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Double Style Custom Litter Box Cabinet

Double Style Custom Litter Box Cabinet

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Litter boxes are untidy and ugly, but unfortunately necessary. This upscale and unique custom designed litter box solves your problems with unsightly litter boxes. Enhance your decor and hide your cat's litter box with this custom made litter box cabinet.


  • Top Cabinet: 27" Height x 29" Width x 18" Depth
  • Bottom Cabinet - Choice of:
    • Standard with 28 qt pan: 27" Height x 29" Width x 18" Depth
    • Tall with 56 qt pan: 29" Height x 29" Width x 18" Depth


  • Litter boxes are waterproofed, sealed inside and out, and all inside joints are caulked so urine and odors will not penetrate the wood.
  • Top section provides storage for litter, food, and accessories.
  • Lower section doors allow litter pan to slide out easily and quickly for cleaning
  • Lower section includes a plastic Sterilite container in either 28 qt (23" L x 16" W x 6" D) in the Standard version or 56 qt (23" L x 16" W x 12" D) for an additional charge in the Tall version.
  • Cabinets have a bag compartment
  • Cup hooks inside each door hold odor product and scoop
  • A wooden ledge over the pan controls excess scratched litter so you won't have to constantly clean up. The litter stays in the box.
  • Entrances are on each side and are 11" from floor.
  • Shipped fully assembled.
  • Top section is available with one door or two doors (specify your preference during checkout).
  • Hidy Tidy Litter Box Cabinet Two Door Style Opened

  • Customize your cabinet by choosing the trim you prefer:
  • Hidy Tidy Litter Box Cabinet Trim Styles

Optional Stained Glass Decorative Doors:

  • Stained Glass with Stained Glass Cat in Window
  • Stained Glass with Stained Glass Cat on Pillow
  • Stained Glass with Stained Glass Cat and Mouse
  • Stained Glass with Wood Cats
  • Stained Glass with Metal Cats

Optional Accessories Available to Purchase:

  • Cat Steps
    • These steps help your cat walk right up to the door flap on your cabinet.
    • Ideal for older cats or those with joint problems.
  • Zeolite
    • Hangs on the inside of the door and is the ultimate air freshener
    • Banishes potent litter box odors
    • Made from all natural, non-toxic volcanic minerals (zeolite) that contain an ionic charge; which attracts and eliminates any odors.
    • This product can be rejuvenated and used over and over. Every 8 months rinse the zeolite bag with cold water and place in the sun to dry. Hang back inside the cabinet door and it will continue to remove odors.
  • Stainless Steel Scoop
    • Designed to last a lifetime
    • Will not rust, bend or break
  • Litter-Lifter Plastic Scoop
    • The wedge shaped tines trap even the smallest waste fragments and will not pick up clean litter.
    • No stopping to sift, it is automatic
    • No shaking needed which produces less dust for you to breathe.
    • The strongest and sturdiest plastic scoop on the market

Litter Box Cabinet Available Finishes:

Hidy Tidy Litter Box Cabinet Finishes

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Item #: HTY-F1Double

Availability: Product is built to order. Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for construction before shipping.

Your Price:

Price Protection Plan

Item Options
Choose a Style:
One Door Top Section
Two Door Top Section

Choose a Finish:
Whitewash (An additional $50.00)
Green (An additional $50.00)
Blue (An additional $50.00)

Choose a Trim:
Block Style (Style C)
Plain Style
Rope Style

Optional Decor Enrichments:
Stained Glass Door with Cat in Window (An additional $200.00)  

Stained Glass Door with Cat on Pillow (An additional $200.00)  

Stained Glass Door with Cat and Mouse (An additional $200.00)  

Stained Glass Doors with Wood Cats (An additional $200.00)  

One Metal Cat (available on Single Door Top) (An additional $125.00)  

Two Metal Cats (available on Two Door Top) (An additional $150.00)  

Decorative Back-piece Trim (An additional $40.00)  

Optional Accessories:
Cat Steps (An additional $60.00)  

Zeolite (An additional $15.00)  

Stainless Steel Scoop (An additional $15.00)  

Litter Lifter Plastic Scoop (An additional $15.00)  

Choose Lower Cabinet Options:
Standard 27" (includes 28 qt Sterilite container)
Standard 27" with Art Deco Design Slat Doors  (An additional $50.00)
Tall 29" (includes 56 qt Sterilite container)  (An additional $55.00)
Tall 29" with Art Deco Design Slat Doors (An additional $105.00)

Bad Back Option: Litter Box in Top Cabinet / Storage in Lower (Reverse of normal) (An additional $35.00)

Your Price:

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Return Policy: These cabinets are custom made and are therefore non-cancellable and non-returnable.
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