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High Tech Super Hush Puppy Progressive Sonic Bark Collar

High Tech Super Hush Puppy Progressive Sonic Bark Collar

Effective, affordable, and humane.

The High Tech Pet Super Hush Puppy Progressive Sonic Bark Control Collar is a painless, electronic sonic dog collar that uses harmless sound to make your dog stop barking fast.

How it Works:

The Super Hush Puppy bark control collar uses a microphone to detect your dog's bark. At the first bark an audible tone is sounded for approximately 1/2 second. If your dog barks again, the tone sounds for approximately one second. After the third bark, the tone is increased to 2 seconds and is increased again to 3 seconds after the fourth bark. The tone will continue to sound for three seconds after each bark until the dog ceases barking for thirty seconds or more.

The use of our unique progressively increasing sound stimulus is more effective in stopping barking because it quickly teaches your dog a pattern that is in direct response to the animal's behavior.

High Tech Pet Super Hush Puppy Electronic Bark Collar

Super Hush Puppy Bark Control Collar Features:

  • Uses a harmless sound to deter pets from barking
  • Painless sonic bark control technique
  • More humane than a shock collar
  • Electronic dog training collar that works effectively without hurting your barking dog
  • Progressive sound stimulus is automatically increased through 4 levels
  • Sound level is reset once barking ceases for more than 30 seconds
  • Small and lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Voice recognition feature minimizes false triggering
  • High quality nylon strap adjusts from 5" to 24"
  • Lightweight and comfortable on dogs weighing as little as 5 lbs
  • Effective on dogs weighing over 150 lbs!
  • Operates on a standard 6-volt battery (not included)

High Tech Pet Super Hush Puppy Sonic Bark Collar

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High Tech Hush Puppy Sonic Bark Control Collar