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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Houses - Cat Houses > Heated Dog Houses - Best Options

Heated Dog Houses - Best Options

There are several ways to heat a dog house to keep your pet warm and cozy this winter.

All of the dog houses in this section are insulated and offer one or more optional accessories to turn your dog's digs into a heated dog house during the cold winter months. Insulation is important because it will retain the heat from a dog house heater or from heated floor pads.

One of the most popular options for heating a pet house is the Hound Heater Dog House Furnace. It can be installed in most of the dog houses in this section except for the very smallest.

Other available options to provide heat in dog and cat houses that are too small to accommodate the Hound Heater are dog house floor heater mats and door flaps to keep out wind.

Each dog house description in this section will highlight which heating options are available for that particular model.

See our valuable Heated Dog House section for these products!

UnderCover Small Insulated Cedar Dog House
(Item #: UC-DHSML)
UnderCover Medium-Short Cedar Insulated Dog House
(Item #: UC-DHMED-S)
Small Duplex Insulated Cedar Cat House
Large Duplex Insulated Cedar Pet House
(Item #: UC-CHDPLX)
UnderCover Small Insulated Cedar Dog House
Your Price: $209.95
UnderCover Medium-Short Cedar Insulated Dog House
Your Price: $312.95
Small Duplex Insulated Cedar Cat House
Your Price: $329.95
Large Duplex Insulated Cedar Pet House
Your Price: $414.95

Does a dog really need a heated dog house? Well, it depends. If a dog spends a lot of time outside in a cold-weather region a heated dog house may very well be needed. Especially if the dog breed is not suited to extended periods in cold weather. Siberian Huskies love being out in cold weather! But your Labrador Retriever probably does not.

The bottom line is that you want your dog to be safe, but you probably would like him to be comfortable, too. If it is too cold for you to stay outside all night without heat it is probably too cold for your dog to be comfortable as well.

Some people think a dog house with heat is an extravagance. However, today's trend with pet owners is that pets are a bona fide part of the family. Pet owners today assume much more responsibility for their pets health and happiness than ever before. Regular visits to the groomer and to the vet for preventive health check-ups are the norm. And why not? Dogs are, after all, man's best friend. Would you leave your best friend out in the cold?

Even if your dog doesn't spend all day or all night outside, he might enjoy having the option of a heated dog house and want to spend a little more time outside during the winter months.

The first thing to know about heating a dog house is that you don't want to heat just any dog house. The dog house must be insulated or else any heat generated will immediately be lost. An insulated dog house is a must if you intend to include heat.

Most of the dog houses we offer are insulated but not all of them. This heated dog house section only includes dog houses with insulation. Heating options depend on the size of the dog house. The Hound Heater Dog House Furnace is a tried and true dog house heater but it is not for all dog houses. Be sure to compare the overall dimensions of the Hound Heater to the interior dimensions of any dog house you are thinking about purchasing. Will if fit inside and still leave enough room for your dog? This is an easy mistake to avoid so please compare dimensions.

If you prefer dog house floor heaters we have them in three sizes to fit most igloo style dog houses and we have two rectangle sizes. Out of these there should be a size and shape that will work for your dog's house. Remember, you don't want to completely cover the dog house floor with a floor heater. It is best to leave an area that is not covered so your dog can have the option of getting off the heating pad but still stay inside the dog house.

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