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Home > Bird Products > Bird Cages - Parrot Cages > Indoor Flight Bird Cages & Aviaries

Indoor Flight Bird Cages & Aviaries

Choose from a wide assortment of indoor flight cages and aviaries. Flight bird cages are large bird cages for small birds giving them the freedom to fly!

Improve your bird's health and socialization with an indoor flight cage. America's Pet Store carries a large variety of indoor flight cages. These are large bird cages for small birds such as canaries, finches and parakeets. These indoor bird aviaries are big enough to allow flight to help keep birds happy, fit and healthy.

See our valuable Indoor Flight Cage FAQs & Tips section for these products!

Browse Indoor Flight Bird Cages & Aviaries
Flight Cages
Indoor Flight Bird Cages & Aviaries
Flight cages are for the birds - your birds! Imagine how happy they'll be with room enough to spread their wings and fly.
Double Flight Cages
Indoor Flight Bird Cages & Aviaries
Double Flight Cages, either stacked or side-by-side, are also commonly used by breeders for finches, canaries, parakeets and other small birds.
Indoor Walk-In Aviaries
Indoor Flight Bird Cages & Aviaries
Walk-in bird aviaries allow plenty of room for a flock of birds and for you, too!

Note: This section is devoted to indoor flight bird cages which are basically large bird cages for small birds. If you want to keep your birds outside please see our outdoor bird cages and outdoor bird aviaries. Our outdoor bird cages section also includes walk-in bird cages.

Q. Why should I consider purchasing an indoor flight bird cage?

A. Large bird cages for small birds allow natural behaviors, at least to a degree. In the wild, birds spend a large portion of their day in flight. It is unnatural for a bird to sit on a perch inside a small cage day after day with no exercise. As a result, many sedentary birds become bored, and take out this boredom with constant noise and possibly aggression. Or even worse, health issues can arise, especially with finches. They will actually get fat if they don't exercise. Any one of our large bird cages for small birds can help prevent obesity which is a serious health issue in companion birds.

Giving your birds more freedom with an indoor flight bird cage increases mental stimulation, too. This will ultimately make your birds not only happier, but also healthier. Additionally, indoor flight bird cages are like pieces of living art! When a number of small birds such as finches or canaries are flitting around and playing in a flight cage, it is a beautiful sight to see. If you only have a single small bird, you may want to consider having both a flight cage and a standard cage for you bird's enjoyment if money and space permit.

Note: If you are a bird breeder some of our indoor flight bird cages may be what you are looking for, but if not, please see our stackable breeder bird cages.

Q. What size should I look for in indoor flight bird cages?

A. Before even thinking about overall size you need to be sure that bar spacing is appropriate for little birds. Large bird cages for small birds have no more than a 1/2 inch of space between the cage bars. Avoid the mistake of buying a big cage meant for big birds. Such a cage will have wide spaces between the bars and will not be safe for canaries, finches, or other similarly sized small birds.

As far as overall size a good rule of thumb for a minimum size of flight cages for finches, parakeets or canaries is 24" x 24" x 24". But if you have enough space in your house and room in your budget for one of our large bird cages for small birds why not get a bigger cage? Indoor flight bird cages need to be large enough to allow the species of bird room for flight. Your indoor flight bird cage needs to be wide enough to allow small hops and flight. Many sellers of indoor flight cages claim that the height of an indoor flight cage is not as important as the width. The reality is if you are able to provide your bird or birds with a flight cage that is both wide and tall, your bird is going to be happier and better off for it. Muscles used in flight to gain height are important to exercise, too.

The bottom line is that you should provide as much flying space as possible, so they can fly side to side and gain a little height while doing so. Do we say this because we want you to buy one of our bigger indoor flight cages so you'll spend more money? Absolutely not. If you think about it, it is just plain common sense. Birds need to fly; to be able to fly a cage needs adequate space. (Unless you are one of those people who is lucky enough to have the time to supervise and a safe-space to allow your birds to fly around the house. If that is the case then one of our small bird cages or medium sized bird cages for eating and sleeping may very well be adequate.)

Q. What bar spacing is appropriate for an indoor flight bird cage?

As a general recommendation we would say a minimum of 3/16" to a maximum of 1/2" apart. Birds can get a wing or toe nail caught in bar spacing that is too narrow. If the space between the bird cage bars is too wide they can get their little heads stuck between them…or even escape! This means that large bird cages and extra large bird cages that are NOT flight cages should be avoided for birds as small as parakeets, finches, canaries, etc.

It is also important to position your bird's water and food dishes, perches and toys in such a manner that they are not obstacles in your bird's flight path. Evaluate the ease for you to put your hands in the cage when necessary, as escape is much more likely with indoor flight bird cages than standard smaller cages.

It is very important to properly introduce a bird to an indoor flight bird cage. A new bird cage, especially if it is significantly larger than the old one, can be a scary, stressful environment to a bird if he is not properly and slowly transitioned. It is especially difficult to transition one bird into a flight bird cage that already has a number of existing inhabitants. America's Pet Store recommends hanging a smaller bird cage inside the large indoor flight bird cage that will be your bird's new home. Hang the small cage such that your bird can see the entirety of the flight cage. Once the existing birds have lost their curiosity and the new bird appears calm and comfortable, you may release your bird into the flight cage to join the other birds.

Indoor flight bird cages are functional and for the most part are not terribly stylish. In other words, you won't find any in our decorative bird cage section. Indoor flight cages are generally rectangular or square and do not come in some of the more popular styles. Some of them have pitched roofs, particularly the taller indoor aviaries. You won't find play top bird cages, dome top bird cages or travel bird cages in this section that are suitable for use as flight cages. Stainless steel bird cages for flight are also difficult to find.

Don't forget to check our discount bird cages section and budget bird cages section for good deals on indoor flight bird cages. If you don't find any we encourage you to check back often because the cages in those sections change frequently.

If you are wondering which indoor flight bird cages are the most popular we can point you to the Loro flight cage which is in our Avian Adventures Bird Cages lineup. Tied for most popular is the Double flight cage which is manufactured by A&E Bird Cages. Either one of these large bird cages for small birds would likely make your flock quite happy.

In addition to A&E and Avian Adventures, America's Pet Store is also proud to be an Authorized Online Retailer for HQ Bird Cages, and Prevue Hendryx Bird Cages.

We carry many other styles of parrot cages in all sizes – everything from parakeet cages to double macaw bird cages and sizes in between. If you have a large parrot and need a big bird cage, but are crunched for space in your home check out our space-saving corner bird cages.

If you have any questions about any of our indoor flight bird cages, or any other style, please contact America's Pet Store customer service at 1-800-870-1941, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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