is 3/4" wide and fits dogs with neck sizes 14-26"; total weight is 3.7 ozs.

  • Adjustable Range/Boundary: from a 40 foot radius up to a 400 foot radius (11.5 acres)

  • Wider Trigger Zone: 6 to 13 feet

Havahart Wireless Fence - Features:

  • Easy set-up with easy to follow instructions (approx. one hour)

  • Correction levels: choose a tone correction or from 5 static pulse correction levels

  • Dog fence collar: It is water resistant, rechargeable and the antenna is fully contained within the collar strap

  • Expandable: Contain a maximum of two dogs with the purchase of an additional Havahart Wireless Fence Collar

  • System is portable and very easy to set up in any place that has a standard power supply (120V AC)

  • Alert system for boundary breeches and low batteries

  • Run-Through Safety Time-Out (after 30 secs. of correction collar temporarily times out and will not correct the dog for returning to Roaming Area)

  • Wider trigger zone than other wireless dog fence systems

  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on parts; 1-Year for Labor

IMPORTANT: Not all properties are appropriate for wireless devices and works best on wide properties at least 30 feet from the road, with minimal landscaping and minimal sloping. If your home has aluminum siding or metal roofing or concrete walls a wireless fence signal may be diminished or not work at all. Other signal obstructions could be dense forest or heavy woods or thick foliage up against the exterior walls of your home. It is also vital to train your dog to the wireless fence, spending 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a day for 3 weeks, as outlined in the instruction manual.

Maximum Circular Roaming Area

The Havahart Wireless Wireless Dog Fence provides a Roaming Area up to a 400-foot radius – that is up to 11.5 acres and close to 20 times more Roaming Area provided than is provided by other electric fence brands. The Havahart Wireless wider Trigger Zone was designed to keep your dog safe and away from danger.

Havahart Wireless Fence Area

Cutting Edge Technology

The Havahart Wireless Collar integrates our Patented antennas in the rubberized collar strap. Our wireless antenna technology boosts the range and reliability of the Controller. Integrated Motion Sensor Technology allows the Collar to conserve battery life when your dog is not moving.

Havahart Radial Shape2

Havahart Wireless Collar - Enhanced Design

The new waterproof Havahart Wireless Electric Dog Collar is comfortable. has a collar strap made from heavy gauge nylon webbing that houses the patented antennas, and has a durable 3/4 inch snap buckle closure.

Havahart Wireless Fence Collar


The Havahart Wireless Collar has several Correction levels. The Collar's default setting is Tone Only (auditory correction) but can be programmed to one of 5 different static correction levels. This allows you to pick the best one that fits your dog's temperament. The Collar should not be on your dog for more than 12 consecutive hours.

Easy Set Up (Digital LCD)

The set-up time of your Havahart Wireless Fence should take approximately 1 hour. Step by step Instruction Manual, Instructional DVD and Quick Set Up Guide are included to help walk you through the installation.

Portable Dog Fence

The small size of the Havahart Wireless Fence Controller allows you to easily take the system with you when you move or go on vacation. Make sure to plug the Controller into a properly grounded 120V AC power outlet and reset your training flags. It is recommended to retrain your dog to be familiar with the new Roaming Area.

Safety Features

Havahart Wireless created a wider Trigger Zone - 6 to 13 ft - to keep your dog safe and away from danger.

The collar is designed with a Safety Time-Out feature that stops the correction cycle (a series of static pulses) after 30 seconds. After the correction cycle times out, your dog will not be corrected for returning to the Roaming Area. Once your dog returns to the Roaming Area the Collar will revert to its normal operating mode and correction will occur if he again enters the Trigger Zone.

The system will alert you if your dog has breached the Fence Boundary or if your batteries are running low.

Havahart Radial Wireless Fence - Package Contents:

  • Controller Unit, 10-ft AC adapter power cord, screw & wall anchor, removable wall-mount adhesive strips

  • One Waterproof Havahart Wireless Fence Collar - fits dogs with neck sizes from 14" - 26"

  • Two rechargeable collar batteries (only one battery is required to operate the collar)

  • Battery charging unit

  • Two short collar probes and two long collar probes (for long hair/thick coats)

  • Heart-shaped collar tester

  • 75 training flags

  • Instructional DVD and Manual

  • Quick Set Up Guide

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Item #: HW-5134GSEL

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Note: Fence system comes with one collar. Add an extra collar to make a two dog fence system.

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Havahart Radial Wireless Fence - Havahart Wireless Dog Fence - 5134G2 - FREE SHIPPING! Stars4.67 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 1 user reviews.

Reviewed by J Trotter from Missouri on 12-Apr-2013Very pleased but ...
Quality5 star5
Value For Money4 star4
Reliability5 star5
We are very pleased with the radial fence. We live in the country on 11 acres and didnt want the expense or hassle of burying a line. I trained our 6 mo labradoodle per instructions, bad flags and all. HOWEVER I did buy wire flags (used to mark underground cables) because: 1- the supplied flags were too flimsy, and 2- I needed a lot more flags since we marked out a 260 ft radius boundary. For whatever reason, our dog will break through occasionally and thankfully the alarm alerts us of the breach. Just wish there was a GPS incorporated in the system so I can locate our dog more quickly. We never leave her outside without one of us at home, we always remove the collar once shes inside.Would you recommend this to a friend? Yes
Average Rating: 4.67
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