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High Tech Pet Electronic Patio Pet Door - 8 1/4 x 10

High Tech Pet Electronic Patio Pet Door - 8 1/4 x 10
A High Tech Power Pet Door works almost like magic!

A High Tech Power Pet Door will open only for your pet, and only when your pet is on a direct approach. The pet door will not open when he or she is just wandering by or resting next to the door.

Power Pet Patio Door - Dimensions (medium size pet entrance)

  • Pet door entrance: 8 1/4 x 10 (w x h)

    (If your pet needs a larger entrance door see the Large Patio Power Pet Door - 12 1/4 x 16

  • Height of the "rise" (the portion of the door your pet steps over): 4"

  • Overall panel width: 14"

    Important: Your sliding door will not open as wide after installation - you will lose 14". Please measure to be sure that will work for you.

Available Panel Heights (to match the height of your sliding doors)

  • Standard - Adjustable range from 78 3/4" to 81 1/4"

  • Tall - Adjustable range from 93 3/4" to 96"

  • Short - Adjustable range from 75" to 77 1/2"

High Tech Power Patio Pet Door - Medium - Features:

  • Keeps Out Strays and Racoons

  • Home Security: This panel comes with a lock that will work with most existing sliding glass door locks. (Most other brands of patio pet doors do not work with existing sliding glass door locks.)

    In addition, the sliding pet door entrance is made of Lexan, a bullet-proof material that is nearly indestructible, making these pet doors much more secure than conventional flap style pet doors

  • Energy Efficient: The Lexan door panel is mounted on a sliding, airtight seal for excellent wind, rain and foul weather protection

  • Super Slim Styling

  • Automatic Dead Bolt Lock

  • Automatic Safety Retract System

  • Comes with one transmitter collar; extra collars for additional pets can be purchased

  • Easy to Install: Simply insert the panel into the upper and lower track of your sliding glass door, release the spring loaded top with two quick thumbnail screws and it automatically adjusts itself to the height of your track.
Collar Key
High Tech Ultrasound Collar
Full battery operation available (AC with battery back up too!)
Closing Panel
Clear Indestructible Lexan
4-Way (Locked, in only, out only, both)
Range Controls
Dual (inside & outside)
Must have ultra-sonic collar to open, plus "Automatic Dead Bolt Lock"
Light weight is hardly noticeable in a door
Slim, less than 2" deep
Clean professional styling complements your home
Sells 10 to 1 over the competition
Smart signal
The signal emitted from your pet's collar tells the Power Pet door how far away your pet is and the direction in which your pet is traveling. This allows the Power Pet to work like magic, opening only when your pet is on a direct approach

High Tech Power Pet electronic pet doors are fully automatic, motor driven and open completely under their own power. Activated by an ultrasonic pet collar, these amazing pet doors absolutely keep out stray animals. Pet doors feature a translucent bullet-proof Lexan door panel that quickly and quietly powers upward disappearing into the stylish housing.

There is no question that High Tech Pet Power Pet Doors increase home security. They feature a special automatic, dead bolt lock that guards against would-be intruders. Only the coded signal from your pet's collar will open a Power Pet door.


  • High Tech Power Pet Doors are constructed of an ultra-high strength ABS composite housing with a bullet-proof Lexan sliding pet door (clear), giving you and your pet the ultimate in security. The Lexan panel is mounted on a sliding, air tight seal for the best wind, rain and foul weather protection of any pet door made.

  • This new, absolutely state of the art design represents unquestionably the most advanced, most reliable, most stylish pet door made anywhere. In fact, your new POWER PET Fully Automatic Pet Door will be the most sophisticated appliance your pet will ever own!

One quick look at your new PX model's new control panel will show you many of its great new features and innovations.

Electric Pet Door

AUTOMATIC CLOSE CONTROL: High Tech Pet Doors feature a smart sensing circuit that keeps the door panel open as long as it is receiving the signal from your pet's collar. Once your pet has moved completely through the opening the panel closes.

AUTOMATIC SAFETY RETRACT: The door panel weighs less than 2 lbs. and is closed smoothly by gravity (not the motor) and is too light to cause any physical injury to pets or children. However, just to be extra safe, an automatic safety retract feature is in place. This feature causes the panel to instantly retract if it encounters an obstruction during closure.

DUAL RANGE CONTROLS: You can adjust different activation distances for inside and outside of your home. Usually, it's a good idea to use a short inside distance of a foot or two and a longer 4 to 5 foot distance outside.

4 WAY ACCESS CONTROL: You can allow your pet to come in but not go out, go out but not come in, come in and out or close and lock the door altogether.

Electronic Pet Door

Three different adjustable height panels to match your sliding doors (Not compatible with vinyl sliding glass doors such as those manufactured by Pella or Andersen)

Electronic Pet Door

Comes complete with:
  • One pet transmitter collar

  • 110 volt AC Adapter

  • Insulation Kit

  • Locking Kit

  • All required hardware

  • Optional Battery & Charger Kit (batteries are not needed to operate this door; batteries are an optional power source. However, the ultrasonic collar does require batteries and those batteries are included.)

  • Extra Transmitter Collars (see Suggested Products below)
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Availability: In Stock. Usually ships in one business day!

MSRP: $499.00

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Item Options
Choose Patio Door Height:
Standard 78 3/4" to 81 1/4"
Short 75" to 77 1/2" (An additional $30.00)
Tall 93 3/4" to 96" (An additional $85.00)

Optional Collar Upgrade: Please Upgrade to MS-5 Waterproof Collar (An additional $10.00)

Option to purchase extra collars:
No thanks I do not need extra collars
Add 1 extra MS-4 Collar (An additional $44.99)
Add 2 extra MS-4 Collars (An additional $89.98)
Add 1 extra MS-5 Waterproof Collar (An additional $54.99)
Add 2 extra MS-5 Waterproof Collars (An additional $109.98)

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