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Insulated Dog Houses

Insulated dog houses will keep outdoor pets dry, clean and much more comfortable than dog housing with no insulation.

Insulated dog houses are almost always the best way to go, unless you live in a region where the weather is mild year-round. Even so, an insulated dog house is great for all seasons because they can help to keep dogs warm in winter as well as help to keep dogs cool in summer.

We carry outdoor insulated dog houses constructed from solid cedar wood that weather nicely outdoors as well as a good selection of insulated plastic dog houses. You'll also find just as nice a selection of outdoor cat houses suitable for sheltering family cats or feral cats.

If you live in a region with extreme temperatures you may even want to consider adding a dog house heating pad, a dog house heater or a dog house air conditioner.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

UnderCover Small Insulated Cedar Dog House
(Item #: UC-DHSML)
UnderCover Medium-Short Cedar Insulated Dog House
(Item #: UC-DHMED-S)
Small Duplex Insulated Cedar Cat House
Large Duplex Insulated Cedar Pet House
(Item #: UC-CHDPLX)
UnderCover Small Insulated Cedar Dog House
Your Price: $209.95
UnderCover Medium-Short Cedar Insulated Dog House
Your Price: $312.95
Small Duplex Insulated Cedar Cat House
Your Price: $329.95
Large Duplex Insulated Cedar Pet House
Your Price: $414.95

We carry a wide variety of insulated dog houses at America's Pet Store. We work hard to offer our customers choices in various price ranges, from value brands that do not have a lot of fancy bells and whistles to insulated dog houses that look like real houses with doors and windows.

Insulated dog houses come in all sizes, so don't worry if you are looking for an insulated dog house for big dogs such as Great Danes or for little dogs such as Dachshunds. You are sure to find a size and style of insulated dog house at to suit your dog.

Note: If you live in a cold, windy, snowy climate you may be thinking about a heated dog house. If you decide to purchase a dog house heater make sure you are installing it in a well-insulated dog house, otherwise you'll just lose the heat to the great outdoors.

The following is some information on some of our more popular models of outdoor insulated dog houses.

Insulated Cedar Dog House Models
Cedar is a beautiful and practical wood that naturally stands up to weather better than other dog houses made of wood. The appearance of these wooden dog houses changes with age to a beautiful weathered look. We have a wide variety of insulated dog house models made from cedar including cedar duplex dog houses for two dogs. Duplex dog houses usually have a dividing wall so each dog has its own private space.

Dog Palace and DP Hunter Insulated Dog Houses
These insulated dog houses are sometimes categorized as insulated plastic dog houses, but they are much more than plastic. However, they do feature a plastic exterior that is moisture and weather-resistant for added durability and these outdoor dog houses have a lifetime guarantee against cracking and breaking.

Each panel of the Dog Palace Dog House and the DP Hunter Dog House contains 2-4 inches of insulating foam. This insulation is the real deal…unlike many other materials used in insulated dog houses. The polystyrene foam insulation, called Styro/EPS, expands and provides an insulation R-value of 5.00 per inch.

When you have a dog house or any structure with excellent insulation, it makes a world of difference. The manufacturer of these ASL insulated dog houses gives the example that if it is 40 degrees outside it will be approximately 70 degrees inside either the DP Hunter or the Dog Palace Dog House. Without insulation it would be about 45 degrees; just five degrees warmer than the outside air.

That is a big difference! Unless your dog is an Alaskan Husky we are pretty sure 70 degrees would be a lot more comfortable than a chilly 45 degrees.

Another example in even colder temperatures is that if it is zero degrees outside it will be approximately 30 degrees inside the insulated Dog Palace Dog House or the DP Dog House; it would only be four degrees inside if there was no insulation!

So if your dog is going to be spending time outdoors it really is a good idea to purchase a dog house with good insulation, whether it be one of the ASL models or another model and brand of insulated dog house.

Bungalow Insulated Dog House Models by New Age Pet

Bungalow medium size dog houses are for dogs up to 85 pounds
Bungalow Extra Large dog houses are for dogs up to 200 pounds

Bungalow Insulated Dog House models come in medium and extra large and are among other popular insulated dog houses manufactured by New Age Pet.

New Age Pet insulated dog houses are built to last with a durable plastic shell and a UV-protective coating that resists deterioration from moisture and from the sun. The UV coating also helps to prevent the exterior color of their insulated dog house models from fading. Panels are constructed with fiberboard and polystyrene foam that serve as excellent insulation.

New Age Pet insulated dog houses are maintenance-free and very easy to clean. Because the exterior is impervious to moisture you can just hose them down outdoors. The roof is removable and there are drainage holes in the floor.

If you live in a particularly cold, windy climate you may want to opt for a dog house door flap which can be purchased separately. However, we sometimes run promotions (usually in late summer or early fall) where you can get a free pet house door flap when you purchase qualifying New Age Pet insulated dog house models. A dog house door flap can really make a big difference in certain weather conditions, especially in combination with a well insulated dog house.

We also carry Bunk House Insulated Dog House models by New Age Pet that share the same features as the Bungalow models such as insulation value and a tough, durable weather-proof exterior. Whether you are looking for a small dog house or for big dog houses, you'll find Bunk House Insulated Dog House models are available in small, medium and large. Bunk House models can be ordered with a square shaped door or a rectangular shape that is triangular at the top. New Age Pet does not make an extra large dog house in their Bunk House series, but...

If you are looking for an extra large insulated dog house for really big dogs such as Great Danes and other similarly large dogs then check out the extra large Bungalow Insulated Dog House model described above which can accommodate dogs that weigh up to approximately 200 pounds. In addition, we carry a line of eco-friendly dog houses also made by New Age Pet.

A word of advice about using your pet's weight to determine what size insulated dog house to purchase: DON'T.
Although insulated dog house manufacturers almost always include pet weight recommendations for their products, it really is only a general guideline. Weight is simply not the best criteria to use when trying to determine the ideal size outdoor dog house for your pet.

The best thing to do is to measure your dog and compare those measurements with the dimensions of the insulated dog house door in addition to the overall size of the dog house. Is the door on the dog house big enough to allow easy entry? Is the interior floor space large enough to allow your dog to stretch out? Is the interior height high enough to allow your dog to stand up and turn around?

Once you determine whether or not a pet home is large enough, then you may want to be sure that it is not too large. Like almost all other animals, wild or domestic, dogs feel more secure in a small enclosed space than in a larger more open space.

So what about style? If you are looking for a dog house that looks like a real house, a quaint countryside barn or other classic structure, check out our luxury dog houses.

If you have any questions or would like assistance in making your selection, please contact our Customer Service department and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you.

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