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Outdoor Bird Cages & Aviaries

Outdoor Bird Cages and bird aviaries can be delightful for both you and your bird. It’s great to be able to spend time together outside in the fresh air.

Want to house a colony of small birds in one big outdoor bird cage? Or give a couple of large birds an outdoor aviary to spend time in? You can with one of our large outdoor bird cages or aviaries. Most of our outdoor aviary models give you many options for wire gauge thickness as well as wire spacing. So whether you want to house small birds or very large parrots in your outdoor aviary you can order the perfect wire thickness and spacing for safe-keeping of your birds.

Can you imagine the sheer joy your birds will feel if they have a safe place to fly outdoors? Take a look at our lineup. You can get an outdoor bird cage for less than you may think. And remember, ground shipping is free on all of our bird aviaries. Also see: Indoor Walk-In Aviaries.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

8-Foot Designer Outdoor Garden Aviary
(Item #: CD-GA8FOOT)
6 Foot Designer Outdoor Garden Aviary
(Item #: CD-GA6FOOT)
5 Foot Designer Outdoor Garden Aviary
(Item #: CD-GA5FOOT)
4-Foot Designer Outdoor Garden Aviary
(Item #: CD-GA4FOOT)
8-Foot Designer Outdoor Garden Aviary
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6 Foot Designer Outdoor Garden Aviary
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5 Foot Designer Outdoor Garden Aviary
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4-Foot Designer Outdoor Garden Aviary
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If you live in a suitable climate then one of our outdoor bird cages may be just right for you. Some are small enough and on casters so you can easily roll them outside and back inside. Or choose one of our large outdoor bird cages that are big enough for you to bring a lounge chair inside so you can hang out with your flock!

Either way, they all allow birds to enjoy the sights, the sounds, and the smells of the great outdoors. Best of all, birds can enjoy the freedom of flight in outdoor bird cages that are large enough.

As with any bird cage, safety is the first consideration. We carry well-respected and trusted brands of outdoor bird cages and aviaries such as Suncatcher Enclosures, A&E Bird Cages and many others.

All of our outdoor bird cages are made with non-toxic, bird-safe materials. We carry surgical stainless steel cages as well as powdercoated cages. Reputable manufacturers, such as those represented by America’s Pet Store, have their powdercoating tested by an independent laboratory to certify that they are bird-safe.

Specific to large outdoor bird cages is the potential hazard of escape because the doors are so big, usually big enough for people to walk through. To avoid losing birds to the great outdoors, it is highly recommended that you purchase a safety catch enclosure. Safety catch enclosures, when used properly, make outdoor bird cages 100% escape-proof.

Escape-Proof, 3-Sided Safety Catch Enclosure
One side of a 3-sided safety catch enclosure contains a door that you can open and close securely. The open side of a 3-sided safety catch is installed and secured around the exterior of the aviary door. After it’s secure it functions something like a foyer. Just open the door to the safety catch enclosure, step inside and close the door behind you. Then it is completely safe to open the aviary door because there is no possible escape through the safety catch enclosure.

2-Sided Safety Catch
A 2-sided safety catch has two doors and is used/installed in between separate aviaries. This allows bird owners to walk out of one and into another, without allowing the birds to escape their respective aviary. However, some bird owners take the doors off a 2-sided safety catch and use them to create a passageway to allow birds to travel from one aviary to another.

Other benefits of Outdoor Bird Cages
If you have enough space on your property and live in a climate that is suitable for your bird, then an outdoor bird cage will change your life and your bird’s life…for the better. Much better.

There’s Nothing Else Like Being Out in the Fresh Air
Across all breeds, being out in the fresh air does a bird good. In fact, many bird owners claim that some undesirable behaviors (such as incessant screaming or feather plucking) either disappeared or were greatly reduced once their bird was able to enjoy the great outdoors on a regular basis.

If you think about it, it makes sense. It is well-documented that birds and their behavior are greatly influenced by their environment. They are capable of many emotions and feelings, from affection, curiosity and playfulness to boredom, depression and crankiness. Broadening their world to include the great outdoors will certainly help to keep most companion birds entertained and happy. Plus, they’ll be able to fly! What do birds want to do most? Fly!

Even if your bird or birds are already quite content, you'll love to see how much happier they'll be with the freedom of feeling the warm breeze rustle through their feathers, to watch the goings-on around your property, to bath in the warmth of the sun's rays. The most common thing bird owners say after getting their first outdoor bird cage is, "I wish I’d done this sooner".

Easier-to-Clean…Much Easier
In addition making your bird or birds much happier, bird owners rejoice because outdoor bird cages are super easy to clean. All you need to do is sweep them out every day or two and hose them down thoroughly once a week. That's it!

Our Suncatcher Line of outdoor bird cages offer some sectional models that feature modular panels allowing for easy future expansion and/or compartment divisions.


Will your birds get along and play nice?

If you don't own any birds yet, but are planning to get some that you will house together in an outdoor bird cage, be aware that different breeds of birds may not get along very well and might need to be separated.

A general rule of thumb is that birds of the same breed have a better chance of getting along than birds of different breeds. Again, this is only a general rule of thumb. You could end up with same breed birds that don't like one another, or you could have two different breeds that get along just fine. Individual bird personalities will always come into play.

Fortunately, manufacturers of outdoor bird cages are well aware that some birds will need their own space, even in a shared outdoor bird cage. That's why many models come with sectional panels that you can use to divide space in a cage.

Food & Water…Or At Least Water
Birds that spend time in outdoor bird cages absolutely, positively need a constant and abundant water supply to prevent dehydration. This is imperative all the time, and even more so when it's hot outside. Of course, your bird or birds will appreciate access to food, too, but an hour or so without food won't make them ill like being without water can.

Brrr…Get Under the Covers
A lot of birds sleep through the night in outdoor bird cages. If it gets cool at night in your region you should either bring your bird or birds inside, or get a cover for your outdoor bird cage.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our line-up of outdoor bird cages. If you have any questions, or would like assistance in comparing these products to determine what's best for you and your bird or birds, please contact our Customer Service Department. You can call toll-free 1-800-870-1941 or email your inquiry to:

To speak to a customer service agent, please call during our regular business hours: Mon.-Fri., 8:30-4:30 EST. If agents are helping other customers, please leave a voicemail message and your call will be promptly returned.

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We carry many styles and sizes of bird cages; everything from parakeet cages to extra large parrot cages to even roomier walk in bird cages. Prices available range from higher-end to middle-of-the-road to discount bird cages.

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