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Patio Pet Doors

A patio door panel with a built in pet door is the perfect solution if you have sliding doors.

Almost any patio pet door can be installed in aluminum framed sliders. But if you have vinyl sliders there are far fewer choices. Even so, Ideal Pet Doors and Hale Pet Doors have both answered the call with patio pet doors designed specifically for vinyl sliding glass doors. Of course you can always call our Customer Service department for assistance.

Some examples of the quality brands of patio pet doors we carry include: Patio Pacific Thermo Panel IIIe and the Patio Pacific Quick Panel IIIe, Hale Pet Doors, Ideal VIP and Ideal Fast Fit.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Browse Patio Pet Doors
Cat Doors for Sliding Glass Doors
Patio Pet Doors
Choose from top brands of patio panels for cats up to 14 lbs. These doors are also suitable for dogs under 8 lbs.
Small Dog Doors For Sliding Glass Doors
Patio Pet Doors
You can install a small dog door for sliding glass doors in minutes - many require no tools at all!
Medium Dog Doors For Sliding Glass Doors
Patio Pet Doors
Various brands of medium sized dog doors for sliding glass doors. For dogs 12 - 40 lbs. (general guideline)
Large Dog Doors For Sliding Glass Doors
Patio Pet Doors
Authorized online retailer for all the top brands of large dog doors for sliding glass doors.
Extra Large Dog Doors For Sliding Glass Doors
Patio Pet Doors
Tip: Make sure your sliding glass doors can accommodate an extra large doggie door before making a purchase.
Electronic Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Doors
Patio Pet Doors
Patio pet door panel inserts that include an electronic pet door offer beauty, security, and automation.
Automatic Patio Door Opener - AutoSlide
Patio Pet Doors
Check out the new automatic sliding glass patio door opener - AutoSlide for pets!
For Screens (Doors, Windows, etc.)
Patio Pet Doors
Install these pet doors in a srcreen window, screen door, screened storm door, or the screen slider on your patio door.

A patio pet door for sliding glass doors is today's solution to an age old problem: wanting a pet door, but not wanting to cut a hole through a wall or door. These products come in all sizes so whether you are looking for a small pet door, large pet door or an XL pet door for sliders we can accommodate you.

A pet door for sliders is also a good solution for people who rent a house or an apartment because many patio pet doors do not require drilling and attaching with screws. However be sure to take note if you rent and want to install a pet door for patio doors because some DO require that you attach them with screws.

If you are looking for single-pane glass or dual-pane glass patio pet doors, America's Pet Store offers a wide selection of both types. Single-pane units are only recommended for three-season use, or for all seasons in milder climates. If you need an insulated energy-efficient pet door suitable for harsher climates you should consider a dual-pane model. In addition, if you have dual-pane sliders, you may want to follow suit and purchase one of our dual-pane pet doors.

If you have vinyl sliders (such as Pella or Anderson doors) America's Pet Store offers a variety of models that will work for you including the Hale Pet Door Omni Series and the Ideal Patio Pet Door VIP line. While it is not recommended, some customers have been able to get the Thermo Panel IIIe from our Patio Pacific Pet Door lineup to fit with vinyl sliders.

If you are concerned about other animals coming inside your home we recommend getting an electronic pet door for sliding glass doors. These amazing cat and dog doors use various technologies (including infrared, radio frequency, ultra-sonic, etc.) to receive a signal from a transmitter attached to your pet's collar. A fully automatic pet door that slides up and down like a garage door is motor driven such as any High Tech Pet Power Pet Door model. Others are semi-automatic – they will automatically unlock the flap entrance, but your pet will still have to push through the flap to go out or come back in.

Many people are concerned about home security after installing a pet door in their sliding glass doors because most models will make their existing lock unusable. However certain models come with a lock built right into the pet door panel, such as Hale Pet Door Standard models and PetSafe Pet Door patio panels. This lock would be used instead of the lock on your sliding glass doors. These types of patio pet doors are considered a semi-permanent solution because screws are required to fasten them into place.

Other models of patio pet doors include (or allow you to install) a pin lock or dead bolt to lock the sliding door against the patio pet door, which is a very effective security method. Brands of patio pet doors with this feature are Patio Pacific Pet Doors, Ideal Pet Doors, and the Omni line made by Hale Pet Doors.

The third option for security with patio pet doors is the use of a Charley Bar. If you're unfamiliar with a Charley Bar, it is a blocking device that you put in place to prevent the sliding glass doors from being operated from the outside. A Charley bar is a metal bar that attaches to the sliding glass door frame and when not in use, folds up out of the way. Patio Pacific offers a Charley Bar option on their patio pet doors when you place your order for an additional charge. Not all brands offer the option however America's Pet Store carries Charley Bars individually for use with all brands of patio pet doors.

It is important to properly measure your sliding glass doors to ensure that you purchase a patio pet door that is the correct height. Please measure your sliding glass doors from the lowest point of the upper track to the highest point of the outside-facing lower track. Then select a pet door that fits within that range.

Prior to purchasing patio pet doors it should be determined if there will be enough clearance through the sliding glass doors for human use once the pet door is installed.

If for some reason you decide patio pet doors are not quite right for you, but you still don't want a wall-mount pet door or door-mount model, perhaps a sash window pet door would be a better solution. We carry the best brands including Hale Pet Doors, Ideal Pet Doors, Patio Pacific Pet Doors and others.

America's Pet Store carries many other quality brands such as DogWalk Pet Doors, Freedom Pet Pass Pet Doors, Plexidor Pet Doors and Staywell Pet Doors.

Whether you want to research a pet door for dogs or a pet door for cats, you will find plenty to compare right here in one place. Please note: We no longer carry storm doors with pet doors.

Shop with confidence at America’s Pet Store and save with our everyday low prices!

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