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High Tech Pet Water Resistant Ultrasonic Collar / MS-4

High Tech Pet Water Resistant Ultrasonic Collar / MS-4

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MS-4 High Tech Pet Ultrasonic Pet Collar (replaces the now discontinued MS-2 collar)

  • Featuring a stronger signal than the MS-2!

The MS-4 High Tech Power Pet Door collar is an enhanced replacement for their most popular MS-2A heavy duty Microsonic Collar. Using digital circuitry, this state of the art design provides a stronger signal and maintains better accuracy over all temperature ranges. It also uses a specially designed B3V1A battery which prevents damage to the circuitry if the battery is accidentally installed incorrectly.

With a fully enclosed ultrasonic speaker the MS-4 is more water-resistant and rugged than the original MS-2. While we don't recommend you let your pooch take it for a dip in the pool, the new MS-4 is fully immersible for short periods of time and will continue to work even when wet.

High Tech MS-4 Ultrasonic pet collar - Features:

Have more than one pet? Order a High Tech Pet Collar Transmitter for each one.

NOTE: The MS-4 Collar ships with a B3V1A battery, which is the only compatible battery for this collar. Please ensure that when re-ordering batteries for this collar, the B3V1A battery is chosen. See suggested items below

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Item #: HITEC-MS-4

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MSRP: $45.99

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High Tech Pet Water Resistant Ultrasonic MS-4 Pet Collar - FREE SHIPPING! Stars5.00 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 1 user reviews.

Reviewed by Ivete from Florida on 05-Nov-2016Excellent
Quality5 star5
Value For Money5 star5
Reliability5 star5
This collar is wonderful to use with electronic door for my cats! Secure and durable, its amazing how the cats go in and out easily, no worries. Thank you for this product!Would you recommend this to a friend? Yes
Average Rating: 5.00
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