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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Houses - Cat Houses > Large Dog Houses

Large Dog Houses

Large dog houses for German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and other similar sized dogs.

Dog houses for large dogs have come a long way. Sure, you can find basic models here that will serve perfectly well as shelter for your big dog. But you can also find large dog houses with special features such as a veranda for lounging outside the dog house. Or large dog houses that look like real houses or rustic countryside barns and stables.

Also see eco-friendly, wooden, plastic, and insulated large dog houses in this section.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Ware Premium A-Frame Dog House - Large
(Item #: 01707)
Ware Premium Dog House - Large
(Item #: 01702)
Eco Choice Bunk House Dog House - Large
(Item #: ECOH103L)
Barn Pet House - Large
(Item #: MPL001)
Ware Premium A-Frame Dog House - Large
Your Price: $196.95
Ware Premium Dog House - Large
Your Price: $215.95
Eco Choice Bunk House Dog House - Large
Your Price: $249.99
Barn Pet House - Large
Your Price: $485.99

The following is general information on what features to look for when shopping for large dog houses.

How big is big enough when searching for large dog houses? Dogs are not at all like people when it comes to size preference for housing. Most people would prefer a home with some extra space, but that is not the case with dogs. In fact, bigger is not always better when it comes to selecting the perfect size dog house for large dogs. Dogs, like most other animals, prefer smaller spaces to relax in because they feel more secure in a space that is easy to monitor, even while dozing.

Big dog houses should be large enough for your dog to stand up in, and large enough for him or her to be able to turn around when inside. After that, everything else is extra space and we advise against it, especially if you live in a cold climate. For example an insulated large dog house that is the perfect size will retain body heat emitted from your dog to help keep the dog house warm. If your winters are particularly long and/or harsh a heated dog house is a good idea. You can install a dog house heater in any insulated dog house large enough to accommodate the unit - 10 1/2 x 10 x 4 1/2 (H x W x D).

Something you really don't want to forget to consider is the entrance size in any of the large dog houses you are considering. Don't buy a dog house without knowing the dimensions of the door and comparing those dimensions to the size of your dog. Is the dog house door large enough for your big dog to use without a struggle? If not, it's likely your dog will not take to his large dog house if the door is too small. Would you?

Large dog houses, or all sizes of outdoor dog houses for that matter, should be elevated off the ground. This will protect the interior from dampness and ground-chill and, if you have a wooden large dog house, will also help to protect the wood. While it is true that our large dog houses made out of cedar wood are naturally resistant to moisture and the elements, you still don't want to expose cedar wood to constant dampness without an opportunity for it to dry out completely.

Natural wood, including cedar, has natural insulating qualities. If you live in a region with a mild climate then no additional insulation may be necessary. However, if you live in a climate that does experience extreme temperatures your dog would be much more comfortable in an insulated dog house. Insulation makes a huge difference and will help to keep dogs warm in winter months and cooler during the summer.

Our lineup of large dog houses built with solid cedar are probably the best overall value. They do cost a bit more than plastic large dog houses or large dog houses made from other wood, but the natural benefits of cedar really make it worth the extra cost. Large dog houses made from cedar will last longer than those made from other woods because cedar has a molecular structure that stands up to the elements better. Cedar rooftops help keep large dog houses cooler in the summer than a shingled roof or a plastic roof.

Cedar is also known to be a natural deterrent to fleas and the aroma can be a pleasant addition to the environment inside large dog houses.

If you shop for eco-friendly products then check out our large dog houses by New Age Pet. Their Eco-Concepts line of dog houses are constructed with a material made with recycled polymers and wood fibers. The recycled polymers in the material make these dog houses impervious to insects, moisture-proof and weather resistant. And best of all you can paint them to match the color scheme of your home with any exterior latex paint.

Eco-Concepts dog houses come in two styles, Bunk House models and Rustic Lodge Models. Bunk House models come in four sizes from small to extra large dog houses. Or choose the Rustic Lodge style available in medium and extra large.

If you have your heart set on a wood dog house you'll find popular brands and models in our large dog houses section including Ware A-Frame styles and others. Or, if an A-Frame design is not to your taste, check out our line of luxury dog houses. These are large dog houses (and smaller sizes of course) that look like log homes and other rustic designs by Merry Products. The large dog houses in our Merry Products lineup are made with natural Fir Soft Wood which is similar to North American Cedar. They are pretreated with an oil-based, non-toxic stain and stand up very well to the elements.

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