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Large Bird Cages

Check out our wide selection of large bird cages for Amazons and other large parrots. You'll love our low prices and free ground shipping!

Our large bird cages will provide your Amazon or other large parrot breed with a safe and attractive home. We offer a wide variety of dome top cages, play top cages, fancy tops and many other unique large bird cage styles suitable for individual pet owners as well as breeders.

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See our valuable Product Tips section for these products!

Browse Large Bird Cages
Large Dome Top Bird Cages
Large Bird Cages
Check out our large dome bird cages in either stainless steel or wrought iron with bird-safe powdercoating.
Large Play Top Bird Cages
Large Bird Cages
Get a cage and play gym all in one with a large play top cage.
Large Decorative Bird Cages
Large Bird Cages
Decorative styles including victorian top, scalloped top, fan top, pagoda parrot cages and more.
Large Bird Cages - Other Styles
Large Bird Cages
Choose from double cages, corner cages, octagon cages, stacked cages and more.

Print this helpful chart with general guidelines on selecting large bird cages by size and breed. For portable bird cages (which are not for living but for travel so they are not large) please see our selection of travel bird cages.

Are you looking for bird cages for Amazons, Cockatoos, African Greys or McCaws?  Then search America's Pet Store for a wide selection of colors and styles of large bird cages. You'll find play top bird cages so your parrot can enjoy play time outside and on top of the cage. Our dome top bird cages will provide extra headroom and that is something any large parrot would enjoy. While there are not many, some of our dometop bird cages open at the top and you can place a perch there for your bird to hang out on.

Although there are many to choose from, our most popular large bird cages with a dometop are:

Corner bird cages come in large sizes as well. As the name suggests these cages can sit in a corner of a room very close to the walls. These parrot cages are terrific for folks who need a large bird cage for a big parrot but don't have adequate floor space.

Decorative bird cages are available in all sizes. A common misconception is that only small bird cages or medium-sized bird cages come in decorative styles. This is not so, in fact even extra large bird cages come in Victorian and other classic designs.

As far as size, bigger is always better when choosing a cage for a parrot.  If your parrot's size is in between medium size and large, we always recommend trading up to one of our large bird cages.

In addition to selecting a bird cage that will provide plenty of room, it is also vital to select one that is safe for your birds. Bar spacing should be narrow enough to prevent escape or injury.  Large bird cages come with bar spacing ranging between 3/4 of an inch apart up to 1 3/8 inches apart. If your bird's head can fit between the bars, then the bar spacing is too wide. 

America's Pet Store only offers bird-safe cages. Stainless steel bird cages are naturally non-toxic because stainless steel does not contain lead or zinc. Our powdercoated large bird cages are manufactured by well-known, reputable companies such as A&E Bird Cages, HQ Bird Cages and many other long-time makers of large bird cages. These companies conduct independent tests and certify that the powdercoating used is 100% safe for parrots and all birds.

How can I determine the quality differences between large bird cages? 

  1. The thickness of the bars – the thicker the bars, the higher quality the cage.  The thickest bars on large bird cages for sale at America's Pet Store are 5 millimeters in diameter. Many large parrots can easily bend bars that are thinner.

  2. Ease of assembly – Avian Adventures cages do not use any nuts and bolts in the manufacturing of their large bird cages which results in a short 15 minute assembly by the consumer.  Additionally, many birds like to pick at the nuts and bolts, leading to unsightly wear.

  3. Type of finish – stainless steel cages are significantly more expensive than their powdercoated counterparts, but last about three times as long.  They are easier to clean and disinfect as well.  Doesn't your McCaw deserve a stainless steel bird cage? We carry many brands in all styles and sizes.

  4. Length of warranty – check out how each manufacturer stands behind their products. Generally speaking higher quality cages will have a longer warranty period.

Prior to placing an order for one of our large bird cages, it is very important to properly measure the location in your home where you intend on placing your bird cage. It would be a real hassle if you received a bird cage that wouldn't fit in your home. The cost of return shipping for large bird cages is extremely high, so ordering a cage that will not fit your home will be a costly mistake.  Save yourself a headache and some money by measuring before purchasing any of our large bird cages.

In addition to those already mentioned, America's Pet Store is also an Authorized Dealer for Avian Adventures Bird Cages, and Prevue Cages made by Prevue Hendryx.

Since large bird cages cost more than small ones, you may want to check out our discount bird cages section. Even though these are budget bird cages it does not mean they are lower in quality. In fact, they are of high quality but are priced lower for various reasons such as a model is discontinued or a manufacturer needs to make room in a warehouse.

Large bird cages are not the only size we offer. We carry hundreds of cages - from small parakeet cages to extra large parrot cages to outdoor walk in bird cages. If you are interested in a walk-in cage, please see our outdoor bird cages and aviaries. For indoor aviaries please see the indoor flight bird cages and aviaries section.

PLEASE NOTE: Breed recommendations for large bird cages made by America's Pet Store are general guidelines.  It is important to evaluate your individual pet as well as lifestyle to determine the appropriate size to purchase.  If you are a breeder check out our extensive lineup of stackable breeder bird cages

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