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Innotek All Innotek training products are designed and supported by professional dog trainers.

America's Pet Store is an Authorized Retailer for Innotek products. We offer free shipping and low prices on every Innotek product we sell: Innotek dog fence systems; Innotek pet containment systems; and Innotek bark collar receivers.

We also carry Innotek accessories including replacement collars, batteries, chargers and adapters…all prices include free ground shipping.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

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Innotek Wireless Dog Fence System
Looking for the Innotek Wireless Dog Fence System? You’ll find it here but now with the PetSafe name. New name, same great product.
Innotek Collar Replacements
Free shipping and low prices on all Innotek Collar Replacements. We carry Innotek dog collars for pet fence containment systems, bark control & dog training.
Innotek Batteries
We offer Innotek batteries for dog fence systems, training collars and bark collars.

America's Pet Store is a fully Authorized Online Retailer for the entire Innotek dog collar lineup for training. This means that the Innotek products you buy here come complete with a manufacturer's warranty. Innotek is known for their product and technical support long after the sale and you will be entitled to that, too.

These products are designed to be simple to use, and they are. Even so, many Innotek products come with both a training manual and a training DVD. These items are great to have on hand to answer questions that may come up.

If you have questions that are not sufficiently answered in the manual or DVD you can always call Innotek's excellent customer support and training professionals at 1-800-364-3362. The call is toll-free and Innotek invites product owners to call for training advice and tips as often as they wish.

The following information covers some of the more popular Innotek dog collars for remote training, for pet containment systems; and for eliminating nuisance barking.

Innotek BC-200 and other Innotek Bark Collar Systems
Innotek No-Bark Collars are simple to use and amazingly effective and are also designed to be fair to your dog. The collar is activated by the vibration of your dog's vocal cords, not by sound. So another dog that is barking nearby will not activate the collar.

Another great feature of Innotek automatic no-bark collar systems is the correction levels are self-adjusting according to your specific dog. (That must be why they've named them Innotek Smart Dog no bark collars.) When you first put the collar on your dog and it detects your dog's very first bark, it will deliver the lowest correction level. With each subsequent bark (within 20 seconds) it will raise the correction to the next level up.

When your dog responds by being quiet for more than 20 seconds the collar will re-set to the next level down. Essentially, it is re-setting to a level that has been selected by your dog as being the lowest level needed to be effective. And there you have it: effective yet fair and humane bark control. It's that simple.

Smart Dog technology is featured with both the Innotek rechargeable barking collar as well as the model that uses replaceable batteries.

Innotek Dog Fence Systems

Innotek IUC-5100 Contain and Train
The Innotek Contain and Train Collar does double duty with Innotek UltraSmart technology. It works like any other Innotek in-ground fence system to keep your dog safely contained, but the collar is also responsive to a remote trainer or transmitter (included) that is held and controlled by you.

Use the Innotek 5100 handheld remote trainer to help your dog learn basic commands such as heel, down, sit, come, etc. It's also very effective at helping your dog to learn to stop getting on furniture, jumping on people and just about any other unacceptable behavior you would like to eliminate.

Innotek SD-2100 and Innotek SD-2000
Both of these Innotek pet containment system models feature Smart Dog Technology. Smart Dog technology means that you don't have to fiddle with adjustments. These collars deliver correction levels based on your individual dog's behavior. If your dog gets the right message with a very low correction, then the collar will not increase the correction.

The collar will only increase correction if a dog shows that he is still willing to test the fence boundaries. When a dog decides to stop testing the boundaries (and with most dogs it doesn't take very long), the collar will re-set to the next lowest level. Essentially, your dog is the one who chooses the right correction level for his or her temperamet.

The SD-2100 features a collar receiver that is rechargeable and waterproof and comes standard with enough wire for 500 feet of coverage. You can purchase additional wire and expand coverage all the way up to 25 acres.

The SD-2000 features a water-resistant collar that uses replaceable batteries. It too comes standard with enough wire for 500 feet of coverage but can only expand coverage up to 5 acres (with the purchase of additional wire).

NOTE: If you are looking to add Innotek Zones to a Innotek Wireless Dog Fence (for indoor use) it has been re-branded under their parent company's PetSafe division. The product is exactly the same but it is now called the PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Wireless Dog Fence.

Innotek Training Collar Systems
The beauty of these Innotek collars is they are lightweight and so are the transmitters. If you are shopping for an Innotek basic remote trainer, check out the Innotek Free Spirit FS-15 remote training collar which is suitable for most dogs. However if you have a very small dog, such as a toy breed dog, then the Innotek SD-70 Lap Dog Trainer for small dogs, including toy breeds, is a good choice. The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer IS NOT for use on cats.

As with all Innotek products, owners are entitled and encouraged to use the unlimited free professional support and training tips provided by Innotek.

Replacement Parts for Innotek Discontinued Items
Having a hard time finding an Innotek dog collar battery for a discontinued model? Although discontinued, we still carry replacement batteries for the Innotek IUT 300 and the Innotek FS-25A. We also carry batteries for the Innotek ADV-1002 system and for the Innotek Digital Advanced Trainer 300 Yards (the model number is Innotek ADV-300P and is also discontinued.

Innotek is owned by Radio Systems Corporation (RSC). RSC also owns the PetSafe and SportDOG brands. So when people ask "Are PetSafe and Innotek the same", the answer is yes and no. The products are not identical but all RSC brands use similar technology and have excellent support.

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