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Home > Pet Products by Brand > K&H Manufacturing Pet Products > K&H Heated Dog Beds

K&H Heated Dog Beds

Keep your dog warm with one of these therapeutic warming dog beds. Choose from indoor, outdoor, and self-warming models.

You'll find heated pet beds that use electricity as a power source and also self-warming pet beds that do not require electricity.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Browse K&H Heated Dog Beds
K&H Indoor Heated Dog Beds
K&H Heated Dog Beds
Designed to be safely used indoors, these heated dog beds will look great in your home.
K&H Outdoor Heated Dog Beds
K&H Heated Dog Beds
These outdoor heated dog beds will also work perfectly indoors as well.
K&H Self-Warming Pet Beds
K&H Heated Dog Beds
These self-warming beds will keep your pet warm, even without electricity!

K&H Self Warming Pet Beds have a layer of pet safe metalized insulation that radiates warmth generated by your pet's own body heat.

Most of the heated pet beds that use electricity are for indoor use, but we do offer several beds suitable for outdoor use as well. The most popular is the K&H Lectro Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed.

As noted elsewhere on our website a pet bed with sides is the style most preferred by the majority of dogs and cats. This is true with heated pet beds and orthopedic pet beds, too. You might think cat and dogs like bolster pet beds because they seem cozier…but that is not really the reason. Although they are definitely cozier!

Dogs and cats and really most animals (if not all) have an easier time relaxing when their back is up against something such as a bolster. It's a survival instinct that does not allow them to relax as readily if their back is not covered. They don't want to be taken by surprise.

Of course the warmth of a heated pet bed with or without sides will be enough to entice some cats and dogs. Especially if you live in a drafty home. Many of the heated pet beds we offer are also orthopedic pet beds that provide a double dose of comfort. The filling in orthopedic pet beds is orthopedic foam or memory foam. Both of these foams provide extra support over fiber fill or poly fill, which in turn helps to reduce any pressure points on your pet's joints.

However, orthopedic pet beds with memory foam works with a pet's weight and body temperature to adjust more precisely to your cat or dog's form providing support exactly where it is needed. If your pet has range of motion issues or other joint pain such as arthritis we recommend that you do choose an orthopedic pet bed with memory foam. Memory foam does cost a little more, but it is worth it if your pet is in pain. Many people claim to see rapid results in their dog's overall comfort, and even improved range of motion.

Another option if you are looking for a pet bed with great support is one of our Kuranda raised pet beds or dog cots as some people call them. Either way elevated pet beds keep pets away from drafty floors inside the house, or from the cold, damp ground if outdoors. They also offer better support than a fiber filled pet bed because the fabric is stretched on the frame and is very taut with little give.

Traditionally most heated pet beds have been powered by electricity. However, self-warming pet beds are becoming more and more popular and they do not require electricity or batteries. Self-warming pet beds contain a heat reflective material that reflects your pet's body heat back onto them. The reflective material is the same as what is used in what people call "space blankets". The good news is that if your dog is a chewer and manages to get at the material you can take comfort in knowing that it is non-toxic and safe for pets. People really like our K&H self warming pet beds because they will not jack up their power bill. These are available for both cats and dogs.

Of course we carry many other styles and brands in addition to heated pet beds and orthopedic pet beds. For example pillow pet beds made by Petmate. Petmate's cat and dog beds do not feature sides or bolster pillows but they are also fairly popular. This is likely because of the unique style of these Petmate pet beds. They are handcrafted and quilted with lovely designs/scenes. Petmate pillow beds are well worth a look on our website because you are unlikely to find them in a local store. Of course, that is true of most of our pet bed line-up.

Another very popular brand is Crypton Pet Beds. It's fun to shop for these pet beds because they come in so many different colors and designs. But there is a lot more to the Crypton story.

The covers on these pet beds are made with Crypton Super Fabric. What's so super about this high-performance fabric? It is unlike any other in that every thread of this fabric is encapsulated with a barrier that cannot be penetrated by liquid, bacteria, mildew or odors. The fabric color will not fade, even after years of machine washing. And the stain-resistance is nothing short of magical. These pet beds are among the very best you can buy for your cat or dog. In addition, no nasty chemicals are used to make these beds that are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified. That makes for a healthier home environment for your entire family, including your pets.

If you are looking for a pet bed that resembles furniture you will likely want to check out our wooden pet beds. Keep in mind that many of these beds look like wood, but some are not. The wicker pet beds we offer look just like real wicker but they are made from a faux resin wicker that is easy to wash with soap and water. This is a much more practical material for a pet bed that you'll want to clean from time to time. You’ll find Mission styles and much more. Check them out!

If you are looking for cat beds we have a section devoted to beds for cats. But keep in mind that most of the small size dog beds we offer will also serve cats very well. Cat beds are also available in self-warming models as well as heated cat beds that run on electricity.

In addition we offer some orthopedic and/or heated kennel pads and dog crate beds. Of course if you live in a region with very warm temperatures you would likely be more interested in one of our beds to keep dogs cool.

And last but not least, if your pet has decided that the only bed that will do is the living room sofa or chair, check out furniture covers for pets.

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